Stars Rewards Rolls Out For New Jersey PokerStars And BetStars Players

Last week, PokerStars launched its new customer loyalty program, Stars Rewards in New Jersey.

Now, players can earn rewards for their play for the global brand’s NJ gambling sites:

Progress bars, chests, and prizes … oh, my

Even though there are a lot of moving parts, the Stars Rewards program is pretty simple.

A player earns one reward point for every one cent they pay in rake or tournament fees.

A player receives a Stars Rewards Chest after earning enough reward points. The longer a player plays, the more chests they can earn. Earning four chests in the same day results in a level up for higher rewards.

Additionally, boosting periods are available. Players can earn double the number of rewards during a “boost.” Players can monitor their progress on a visible progress bar.

Stars Rewards personalizes the reward chests based on a player’s gaming preferences. Rewards include opportunities to take part in the specific games a player enjoys.

StarsCoin, redeemable for cash and other items, plus extra rewards points are also inside the chests.

Rewards range in value from 7 cents for the smallest reward in the lowest level chest to $1,000 for the highest reward in the highest level chest.

The range in rewards and the random nature of the chests make the reward program more like a lottery than a typical VIP program, which is very appealing to the casual gambler.

New Jersey poker players can win a share of $250,000

To celebrate the launch of Stars Rewards in New Jersey, PokerStars NJ is rewarding real money play across all three of its gaming platforms.

Poker players, casino gamblers, and sports bettors have a chance to win their share of $250,000 through “loads of random Chests containing $1,000 cash prizes!”

Here’s what you need to do to win:

  • Join the Stars Rewards program inside the PokerStars NJ app
  • Start playing!
  • Players can earn an unlimited number of Chests each day
  • Even casual players will have chances to win big

The promotion began on Nov. 7 and has no definitive end date.

When speaking about how long the promotion will last, PokerStars said it “will end at our discretion.” PokerStars expects to run the promotion until players claim at least $250,000 in rewards.

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Poker players mixed about the new rewards program

PokerStars NJ is calling the new rewards program “revolutionary.” Poker professionals, however, are singing a bit of a different tune.

Poker players tend not to embrace changes to their loyalty programs. To them, it is part of their income formula.

You just have to read through some popular player forums, such as Two Plus Two, to get an ear-full of comments from the global rollout earlier this year.

Overall, the majority of comments allude to the potential of the new rewards program to hurt the regular players while being attractive to the new player.

Additionally, it has not gone unnoticed that PokerStars is placing more emphasis on gambling then receiving a reward for how much a player plays.

At a time when NJ online poker is struggling, trying to attract new players to the game is an excellent thing. Unfortunately, though, what often draws new players to the game conflicts with what supports the regular player base.

PokerStars revenue shows a focus on more than poker

At the same time the loyalty program rolled out, The Stars Group, the parent company to PokerStars, reported on its financial results for the quarter ending Sept. 30.

The results show a need to bring new players to the poker table both in New Jersey and around the world. Poker revenue for the global brand was $212.8 million for the quarter. That is a 3.9 percent decrease compared to the same period last year.

For the company as a whole, revenues increased 73.6 percent over last year. A key acquisition, plus the launch of NJ sports betting under BetStars, helped drive the revenue windfall.

Rafi Ashkenazi, The Stars Group’s Chief Executive Officer, spoke about the Group’s earnings in a press release.

“This was a landmark quarter during a transformative year for the company as we begin to deliver on our vision to become the world’s favorite iGaming destination. We completed our acquisition of Sky Betting & Gaming, which was cleared by the CMA in October, making us the leader in the UK online betting and gaming market. We also launched BetEasy in Australia and sports betting in New Jersey.”

Online poker accounted for 63 percent of The Stars Group’s revenue before July. Since then, it dropped to just 36 percent of the total. Sports betting, on the other hand, grew from five percent of the Group’s total revenue to 32 percent.

It appears the company is focusing on promoting all of its gambling platforms. The company’s new Stars Rewards program is just one piece of that puzzle and is designed to help make the vision of being the “favorite” online gambling destination a reality.

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