Yahoo Sportsbook To Launch In New Jersey Today With Assist From BetMGM

It seems everybody wants a piece of the NJ sports betting pie. Even Yahoo. Yes, that Yahoo.

The Yahoo sportsbook app powered by BetMGM is expected to roll out in New Jersey today. To access, users need to download the Yahoo Sports app on iOS and Android devices or via the web at

But unlike the other 17 sports betting apps out there in NJ, this one is not exactly taking the betting action.

Instead, it’s integrated with the BetMGM sportsbook app.

More about Yahoo Sportsbook and how it works

Fans nationwide will be able to view betting odds for popular sports such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey via Yahoo Sports. However, those located in NJ are now able to place wagers via BetMGM.

So the land-based partnership rule does not apply. BetMGM operates via the Borgata license, and Yahoo won’t need one.

Here is a brief description from the press release:

“Yahoo Sportsbook powered by BetMGM elevates the experience for sports fans, getting them closer to the games they’re passionate about and closing the loop from content to transactions.”

In a nutshell, NJ sports betting fans can download or view the Yahoo Sports app and easily flip between the BetMGM odds and the media giant’s sports news and fantasy games.

BetMGM gets creative with Yahoo deal

The Yahoo sportsbook announcement is not exactly one of those surprise announcements.

News of Yahoo teaming up with MGM for sports betting came about in late October. The story did not include a launch date for the app, but referenced that it “will take place next month.”

So here we are in the second week of November. And NJ is the first state to get this partnership going.

The attraction for MGM is the pure numbers that Yahoo generates on a regular basis. We are talking millions of active visitors to Yahoo Sports alone.

Granted, they are not all in the Garden State, but it’s still a very impressive number.

Yahoo + BetMGM = sports betting

Is this a one-of-a-kind setup? Not really.

A similar example is the connection between TheScore and TheScore Bet. The latter joined the market in September under the Monmouth Park license.

Like Yahoo Sports, the Score is a sports news app with 4-5 million monthly active users.

So if a bettor reads news regarding LeBron James or Joel Embiid on theScore, and suddenly is intrigued to wager, it’s one click away. This is where theScore Bet comes into play. And the same goes for Yahoo Sports fans who want to place a bet.

Of course, New Jersey will just be the first of many states where this Yahoo/BetMGM collaboration will exist. Future rollouts of this integrated sports and sportsbook app are in the works.

In the meantime, Yahoo users can look forward to seeing betting and content experiences such as live events and productions. Alongside those BetMGM odds at Yahoo Sports.

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