Top 5 Biggest Eagles Blowouts In Franchise History

While lopsided NFL games can be boring, sometimes it’s fun for fans to watch their favorite teams absolutely destroy an opponent.

That’s what happened in the biggest Eagles blowouts of all time.

Outstanding individual performances on the dates listed helped these regular-season games go down in Philadelphia Eagles’ lore. It took a whole team effort to produce such one-sided victories, however.

Top 5 biggest Eagles blowouts

In three regular-season games, the Eagles have won by a convincing 45-0 margin. Impressively, all three instances not only occurred in the same season but within mere weeks of each other.

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Oct. 10, 1948, vs. the New York Giants

Simply put, the 1948 Eagles were one of the greatest teams in the franchise’s history and, they put that on display on this date for the home crowd.

1948 Philadelphia Eagles

They dismantled the Giants 45-0 thanks to three touchdowns (one on the ground, two through the air) by quarterback Tommy Thompson.

The Eagles’ defense allowed a mere 125 yards of total offense and forced five turnovers as they cut the Giants down to size. Fans who thought this win was impressive needed to buckle in; however, the Eagles were just getting started. They would not only replicate this victory but in some ways, build on it the very next time out.

Oct. 17, 1948, at Washington

VANBUREN 1948 Philadelphia Eagles
Steve Van Buren 1948-49

Eagles halfback Steve Van Buren would take his turn in the spotlight on this date.

Van Buren powered the Philly rushing attack to 218 yards and found the end zone himself three times in Philadelphia’s second consecutive 45-0 win.

The Eagles defense gave up a few more yards in this one, 213 to be exact. They did force five more turnovers, however.

After three more competitive games, the Eagles re-created this scenario once again. This time it came against a now-defunct NFL franchise.

Nov. 14, 1948, vs. the Boston Yanks

Thompson had arguably the best passing performance of the season in this 45-0 win, completing four touchdown passes to four different receivers. The Philly defense did its job again as well, allowing 169 yards and collecting three turnovers.

1948 Philadelphia Eagles

The 1948 Eagles went on to win the NFL championship (this was before the AFL-NFL merger, so there wasn’t a Super Bowl), compiling a 10-2-1 record.

It would be several decades before another Philadelphia team would come the closest to reaching a 45-point margin of victory.

Dec. 22, 2013, vs. the Chicago Bears

biggest eagles blowouts
Nick Foles leads Eagles to a 54-11 win.

In Week 16 of the 2013 season, Eagles’ fans got to watch their team move to 9-6 with a 54-11 drubbing of Chicago in one of the biggest Eagles blowouts in recent memory.

Philadelphia ran for 289 yards and scored four touchdowns via its running game to dominate the Bears.

Defensive lineman Trent Cole recorded three tackles for a loss in the game, and Chicago managed just 61 yards on the ground. In two games, the Eagles came very close to winning by 43 points but fell just short of that.

Two 42-points wins in Eagles’ history

Philadelphia secured six-touchdown wins twice in its history. Those two instances are:

  • Nov. 4, 1945, at Pittsburgh, 45-3
  • Nov. 8, 1981, at the St. Louis Cardinals, 52-10

Not every game that was so lopsided involving the Eagles has been a victory, however. The biggest Eagles blowouts in the opposite direction were games that Philadelphia fans probably want to forget.

Five biggest Eagles blowout losses

Twice, the Eagles have been on the other side of a six-touchdown difference. On three more occasions, Philadelphia opponents’ margins of victory were even larger.

Nov. 26, 1972, at the New York Giants

This day was unquestionably the worst ever to be an Eagles’ fan. The Giants found the end zone so often that there may not have any grass left from their cleats tearing up the turf.

When the clock mercifully ran out, the Giants claimed a 62-10 win. Philadelphia turned the ball over five times and allowed 503 yards of total offense in the loss.

It gets better for Eagles’ fans from here, but not a whole lot. Six years earlier, the Eagles suffered another humiliation at the hands of a current NFC East foe.

Oct. 9, 1966, at the Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia allowed an astounding 652 yards of total offense to Dallas, and its only score came in garbage time. The Cowboys left their home field with a 56-7 win on this date.

The Eagles only allowed one sack and turned the ball over just once, but it was giving up 447 yards through the air that led to such a one-sided affair. This instance wasn’t the only time Philly lost by seven touchdowns, however.

Going back four more years, another Philadelphia team suffered a similar fate. Once again, it was a road game.

Nov. 11, 1962, at the Green Bay Packers

The defense was again an issue for the Eagles on this date. Green Bay racked up 628 yards of total offense and despite losing the turnover battle 2-1, won the game 49-0.

Bart Starr won this battle of legendary quarterbacks over Sonny Jurgensen, as Jurgensen could only muster 35 yards through the air compared to Starr’s 274. For the next most lopsided loss in Philly history, Eagles’ fans have to go back to the future.

Dec. 5, 2005, vs. the Seattle Seahawks

In this 42-0 drubbing, Philadelphia’s offense was mostly to blame. The Eagles turned the ball over six times, leading to three defensive touchdowns for Seattle.

Philly’s defense actually only allowed the Seahawks 194 yards of total offense in the game, an odd stat for a six-touchdown loss. The Eagles’ defense didn’t perform as admirably in the final game on this list.

Oct. 19, 1952, vs. the Cleveland Browns

Cleveland compiled 507 yards of total offense in this 49-7 win, and 301 of those yards came from the passing game. The Eagles turned the ball over six times in this contest, as well.

As difficult as dealing with the talents of Hall-of-Fame quarterback Otto Graham was for Philadelphia, there have been historical games in which both defenses stunk it up. Some Eagles games have flirted with 90 total points.

Top 5 highest-scoring Eagles games

donovan mcnabb eagles

The top five games in Philadelphia history in which both teams have scored early and often are:

  • Sept. 28, 1947: Eagles 45, Washington 42
  • Nov.15, 2010: Eagles 59, Washington 28
  • Nov. 30, 1997: Eagles 44, Cincinnati Bengals 42
  • Dec.13, 2009: Eagles 45, New York Giants 38
  • Nov. 22, 1992: Eagles 47, New York Giants 34

That 59 points on Nov. 15, 2010, is the most by an Eagles team in any regular-season game.

Philly has scored 56 points three times

(10/7/1950, 10/25/1953, 9/23/2007)

The 54 points against the Bears on Dec. 22, 2013, is next on the list.

The biggest Eagles blowouts ever are memorable games because of the point differentials. Whether those memories create joy or envoke pain depends on who is doing the remembering.

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