What Are The Odds Of The Eagles Trading Carson Wentz?

Watch, wait, and wager soon. The alliteration summarizes the Carson Wentz trade rumors for Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Media scribes rushed to announce they had exclusive news regarding Wentz’ next team. It’s coming any moment now.

So far, these rumors have yet to pan out.

Or one of the teams isn’t quite ready to pull the trigger.

Next NFL team Carson Wentz will take a snap

NJ online sportsboooks have been known to offer odds regarding players switching teams. This included being to bet on which team Tom Brady would sign with prior to the 2020 season.

New Jersey bettors are eager to tee off on this wager, but the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has yet to authorized the bet’s posting as of early Thursday afternoon.

PointsBet Colorado, however, is offering odds regarding a potential Wentz trade. PointsBet told Play NJ they are awaiting feedback from regulators.

For reference, we’ll look at the PointsBet Colorado odds. It gives bettors a chance to handicap and possibly place a wager before the move or non-move becomes official.

Should the bet go on the board, it may not last long.  So be ready.

Here are the favorites:

But there are some interesting long shots on the board, too:

  • Carolina Panthers +1300
  • New England Patriots + 1800
  • New York Jets +2500

We all know how fun this is. Doug Pederson was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles one day. The next day, he was a prop.

And he stayed that way, in the wager on the Jets’ coaching job, until Robert Saleh got it.

As the odds swirl, let ‘s examine some potential fits for Wentz.

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Why Wentz to Chicago makes sense

The Bears recently made John DeFilippo their “passing game coordinator.”

DeFilippo had earned a job as the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator after spending two years molding Wentz into the MVP candidate he was in 2017.

Can DeFilippo re-connect with Wentz?

The announcement of DeFilippo triggered the betting odds, like a stock-market rumor that drives the price up.

Bettors can relate. This resembled a big bettor plunking a big wager on Chicago.

Score one for the Bears.

And maybe the only one.

Why Chicago doesn’t make sense

The Bears have Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles in the quarterback spot. Trubisky is a looming free agent, and that situation must be addressed before a decision on Wentz can be finalized.

It’s hard to see Wentz as an upgrade from the Bears.  The 2017 Wentz would be. But the 2020 version would not.

Look at these 2020 numbers:

  • Trubisky, 16 touchdowns and eight  interceptions
  • Foles, 10 touchdowns versus eight interceptions.
  • Combined,  that’s 26 touchdowns and 16 interceptions

Pretty good.

Wentz had 16 touchdowns and 15 picks. Not awful, but not Trubisky and Foles. Wentz was also near the bottom of the league in quarterback rating.

Wentz had 2,620 passing yards. Joe Burrow, the rookie phenom of the Cincinnati Bengals, had 2,688 yards. He got more yardage than Wentz, and missed six games.

Trubisky and Foles combined for nearly 4,000 yards.

The Bears may like Wentz, but they don’t need him.

This is the problem teams eventually come to with Wentz.  He has not been the same since the horrific 2017 knee injury. Take a flier on him sure, but give up draft picks, as the Eagles want?

Proponents of the trade see Wentz as he was.

Teams who might trade for him must see Wentz as he is.

A negative for the Eagles in a Bears deal is the possibility that Foles winds up back in Philadelphia, replacing the Wentz-Jalen Hurts QB controversy with Foles-Hurts.

Sure, it’s fine to think that Foles would accept the role of mentor, but he left Philadelphia because this was Wentz’ team.

Foles led the Birds to their only Super Bowl title. He’s Philly Philly. Does he want to be a backup?

Finally, the Bears have little salary cap room left. They would have to cut players to accommodate Wentz. That’s a big ask.

Why the Indianapolis Colts are a fit for Wentz

This one is stronger.

The Colts really do need a quarterback, given the Phillip Rivers retirement.

Coach Frank Reich did a marvelous job with the Eagles offense during the Super Bowl year. He’s an excellent innovator, a calming influence and, like Wentz, has played the position.

The Colts have more salary cap space and, unlike the Eagles, have a good offensive line and a commitment to the running game. Indy secured nearly 500 yards in its just-miss playoff setback to the Buffalo Bills.

Indianapolis is a sound offensive team, an AFC team with an NFC run-first structure.

Reich got the most out of Rivers. His running attack would take pressure off Wentz and this team uses its receivers on pass routes pretty effectively.

Wentz fits here, but Indy does not have to buy high

Long shots to land the Eagles QB

The bet went up in Colorado.

Does that mean insiders think the Denver Broncos are in this party?

They have Drew Lock.  Wentz is redundant for them. Literally. Both QBs had 16 touchdowns and 15 picks last year.

The Carolina Panthers. They are not listed in likely trade destinations, but this fits better than what meets the eye. The Panthers really have been decimated at quarterback and Wentz would be a step up.

What about the New England Patriots?

They should have done better with Cam Newton. Wentz would be a step up from that, but no running backs, no receivers? No fit.

Then there is the Las Vegas Raiders.

Wentz and his pocket-first tendencies match the Raiders’ style of play. This is a team with explosive backfield and receiving talent. Current QB Derek Carr is looking brittle. Wentz could be a younger model on a team that’s exciting to watch.

There has been little talk of this, but Wentz would do well here.

Other wild cards

We hear of the San Francisco 49ers, the Houston Texans are among the  other team that called the Eagles, but here’s a poignant reality.

The Eagles are not in a strong position. Wentz has an abundant contract teams will not be eager to absorb. And Wentz, right now, is a mediocre quarterback.

Summing up the Wentz trade picture

What will make the trade happen?

One of the NFL teams will say “this is all you’re getting.”And the Eagles will stop pretending they have a Bentley and trade with the team who views him as a Lexus.

Some teams, notably the Bears, have reported being impatient over the state of the talks. This could mean they think the Eagles are shopping the Bears’ offer. That could take them out of the mix or force quick progress.

Don’t be surprised if the Eagles took a trial balloon on the market to appease Wentz in case they keep him. Don’t be surprised wherever he goes, or whether he stays.

Just be ready with your hunch.

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