Turn $1 Into $100 With A Made 3-Pointer At DraftKings Sportsbook

Most men’s college basketball and NBA games involve one team hitting at least one 3-point shot attempt. Thus, a new DraftKings basketball promo for first-time depositors has the same feel of maximizing an offensive possession.

New Jerseyans who haven’t yet made a deposit at DraftKings Sportsbook can turn a wager of just a dollar into $100 in free bets with this deal. However, it’s important to understand the terms of the promotion beforehand.

The deal is now active, through the rest of February 2021. It’s only for bettors who haven’t deposited funds with DraftKings yet, though.

To activate the deal, make a first deposit of at least $5. Then, wager at least a dollar on either the moneyline or spread of any men’s college basketball or NBA game before the game tips off. There is no maximum, but wagering more won’t increase your bonus here.

If any player on the team you stake hits at least one 3-point shot during the game, you get the bonus. The bonus funds are independent of your moneyline or spread wager.

Say, for example, you took the Brooklyn Nets odds to cover +2.5 points at -109 against the Los Angeles Lakers. Further, suppose you wagered just a dollar on that market.

If Kyrie Irving (or any other Nets player) hits a three, you’d get the $100 in free bets regardless of whether Brooklyn covers the spread. If the Nets were to end up covering, you would also get $1.92 in winnings.

If Brooklyn failed to cover, you would still get the free bets. There’s some more information you need from that point, though.

The free bets will come in four $25 increments instead of one $100 credit. Additionally, the promotional funds expire after seven days. The site credit is not redeemable for cash.

While you can’t wager on NJ college teams, there are still many other options over the final week and a half of this month of local relevance.

Dates to consider for using this promo

The Lakers and Nets square off in Los Angeles on Thursday night. Other highlighted dates for the rest of February include:

  • Friday, Feb. 19 – Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers
  • Saturday, Feb. 20 – No. 13 West Virginia at No. 12 Texas
  • Sunday, Feb. 21 – Nets at Los Angeles Clippers
  • Monday, Feb. 22 – Stanford at No. 17 USC
  • Tuesday, Feb. 23 – 76ers at Toronto Raptors
  • Wednesday, Feb. 24 – Nebraska at No. 5 Illinois
  • Thursday, Feb. 25 – Dallas Mavericks at 76ers
  • Friday, Feb. 26 – SIU at No. 22 Loyola
  • Saturday, Feb. 27 – Dallas at Brooklyn
  • Sunday, Feb. 28 – No. 11 Iowa at No. 4 Ohio State

With these dates and more filling the calendar for the rest of this month, there are plenty of opportunities to turn a dollar into $100.

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