BetMGM Will Introduce Topgolf Customers To ‘Immersive Sports Betting Experience’

In the sportsbook business, a constant cash flow is crucial. That requires a lot of active customers. Thus, getting as many account registrations as possible is important. That’s the aim of a new BetMGM Topgolf partnership.

Because of the aesthetics of Topgolf locations and the demographic of their customers, it’s a wonder that it took this long for the gambling company to close a deal like this. For New Jerseyans who frequent Topgolf locations, it means more exposure to marketing for BetMGM is coming soon.

Details on the BetMGM Topgolf partnership

A press release from BetMGM says the deal will focus on marketing and promotional offers in both digital and physical properties. That includes not only Topgolf’s retail locations but the WGT by Topgolf online game.

“We look forward to introducing Topgolf guests to the immersive sports betting experience that only BetMGM can provide,” said BetMGM’s Chief Revenue Officer Matt Prevost, in the release. “Topgolf is known for offering unique and interactive entertainment options, which our loyal BetMGM users can now access through a variety of exclusive and customized packages.”

So, what exactly will that look like? Expect to see the BetMGM logo at Topgolf locations in NJ and on WGT in the near future. Topgolf will likely start offering special promotions tied to BetMGM as well.

There are Topgolf locations in Mount Laurel and Edison.

“We are thrilled to partner with BetMGM as we continue to energize and grow our entertainment communities,” JF Prata, Topgolf Media chief operating officer, said. “Topgolf has always been committed to providing new and exciting experiences to our guests, and this partnership delivers on that while providing our longtime fans, as well as those less familiar with Topgolf, an introduction to a complementary experience with BetMGM.”

The release didn’t include any financial details of this partnership. However, there is skin in the game for both parties here.

Ways both parties can monetize this deal

For BetMGM, the play is quite obvious here. It’s another way to potentially acquire new NJ sports betting customers.

Topgolf customers are likely to be sports fans. Sports fans are the easiest people for gambling companies to convert to sports bettors.

Even if they don’t become regular bettors, simply adding to the customer rolls has value for BetMGM. So, what’s in it for Topgolf?

The BetMGM-themed promos are a new way for Topgolf to advertise itself as well. Sports bettors also fit within the confines of Topgolf’s most likely customer demographics.

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