New York Giants Week 5 Betting Preview: Ready Or Not, Dallas Cowboys Are Up Next

Can euphoria carry over or should New Jersey bettors simply enjoy one week of happiness regarding the New York Giants?

The 1-3 Giants visit the 3-1 Dallas Cowboys with betting odds similar to those preceding their unexpected Week 4 27-21 overtime win over the New Orleans Saints.

It’s an uphill battle. Defeating the Cowboys in Dallas is no easy task. This is something Philadelphia Eagles bettors quickly learned on a recent Monday night.

Giants vs. Cowboys odds at NJ online sportsbooks

Some New York Giants bettors coming off big week

For the moment, New Jersey online sports bettors pat their bellies from a satisfying feast and seek a Week 5 repeat.

A salute to the 12% of DraftKings Sportsbook bettors who took the Giants on the moneyline against the Saints and earned a hefty +260 return.

A little more than a quarter of the DraftKings bettors, 27%, also cashed in on the Giants +7. Several gamblers undoubtedly played both bets.

It turns out that the Giants are good handicappers too. They guessed right on an overtime toss, calling heads because a coin toss from a recent game had lost when they called tails.

It was, literally, a heads-up win for the Giants.

Veterans, rookies are stepping up

After beating themselves in setbacks to the Washington Football Team and Atlanta Falcons, the Giants stole their first victory.

The Giants had trailed by 11 points midway through in the fourth quarter. They responded with a touchdown, two-point conversion, and last-minute game-tying field goal to force overtime. And then they found the end zone on the first overtime possession.

Saquon Barkley notched both late scores.  One came on a wheel route to produce a 54-yard touchdown pass out of the backfield. The other was a 6-yard game-winning run.

For the first time this year, Barkley showed flashes of the running back/receiver who ignited the Giants before an injury snuffed out his 2020 season.

Barkley returned gingerly in the first two games this year, looked a bit more like himself in the third game, and was very close to form on Sunday. The Giants need him.

If the Giants utilize Barkley out of the backfield, it will make defenses honest in terms of receiver coverage. Prop bettors may consider his combined rushing-receiving total and/or the impact Barkley will have freeing up receivers.

Big Blue showed resilience in another area too. Injuries to Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard (who had a monster game in Week 2 against Washington) left the receiving ranks thin.

Up stepped Kadarius Toney, their first-round pick, to deliver 78 yards.   Kenny Golladay, whom they picked up from the Detroit Lions, had 116 yards.

And John Ross had the game’s first touchdown, a 52-yard scoring play.

The Giants have five good receivers, along with tight end Kyle Rudolph. This team should be score more than it does.

Will Sunday’s performance kick-start a few of these players?

New York Giants parlaying the emotional high

Jabril Peppers indicated Sunday that the Giants’ hearts were still in the game.

His animated handling of the overtime coin toss, which went viral, indicated the urgency Big Blue felt toward his contest. Peppers had suffered a hamstring injury during the game but bounded out to the field to handle the coin toss.

He called heads and celebrated like a bettor who had nailed a  first-touchdown scorer wager with a longshot.

Peppers’ language wasn’t G rated, but moments later the G-Men did rate. They took the opening drive to paydirt and captured a gratifying come-from-behind triumph.

For however long it lasts, they will bring soaring spirits into Dallas.

Have the Giants gained some respect from NJ bettors?

Big Blue, expected to win at least seven and perhaps eight games, had the number dropped to over -4.5 at DraftKings last week. That looks like a deal now. The prop was offered at -115 back then, but the win over the Saints drove the juice to -175, now unplayable.

New Jersey bettors who took this bet early feel good about that selection now.

Another bet remains a longshot. The Giants advanced from +1000 to +650 to make the playoffs, but they must play the Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the next five weeks. And that’s after playing the Cowboys, who would be three games up on New York with a head-to-head win if they prevail Sunday.

Until the bubble bursts, Giants fans know they moved the needle at least this week.

The Giants also have been getting on the board first.

It happened against the Washington Football Team, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Saints on consecutive weeks. On two occasions, the Giants scored the first touchdown.

This bet usually pays well. It would be +145 if they could pull that off against the Cowboys at DraftKings. New York bettors have been rolling on this for the last three weeks.

Daniel Jones looking like a leader

Can he continue it.?  Jones rallied the Giants back from a 21-10 fourth-quarter deficit. That included a game-tying drive in the final seconds to set up the game-tying field goal.

Danny Dimes had a career-high 402 passing yards and his first interception of the season doesn’t count. It was a hail mary on the final play of the first half.

More than the yardage, he had a swagger and an attitude about lifting the Giants up in this game. He made several clutch plays for them in the final two drives.

Barkley, Jones in prop city

Looking ahead at the NFC East Week 5 schedule,  it’s expected Barkley could be in the middle of NJ prop betting action after his big game.

DraftKings promptly put up its first one involving him. It’s a good one. Barkley and Zeke Elliott of the Cowboys to combine for 199.5 yards rushing and receiving. The yes is +110.

A couple of years back, this prop would have been a no-brainer. Now it’s a challenge.

There’s another involving Jones and Dallas QB Dak Prescott to combine for 549.5 yards. Yes is +125. They combined for 590 in Week 4.

NJ bettors looking to wager on the opening drive outcome for both teams, here are the odds from Caesars Sportsbook:


  • Punt +101
  • TD +285
  • Field goal attempt +370
  • Turnover +460


  • Punt+155
  • TD +160
  • Field goal attempt +350
  • Turnover +550

Giants-Cowboys odds at BetMGM sportsbook

BetMGM has a mini-vig bump. The Giants are +250 on the moneyline. They go to +260 if they win and both teams score 10 points or more.

With the points race, if the Giants reach 10 points first, they will pay +160. If they hit 20 before Dallas does, it will pay +250.

Will there be a score in the final two minutes of the first half? Yes is –350, not playable. No is +220.

More importantly, no matter how these wagers play out, the Cowboys and Giants are both well aware of what Sunday’s game means in regards to the NFC East standings.

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