NFL Prop Odds For Giants, Jets, Eagles Littered Throughout NJ Sportsbooks

This looks like instant replay.

Bettors again love the Eagles, not the Giants, for the second straight week. Only this time, the teams play in separate games.

The Eagles are again favored when invading MetLife Stadium for the second straight time. At -7 against the New York Jets, they are backed by a whopping 86% of the DraftKings gamblers nationwide. Doesn’t matter that the Birds had similar support at -3.5 before losing 13-7 there to the Giants last week.

Big Blue again has few backers, as only 31% take them as a mid-sized underdog against the host Miami Dolphins.

What do New Jersey online bettors and the DraftKings community anticipate? They don’t respect Philadelphia’s 3-8 opponent, despite the Jets surpassing last year’s win total in beating the Houston Texans last week.

And they do respect the Dolphins, who look energized with a four-game win streak and 5-7 record.

Will the underdog bettors rise up and get paid?

Philadelphia Eagles Props At NJ Sportsbooks

Eagles props surround quarterback Jalen Hurts, the big enigma.

DraftKings lists him at 189.5 passing yards for the over-under with -115 for each side.

That’s a pedestrian total for most NFL quarterbacks, especially one on an Eagles team that tallied 138 points in four games before fizzling against the Giants.

This first looks like a slam on the over. But wait.

Hurts has been well under the 189.5 total for five straight weeks.

Given the proficiency of the Eagles run game, there has been little reason for him to air the ball out.

Here’s the predicament. A grind-it-out, run-only offense can’t recover from a holding penalty that causes first or second and 20. The Eagles found themselves in some of those situations last week.

Might he pass more?

Take a look at the touchdown passing total. The over 1.5 is +150 and the under is -200. Again, low expectations, but an excellent prop payout if bettors believe the Jets are bad enough to yield a couple passing scores.

Hurts is due to have a good game with his receivers eventually.

The interception prop is another NJ sportsbook projection of Hurts handing the ball off. He threw three picks last week. You’d expect at least one, right? Yet the over 0.5, meaning the Jets would only have to secure one pick, is +125. The under is -165.

Translation: Hurts will keep this ball on the ground.

Watch for the anytime scoring props with him. Hurts has eight rushing touchdowns and the Eagles may need him near the goal line. Hurts’ three rushing scores against the New Orleans Saints is unprecedented and has been worked into several bets at the books.

His over-under rushing yards for this game is 44.5. The over is -125 and the under is -110. These are not great betting props themselves, but reveal the expectation of an Eagles ground-and-pound game that can be reflected upon other bets, like the point total.

NFL Props At Caesars Sportsbook NJ

Has Caesars Sportsbook incorporated the same philosophy into its lineup and dangled a prop to reel bettors in?

Hurts to throw for more than 199.5 yards and two touchdowns is +350.

That’s a good price for something he’s done before. It’s a good price for what many quarterbacks can do against the Jets. But that hasn’t been the flow of the Eagles offense.

The bettors who take this prop believe a turnaround is due and would be paid handsomely if they are correct.

And the book went Hurts crazy, offering odds on the remote repeat of what happened against the New Orleans Saints two weeks back.

Because Hurts tallied three times, Caesars has a Hurts festival.

For Hurts to score first, it is +625, while he’s listed to score at all at +140.

For him to score twice is +850.

The odds for Hurts rushing for three touchdowns again is +3500.

With the Eagles backfield depleted, it would not be surprising to see Hurts take at least one over the line.

But three? Again?

Here is one early-action special Caesars offers on many games:

First possession outcome


  • Punt -121
  • Touchdown +215
  • Field goal attempt +360
  • Turnover +525


  • Punt -121
  • Touchdown +360
  • Field goal attempt +390
  • Turnover +450

BetMGM Odds For Eagles, Giants, Jets

Can the Eagles and Jets both score at least 10 points in the first half? Yes is +180 at BetMGM Sportsbook.

After the Birds were shut out 3-0 by the Giants at halftime last week, the price has been boosted for those who think that was a one-game hiccup.

When all else fails, after all the handicapping, guessing, projections, and analysis, a bettor can resort to the equivalent of a coin flip (almost).

Will the final total end in an odd number? That’s -120. An even number is +110.

Now THAT’s handicapping.

Giants, Dolphins Merit Unusual Wager

DraftKings listed an eyebrow-raising prop regarding receivers Jaylen Waddle and Kenny Golladay.

Can the pair combine for 124.5 yards? Yes is +110.

At first glance, it seems like slam dunk yes.

Waddle tallied 137 yards on nine catches and a touchdown in Miami’s 33-10 blowout win over the Carolina Panthers. He could clear the prop by himself.

Golladay came up with 50 yards last week and is the only Giants receiver not on the injury list late in the week. He’s likely to be a prime target.

The strong Giants defense could temper Waddle’s projections, but this is nonetheless a low-yardage prop. Bettors who take this believe Waddle had a breakout game and will continue.

Will the Giants score more than 1.5 touchdowns? The over is -180, the under is +140.

This is a bullish sentiment on the Giants, who have not scored more than one touchdown in each of their last two games.

Will Miami notch more than two touchdowns?

The over 2.5 is -105 and the under is -135.

Look for a Tua Tagovailoa pick prop when it becomes available and check the price. The Giants are the only team in the league to coax a turnover in every game.

For gamblers who want action early:

The Giants are +115 to score first. Miami is -145.

Will there be a score on the first possession of the game by either team? Yes is +210, no is -280.

Will the first possession of the game result in a made field goal? Yes is +500. This shows how extinct the 3-pointer is in the minds of many NFL coaches.

Here are the first possession odds at Caesars:


  • Punt -101
  • Touchdown +275
  • Field goal attempt +370
  • Turnover +490


  • Punt -140 (talk about little faith in Big Blue’s offense)
  • Touchdown +410
  • Field goal attempt +420
  • Turnover +450


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