NFL Divisional Round Odds Headline New Jersey Sportsbooks This Weekend

Time to move on.

New Jersey sportsbook gamblers shift focus to the rest of the NFL playoffs with the Philadelphia Eagles eliminated.

Eight survivors embark on the conference semifinals, packed with betting intrigue.

All of the games are booked at fewer than a touchdown and three of them at DraftKings have betting odds in the neighborhood of a field goal.

The lineup is excellent, enticing to bettors, and enthralling. Whether one likes the spreads, moneylines, or props, bettors view a compelling board at DraftKings and across the sportsbook landscape.

Here is the conference semifinals lineup in the NFL:


  • AFC: Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans (CBS, Paramount+), 4:30 p.m. ET
  • NFC: San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers (FOX), 8:15 p.m. ET


  • NFC: Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NBC, Peacock), 3 p.m. ET
  • AFC: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs (CBS, Paramount+), 6:30 p.m. ET

NFL Divisional Round Odds At NJ Sportsbooks

This is an excellent opportunity to mix and match moneylines, spreads, and totals in parlay betting.

Here are some examples, operating under the history of favorites doing well in the second round of the playoffs, with DraftKings odds:

Taking all four moneyline favorites is +609. The same formula with Buffalo at the bottom of the ticket is +707.

Taking Tennessee on the moneyline, dropping the Kansas City-Buffalo game to 44 and taking the over, is +101.

Taking Tennessee on the moneyline and then selecting Green Bay, Tampa Bay, and Buffalo on the spread returns +1050.

Players who want to use underdogs as moneyline anchors gain even more attractive betting odds.

This is just one glance. Whatever one’s perspective, juggling a couple moneylines and spreads will pay well, if successful. It’s worth a shot.

Because these are quality teams, gamblers may drop a slam bet on any two-team parlay, even in the vicinity of even money or worse.

“We’re seeing a lot of players willing to move the lines on games up or down and lay some juice,” Johnny Avello, the director of race and sportsbook operations for DraftKings, told NJGS. “It’s nothing for some gamblers to lay a quarter (-125) or more on what they consider a sure thing.”

“You may think laying -150 or even higher is a lot but this is nothing compared to baseball. You have a Max Scherzer going against a weak opponent and that number is -300. They might bet $1,000 to win a little more than $300 and consider it easy money.”

Avello acknowledged the ideal betting position both for chalk and dog players this weekend. A favorite won’t mind laying -2.5 and the dog bettor sees moneyline value.

Avello added that the big performance by favorites, winning five of six last week, was not good news for DraftKings, but that “the handle was unreal.”

“That’s the main thing,” he said. “We’re only the bookmakers. You can’t win all the games, you can’t win all the weeks, but your goal is to have all this betting action.”

Betting On The NFL Playoffs

Here’s a betting question surrounding every game.

Cincinnati at Tennessee

Will the Beast return?

Derrick Henry, the Titans’ star running back has been out since suffering a broken foot in Tennessee’s Week 8 win over the Indianapolis Colts. A return timetable of six to 10 weeks would have ended in the team’s regular-season finale, a win over the Houston Texans.

He didn’t play. Now Henry has enjoyed a bye week on top of that.

He should be in the lineup and is a game changer if 100%. The decision to activate him was supposed to come Friday. Bettors may start hitting that game harder once Henry’s status is official.

The Titans have one of the league’s better quarterbacks in Ryan Tannehill and he throws a good deep ball when asked.

Cincinnati took its foot off the pedal after being up 20-6 on the Las Vegas Raiders, before eking out a 26-19 triumph last week. That level of play would send them packing here. The Bengals need to take more chances.

Joe Burrow to Ja’Marr Chase represents Cincinnati’s wild-card magic. Tennessee is a far better defensive team than Las Vegas, so Burrow will be tested.

San Francisco at Green Bay

How magical is Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers has always been the difference, keeping plays alive when they have been blown up. His ability to shift in the pocket, coupled with the habits of receivers to change their routes, has led to Green Bay’s success this season.

The Niners have been on a mission, halting the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys on the road. They have a good offensive line and should not go quietly.

Los Angeles at Tampa Bay

Will injuries hurt the Bucs?

Tristan Wirfs, a bulwark on the left side of the Tampa Bay offensive line, is considered a long shot to play. That’s bad news for Tom Brady’s protection.

After he left the game with an injury last week, Brady suffered four sacks against the Eagles. The absence of Wirfs (and others on the line) could result in Brady having far less time to throw the ball and allow the Rams to play tighter coverage.

The Bucs may get Leonard Fournette back from injury. Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski are the prime receiving threats. But overall, this team is banged up.

For the Rams, Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr. are excellent prop scoring targets.

Matthew Stafford may have that elusive breakout game he wants, but he’s usually good for a pick, too.

The Rams won the earlier game between these teams, 34-24. They are hot and cold.

Buffalo at Kansas City

How many points will be scored?

Buffalo lit up the New York sky with 47 points in thumping the New England Patriots 47-17 last week.

The Chiefs started slowly and finally ripped the Pittsburgh Steelers 42-21.

Will either defense show up? The purists hope the answer is no as this could be the most fun game to watch.

Divisional Round Props

The DraftKings prop board reflects the expectations that the quarterbacks may have good games, but won’t light it up.

Here are some that appear playable. Some of the unders have prices so lopsided they will rarely be bet and aren’t listed here.


Passing yardage totals:

  • Joe Burrow 277.5
  • Ryan Tannehill 237.5

The odds are at -115 for either side.

Touchdown passes:

  • Tannehill over 1.5 +110

Green Bay-San Francisco

Passing yardage totals:

  • Aaron Rodgers 261
  • Jimmy Garoppolo 232

The odds are at -115 for either side.

Touchdown passes:

  • Rodgers over 2.5 +160
  • Garoppolo over 1.5 +105

Los Angeles-Tampa Bay

Passing yardage totals:

  • Matthew Stafford 282.5
  • Tom Brady 293.5

The odds are at -115 for either side.

Brady touchdown passes of over 2.5 is +150, while a Stafford pick is a borderline play, at -135.

Kansas City-Buffalo

Passing yardage totals:

  • Patrick Mahomes 281
  • Josh Allen 278

The odds are at -115 for either side.

Touchdown passes:

Mahomes over 2.5 +130


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