New Jersey Residents Cannuli and Beckley Post Strong November Nine Performances

The 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event is history and Joe McKeehen took home the title in a performance for the ages.

While McKeehen took the title, two New Jersey natives performed very well at the final table. In addition, 888poker put their sponsorship dollars to good use and managed to have two of the final three players patched on Tuesday night.

Cannuli and Beckley made New Jersey proud

Two New Jersey natives made the November Nine. Cape May native Thomas Cannuli started the final table in sixth chip position while Marlton resident Joseph Buckley started the final seventh in chips. Both players managed to survive Day 1 action as the short stacks went out followed by a stunning collapse by fan favorite Pierre Neuville.

Cannuli and Beckley started Day 2 with the two shortest stacks. On the second hand of play, Cannuli picked up the best possible hand to double with. He shoved with pocket aces and found a call in the pocket tens of Max Steinberg. Unfortunately, Steinberg caught a ten on the flop and his set held to send Cannuli out in 6th place, good for $1.42 million. Following his bustout, Cannuli gave one of the best exit interview we’ve heard from an eliminated November Niner.

Beckley was the short stack at the start of Day 2 play but was the only player at the final table to secure a full double-up during the three days. He picked up pocket aces and after three-betting with the best hand in poker, Zvi Stern shoved with 10s-9s. Beckley called and his aces gave him breathing room.

Beckley was able to build chips on the second day and made the final three. He started the last day as the short stack but was able to work his way to heads-up play. Unfortunately, Steinberg was on fire and made short work of Beckley. However, a $4.46 million payday is nothing to be ashamed about.

888poker chose well for November Nine sponsorship

When 888poker announced which players they were sponsoring for the November Nine, a few eyebrows were raised but in the end, they made some of the best choices possible.

Two out of the final three players were wearing 888poker patches and the other player left a memorable impression due to his class in losing.

When it was announced that 888poker had sponsored Joe McKeehen, nobody was surprised. He was the overwhelming chip leader and the favorite to win it all. Their sponsorship of Thomas Cannuli was not totally surprising because he plays regularly on 888poker NJ.

The surprise signing was Neil Blumenfield. As the only true amateur at the final table, few figured he would compete. However, thanks to superior coaching and playing with little fear through the first couple of days, he was able to make the final three and walk away with $3.39 million.

We also saw a relatively limited promotional presence for, the online poker arm of Caesars.

Cannuli’s class in busting out left a favorable impression in the minds of millions and Blumenfield’s run was epic and proves that anyone can compete in the Main Event. Even if McKeehen doesn’t embrace the role of poker ambassador, 888poker got their money’s worth and then some.

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