Atlantic City Casinos to Benefit From Citywide Camera System Installation

Atlantic City casinos may soon have increased competition from Downstate New York. So Gov. Phil Murphy says the state will provide $60 million in direct funding during the next couple of years to help the city stay clean and safe. As a result of that financial support, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small says he plans to use $5 million for a citywide security camera system.

During Murphy’s press conference on Monday in Atlantic City, the governor said $16.8 million left over from this year’s budget will head to “the East Coast’s premiere resort city.”

While he sees Atlantic City that way, America’s Playground has a broader reputation as one of the country’s most dangerous cities.

Statistics about violent crime may show Atlantic City and New York are comparable, but the perception remains.

Meanwhile, New York is moving forward with adding three new retail casino licenses in and near the Big Apple.

The Press of Atlantic City reports on Monday:

Murphy said the best way Atlantic City can prepare for competition from New York City casinos, expected to open in the coming years, is to improve the city and the experience it provides to visitors.

So it’s past time for Atlantic City to install the camera system, Small says. He adds that the camera system supplier finds the precaution reduces crime by 76%.

Small adds on Monday:

Every street will be under surveillance.

Atlantic City Casinos Outpace NY Revenue

Atlantic City casinos generated $4.74 billion in gross gaming revenue (GGR) during 2021, according to the American Gaming Association (AGA).

Conversely, New York’s 31 retail casinos brought in $3.64 billion.

So not only do the Garden State’s nine casinos outpace New York’s 31, but New Jersey online casino gambling fares far better than that of the Empire State. That’s because New York hasn’t yet legalized online casino betting.

Crime Statistics Don’t Match Perception

Atlantic City is considered one of the most dangerous US cities.

One in 125 people will become a victim of a violent crime in the resort city, according to

However, New York City isn’t much safer. One in 172 people may be victimized in a violent crime there, says

Nonetheless, Murphy said Monday that New Jersey will help Atlantic City clean up its reputation, as well as become cleaner and safer. He said the state’s putting its money where its mouth is by committing to provide financial and other help for Atlantic City.

The Fiscal Year 2023 state budget outlines $43 million in direct funding. Plus, there’s the $16.8 million mentioned on Monday.

Murphy adds:

There’s a short list of communities – and Atlantic City’s on it – as it goes, so goes the state of New Jersey.

Before Monday’s announcement, Atlantic City’s annual budget totaled $235 million.

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