NJ Online Casino Can Be Its Own Date to the Revenue Party

If NJ online casino could be like Robyn and just dance on its own, it would have plenty to celebrate. The state’s iGaming revenue is up 6.34% vs. the previous month, nearly reaching $135.3 million.

On Oct. 17, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) reported gross gaming revenue (GGR) figures for September 2022.

The problem is NJ online casino and poker now contend with the other members of the Big Three. The major online casino states are Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The party pooper is that sometimes, the other states do better. This month, the Keystone State is winning the GGR race by about $4 million, and Michigan is behind the Garden State by about $6 million.

So even though New Jersey iGaming GGR from September surpassed its own August GGR of more than $131.4 million, the Garden State still ranks at No. 2 in US iGaming revenue for September.

Still, a 6.34% month-over-month increase is better than August’s lost dance competition with itself. In August, NJ iGaming revenue dipped in a non-sexy way – totaling 3% less GGR than that of July.

NJ Online Casino, Poker Twirled Up 6% in September 2022

In September 2022, NJ online casino GGR reached the exact sum of $132,970,884. That’s an increase of 6.32% over the August total of $129,231,530. It’s still below July’s $134,424,044, but it’s no wallflower.

More passionate than tango dancers, online poker players created a 7.03% rise in revenue in September 2022. The $2,285,602 in GGR promenaded past August’s $2,206,653. However, August’s showing was down 3.1% compared with July.

When online casino and poker revenue combine, September’s iGaming GGR is $135, 256,486. That leaves the August couple glaring across the dance floor, because their partnership only amounted to $131,438,183. 

That means NJ iGaming GGR twirled up 6.34% in September.

Plus, during the first nine months of the year, iGaming GGR surpassed $1.2 billion. NJ online casino accounted for all but $21 million of that, which is the GGR Garden State online poker players generated. Only Borgata, Caesars, and Resorts licenses include online poker operator partners.

License holders with the most significant market shares – Borgata (30%), Golden Nugget (26%), and Resorts (23%) – also partner with more sites than the other, single-digit market share holders.

Borgata partners with 10 sites, including company brands BetMGM Casino and Borgata Casino. Golden Nugget Hotel Casino and Marina has six, one of which is Golden Nugget Online Casino. Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City partners with five, with Mohegan Sun Online Casino among them.

During September, Borgata, Golden Nugget, and Resorts saw GGR increases of 1.59%, 12.52%, and 14.93%, respectively.

Three license holders brought in less GGR than in August: Bally’s (-14.72%), Ocean Resort (-16.6%), and Tropicana (-5.71%). Not surprisingly, they partner with fewer online gambling sites – three, four, and one, respectively.

So the moral is NJ online casino is giving GGR its all, and it’s dancing pretty well on its own.

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