Online Gambling Generates Hundreds Of New Jersey Jobs, Supports Hundreds More

While a lot of the conversation about the success of online gambling in New Jersey revolves around revenue numbers, the fact of the matter is that revenue is only one of the impacts that legal online gambling is having in the state.

Over at Bluff Magazine, Steve Ruddock recently did a nice job of putting a hard number to the amount of jobs that have been directly created via the legalization and regulation of online casinos and poker sites in NJ.

His conclusion:

Operators and their iGaming partners are responsible for about 300-350 jobs in New Jersey, and […] there are likely hundreds of employees in land based gaming whose duties now include online gaming.

Whole thing here.

As more states consider regulation, the story of the jobs that regulation can create – and not just the direct tax revenue that can be expected – will become an increasingly powerful argument for those supporting the legalization of online gambling.

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Steve Ruddock

Steve is a seasoned veteran of the online gambling industry, having written about it from every possible angle in his many years as a freelance gaming writer. Based in Massachusetts, Steve especially focuses on regulatory and legislative news coverage pertaining to the U.S. market.
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