Christie: New Jersey Needs To Make It Easier On Atlantic City Casinos

[toc]Should New Jersey make it easier on casinos in Atlantic CityGov. Chris Christie will if he gets his way.

Making it easier for AC casinos

Christie met with the CEOs of MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment this week. After the meeting, Christie said he would act on suggestions about “relief from some of New Jersey’s gambling regulations.”

More from the Associated Press:

Christie said he will unveil some additional relief within 30 to 45 days. The executives did not say what specific relief they sought.

“We’re going to be working with them on additional ways we can bring Atlantic City’s regulations into the 21st century,” Christie said.

While we’re not sure what that entails, it’s obviously intended to help out MGM and Caesars, two big companies in the AC market. (Not coincidentally, those two gaming behemoths also indicated this week they are prepared to embark on a joint project in the city.)

AC is Christie’s legacy?

Christie is looking to make the revitalization of Atlantic City part of his legacy as he gets ready to vacate the office after his term is up.

That’s been clear with the governor’s office’s emphasis on the good news coming out of the casino town of late. Christie also helped orchestrate a state takeover of AC, and has been claiming credit for positive developments that have come in the wake of that maneuver.

A press release from Christie’s office emphasized many of the positives that AC has experienced in recent months, along with policies the state has helped institute to help AC out of its fiscal mess.

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Does that go for TEN AC, too?

While Christie is making AC’s regulations easier to comply with, will it help TEN AC — the former Revel — at all?

One of the sticking points in trying to reopen the resort has been a casino license. Owner Glenn Straub has claimed a third party who will operate TEN’s casino should have to get a license, not him. So far, regulators aren’t buying that argument.

TEN is supposed to open in less than two weeks, with or (more likely) without a casino. But given the history of past promised opening dates, it would be a miracle if it opens at all.

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