The Ladies Of Florida Do Not Love TEN Casino Owner Glenn Straub, They Sue Him

[toc]By now, we are used to hearing about TEN Resort owner Glenn Straub feuding with various Atlantic City people and places. His disputes over the past year include:

His latest battles are in his home state of Florida, however. They do not have anything to do with casinos, either.

In fact, both problems involve women who may or may not have been romantically linked to Straub at one point.

Broward County investigating NJ casino owner for fraud

Straub is currently the subject of a fraud investigation by Broward County officials in Florida. According to reports, Straub and his construction company filed for a $64,400 lien on a Florida ranch. There is another lien on a Florida townhouse as well.

Straub is seeking compensation for repair work and construction on the sites. In addition to owning TEN, Straub also operates a construction company.

The owner of the properties is Jessica Nicodema, 33. She claims the liens are fradulent and she does not owe Straub anything. Nicodema claims she was in a relationship with Straub. She believed her status as his girlfriend meant the work was a gift.

Straub recalls things a little differently, according to Press of Atlantic City:

“I didn’t know that she was a girlfriend. There is no truth to the matter. To get back at us, she is saying that we excessively put too high a lien on her property. They can put anything in a lawsuit that they want.”

Nicodema did file a suit against Straub claiming the liens are fradulent. Authorities are looking into the validity of her claim.

Straub in a legal spat with second woman

Nicodema is not the only Florida woman legal sparring with Straub. The Sun-Sentinel reports Straub and his company filed suit against a second woman on Aug. 9.

The suit claims there was “business arrangement” with Ashley Maguire, also 33. Straub claims his company gave her $100,000 to pay for a lease on her home. In exchange Maguire allegedly failed to live up to her vague end of the bargain.

The lawsuit tries to explain exactly what Maguire was supposed to be doing:

“[Maguire] claimed to have strong ties in Wellington with wealthy equestrians and wealthy business executives with whom she could use her beauty and charms in assisting with selling expensive country club memberships, sponsorships, and promotions. Defendant never commenced a single day of work for, or on behalf of, plaintiff.”

Maguire claims she paid back $6,200 in cash as well as $35,000 in clothing and beauty costs. Maguire’s attorney, Michael Pike, suggests Straub’s claims are unfounded.

“This is a classic example of the powerful abusing the judicial process and wasting judicial resources to attempt to create leverage in a demented love triangle,” he said.

It appears Straub has more than demented love stories on his hands, both of which could prove costly to him.

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