Fubo Sportsbook Secures Market Access Into New Jersey But Potential Obstacles Remain

Fubo Sportsbook now has a market access deal done for New Jersey but there are still some hurdles to clear before it can launch

Fubo Sportsbook has been putting the pieces together for an eventual launch in New Jersey for quite a while. It has now secured market access into the Garden State, pending regulatory approval.

That doesn’t mean NJ gamblers will see another sports betting app available anytime soon, though. The brand still has a lot of work to do to actually take its NJ sports betting platform live.

How Fubo Sportsbook will enter New Jersey

On Thursday, fuboTV announced a deal with Caesars Entertainment. So once the app is ready and receives regulatory approval, it will operate under the Caesars Interactive license (along with WynnBet, 888sport, and Caesars Sportsbook).

The partnership gives the media company, which is making its first foray into offering gambling as well, access into not only NJ but Indiana as well.

Additionally, fuboTV announced it reached terms with MLB and the NBA for authorized gaming operator status. Among other things, that gives the company access to the coveted official data feeds.

This deal essentially represents one of the last items for fuboTV to accomplish before it can go live. The process began last year when it acquired Vigtory Sportsbook.

That acquisition also came with licensure to operate a New Jersey online sportsbook. At the time, Vigtory had already been in negotiations for market access with an NJ casino, but wouldn’t disclose which.

Prior to acquiring Vigtory, fuboTV had primarily been a streaming live television and on-demand video service. That is still the primary product.

A press release says it plans to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. Could that be a little too ambitious? How integrated into the streaming product will the sportsbook be? Those are questions that the company will have to answer soon.

Challenges of a novel product

The same press release says that fuboTV plans to marry its streaming media and sports betting platforms into the one “seamless viewing and wagering experience.” There could be some issues with that, however.

First off, there are responsible gambling concerns. If gambling is integral to the streaming product, how does fuboTV ensure that minors and people with compulsive gambling issues aren’t placing bets? That leads directly to compliance issues.

It’s illegal in NJ for anyone under the age of 21 to gamble. Thus, will fuboTV only sell streaming subscriptions to people who are at least that old? Also, it’s illegal to even market sports betting to people who are on self-exclusion lists, much less give them access to a sportsbook. Will fuboTV ensure that subscribers aren’t on any of those lists before giving them access?

It just may not work

Finally, there are quality concerns. Live sports streaming and in-game wagering already suffer lags as compared to real-time. If fuboTV tries to pack both products into one feed simultaneously, those issues could compound.

In that regard, competitors in both the gambling and streaming media industries would have superior products. For example, say you’re watching a New Jersey Devils game on NBC and want to check the goal totals market.

Opening up the sportsbook segment of fuboTV might increase the lag in the game feed, which would, in turn, put you at a competitive disadvantage as far as betting the game goes. It might be better and more enjoyable to instead keep the game playing as it is and just open a sportsbook app on your phone.

That’s a big reason why to this point, no other media company has also tried to be the book, just partnering with sportsbooks instead. The technology simply hasn’t conquered the issue of “sidelining,” or the advantage that in-person spectators have in terms of live betting because they are watching the event in real-time.

fuboTV could sidestep these issues by parceling the two products out. That would completely undo its novel approach to either industry, though. It’s a tall order, but one the company seems determined to take on at this point.

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The Biggest Implications For The DraftKings And Dish TV Deal Could Be Yet To Come

The news of a DraftKings Dish TV deal may not have many immediate implications but with a little more innovation, could grow into something.

As it stands right now, the DraftKings Dish TV deal isn’t much more than a way to activate an Internet script. With a little more innovation, however, this partnership could play a major role in making New Jersey sports betting a hallmark of consuming live sports.

The two companies announced their partnership Wednesday, marking a first in a couple of ways. If they’re able to fully flesh it out, there could be many copycats in the coming years.

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Details on the DraftKings Dish TV deal

As Dish continues to lose pay-TV subscribers by the thousands partially due to ever-rising costs for consumers, offering new or updated amenities within the service becomes crucial. When Dish inevitably raises its price to access its satellite television feed again, it will have a DraftKings application to include in its sales pitch of “no, really, we didn’t just decide to charge you more for the same service that you used to get at the old price.”

Within the Dish TV Hopper platform, subscribers will soon find the app. It isn’t a fully functional DraftKings app akin to that which New Jerseyans have on their mobile devices, however.

In fact, cell phones and tablets are crucial components of the process. Here’s how it will work.

Let’s say you’re watching a Brooklyn Nets game and you want to see where the live betting lines are at. All you have to do is say, “launch DraftKings” to your remote or select DraftKings from the App Menu.

On your screen will appear live odds from an array of NCAA men’s basketball, NBA, and NHL events. If you see a market you like, you can initiate the bet. That’s all you can do, though.

The DraftKings app on your Dish TV will then send a text message to the number connected to your Dish TV account. From there, you’ll complete the process of placing your wager using the DraftKings app on that device.

You can also set recordings and watch live sports that correspond with bets you have already placed or that pertain to a DraftKings daily fantasy sports entry. The limitations of this platform may make it kind of superfluous right now, but with a little work, it could become essential.

Limited and redundant

Really, the only benefit of this application is that you can browse some of DraftKings’ markets without having to take your eyes off the game. Dish TV apps can operate in a picture-in-picture format.

There’s really nothing stopping you from just pulling up the DraftKings Sportsbook app on your phone as you’re watching the game. On that device, you can go through the entire process of selecting the bet you want, no initial text message necessary.

Additionally, accessing DraftKings that way gives you a fuller experience. Right now, if you’re watching an MLB, European soccer, or PGA event, the app on your Dish TV isn’t of much use for betting purposes.

Another downside of going through your satellite service to place your bet is that by the time you access the odds for in-game markets on your phone, the lines may have moved. So, you may not be as keen to finish the wager as you were when you initiated the process.

Still, this has a lot of potential. These two companies will mostly realize it as technology improves.

What the future could hold

There are two important reasons it’s a good thing you can’t complete the process of placing a bet completely using your Dish TV satellite console currently. Technology can help with both.

The first is responsible gambling concerns. Minors – and people with compulsive gambling issues – can work TV remotes. Requiring the second step, with all the Know Your Customer tools in the smartphone app, greatly reduces the chance of a vulnerable person gambling. Obviously, it’s also against the law for anyone under 21 or on a self-exclusion list to gamble.

The other reason is that the Dish TV consoles probably aren’t capable of providing the same level of verification that smartphones and tablets are. That is something that could eventually change.

If that ever becomes the case, then you might someday be able to place a bet on your TV without having to take your eyes off the game. If Dish and DraftKings can figure that out, everyone else in the industry will rush to replicate it.

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BetMGM Will Introduce Topgolf Customers To ‘Immersive Sports Betting Experience’

A new BetMGM Topgolf partnership is another way that the online casino and sportsbook brand will get itself in front of potential customers.

In the sportsbook business, a constant cash flow is crucial. That requires a lot of active customers. Thus, getting as many account registrations as possible is important. That’s the aim of a new BetMGM Topgolf partnership.

Because of the aesthetics of Topgolf locations and the demographic of their customers, it’s a wonder that it took this long for the gambling company to close a deal like this. For New Jerseyans who frequent Topgolf locations, it means more exposure to marketing for BetMGM is coming soon.

Details on the BetMGM Topgolf partnership

A press release from BetMGM says the deal will focus on marketing and promotional offers in both digital and physical properties. That includes not only Topgolf’s retail locations but the WGT by Topgolf online game.

“We look forward to introducing Topgolf guests to the immersive sports betting experience that only BetMGM can provide,” said BetMGM’s Chief Revenue Officer Matt Prevost, in the release. “Topgolf is known for offering unique and interactive entertainment options, which our loyal BetMGM users can now access through a variety of exclusive and customized packages.”

So, what exactly will that look like? Expect to see the BetMGM logo at Topgolf locations in NJ and on WGT in the near future. Topgolf will likely start offering special promotions tied to BetMGM as well.

There are Topgolf locations in Mount Laurel and Edison.

“We are thrilled to partner with BetMGM as we continue to energize and grow our entertainment communities,” JF Prata, Topgolf Media chief operating officer, said. “Topgolf has always been committed to providing new and exciting experiences to our guests, and this partnership delivers on that while providing our longtime fans, as well as those less familiar with Topgolf, an introduction to a complementary experience with BetMGM.”

The release didn’t include any financial details of this partnership. However, there is skin in the game for both parties here.

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Ways both parties can monetize this deal

For BetMGM, the play is quite obvious here. It’s another way to potentially acquire new NJ sports betting customers.

Topgolf customers are likely to be sports fans. Sports fans are the easiest people for gambling companies to convert to sports bettors.

Even if they don’t become regular bettors, simply adding to the customer rolls has value for BetMGM. So, what’s in it for Topgolf?

The BetMGM-themed promos are a new way for Topgolf to advertise itself as well. Sports bettors also fit within the confines of Topgolf’s most likely customer demographics.

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Turn $1 Into $100 With A Made 3-Pointer At DraftKings Sportsbook

A new DraftKings Sportsbook basketball promo for first-time depositors offers $100 in free bets for a wager of just $1. You pick the bet.

Most men’s college basketball and NBA games involve one team hitting at least one 3-point shot attempt. Thus, a new DraftKings basketball promo for first-time depositors has the same feel of maximizing an offensive possession.

New Jerseyans who haven’t yet made a deposit at DraftKings Sportsbook can turn a wager of just a dollar into $100 in free bets with this deal. However, it’s important to understand the terms of the promotion beforehand.

You must use this link to claim this DraftKings Bet $1 Get $100 with a made 3-pointer

The details of the latest DraftKings basketball promo

The deal is now active, through the rest of February 2021. It’s only for bettors who haven’t deposited funds with DraftKings yet, though.

To activate the deal, make a first deposit of at least $5. Then, wager at least a dollar on either the moneyline or spread of any men’s college basketball or NBA game before the game tips off. There is no maximum, but wagering more won’t increase your bonus here.

If any player on the team you stake hits at least one 3-point shot during the game, you get the bonus. The bonus funds are independent of your moneyline or spread wager.

Say, for example, you took the Brooklyn Nets odds to cover +2.5 points at -109 against the Los Angeles Lakers. Further, suppose you wagered just a dollar on that market.

If Kyrie Irving (or any other Nets player) hits a three, you’d get the $100 in free bets regardless of whether Brooklyn covers the spread. If the Nets were to end up covering, you would also get $1.92 in winnings.

If Brooklyn failed to cover, you would still get the free bets. There’s some more information you need from that point, though.

The free bets will come in four $25 increments instead of one $100 credit. Additionally, the promotional funds expire after seven days. The site credit is not redeemable for cash.

While you can’t wager on NJ college teams, there are still many other options over the final week and a half of this month of local relevance.

Dates to consider for using this promo

The Lakers and Nets square off in Los Angeles on Thursday night. Other highlighted dates for the rest of February include:

  • Friday, Feb. 19 – Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers
  • Saturday, Feb. 20 – No. 13 West Virginia at No. 12 Texas
  • Sunday, Feb. 21 – Nets at Los Angeles Clippers
  • Monday, Feb. 22 – Stanford at No. 17 USC
  • Tuesday, Feb. 23 – 76ers at Toronto Raptors
  • Wednesday, Feb. 24 – Nebraska at No. 5 Illinois
  • Thursday, Feb. 25 – Dallas Mavericks at 76ers
  • Friday, Feb. 26 – SIU at No. 22 Loyola
  • Saturday, Feb. 27 – Dallas at Brooklyn
  • Sunday, Feb. 28 – No. 11 Iowa at No. 4 Ohio State

With these dates and more filling the calendar for the rest of this month, there are plenty of opportunities to turn a dollar into $100.

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Paige Spiranac Links Up With PointsBet For Content And Investment

Paige Spiranac, one of the golf world’s most well-known celebrities, has partnered with PointsBet for content creation and investment.

How do you get millions of new eyes on your product as a gambling company? That’s a question that PointsBet has recently tried to answer in a new partnership with Paige Spiranac.

The former LPGA tour contender and social media maven has signed on with the Australian gaming company to create new content and for investment purposes. The prospect becomes intriguing considering another project of PointsBet’s.

The details of the Paige Spiranac deal with PointsBet

According to a press release, part of Spiranac’s compensation will be an undisclosed amount of shares in PointsBet. Her face will become central to the brand going forward.

“Today is a very exciting day for the company as we welcome Paige, the No. 1 most followed and interacted with golf personality on social media in the world, into the PointsBet family,” said Johnny Aitken, US CEO of PointsBet.

PointsBet says that Spiranac will both appear in and help create original content for the sportsbook. That will include sports commentary, bettor education, and hosting events.

Plus, the PointsBet NJ sports betting app features a promo with Paige’s daily game.

No one can match Spiranac’s following in the golf world. She counts over 8 million followers over her social channels and had over 100 million views of her YouTube content just last year.

“I believe that sports betting is central to how fans will engage and consume live sports moving forward,” said Paige Spiranac. “I love connecting with my community on social media and I know this category will be a fun, new way to get my audience more involved with not only golf but all sports. I truly believe in what we’re building at PointsBet and I’m thrilled to be a part of this team.”

The partnership makes sense for both parties. There’s an especially intriguing opportunity just on the horizon.

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BetCast and PointsBet’s own following

Earlier this month, NBC-Universal announced some major restructuring of its sports content. It will shutter the NBC Sports Network, shifting a lot of the sports programming to USA or its streaming platform, Peacock.

As part of the Peacock shift, a new second-screen experience involving PointsBet is BetCast. It’s essentially a sports-betting-centric analysis and commentary companion show.

Quite conveniently for Spiranac, Betcast will be focused on golf for the time being. PointsBet hasn’t announced any plans to include Spiranac in that show at this time.

However, the timing of these two developments points in that direction. PointsBet would be hard-pressed to present anyone that golf bettors would be more familiar with.

For Spiranac, this helps her expand her reach even further. Not all people who bet on golf are avid fans of the sport. Her inclusion in gambling content can aid the expansion of her audience.

Additionally, her stock holdings give her a tangible interest in the success of PointsBet. So far, Spiranac has done nothing but hit the greens in all her other endeavors.

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PlayUp Sportsbook Secures NJ Sports Betting License With Q1 Launch Planned

PlayUp Sportsbook has received regulatory approval from the NJDGE and is on the verge of taking its app live via a partnership with Freehold Raceway.

If variety is the spice of life, then the number of options for online sports bettors in the Garden State is closing to really playing up the value of the market. PlayUp Sportsbook New Jersey is set to become one of the next entrants.

The Australian-based company announced via press release that it has secured licensure from the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement.  The PlayUp online skin will launch via a land-based partnership with Freehold Racetrack. The NJ sports betting app is targeted for a Q1 launch.

Exactly when and what the book will look like is still unknown, however.

More on PlayUp Sportsbook New Jersey

Before making a foray into North America recently with licenses to run a sportsbook in Colorado and NJ, PlayUp made its presence known in Australia, India, and New Zealand. Now, the Garden State will be among its active locales.

According to PlayUp USA CEO Dr. Laila Mintas, the company wants to go “live in NJ during the first quarter of this year.” When that happens, it could  be the first online sports betting platform tied to Freehold Raceway to open up shop.

“We are very excited about the partnership with two excellent brands – Parx Casino and Penn National,” Mintas said. “We are looking forward to establishing PlayUp as a strong and innovative sports betting brand in the U.S.”

The NJ online sports betting market currently consists of 19 apps.

Freehold has taken retail wagers at its Parx-branded sportsbook since last September. Greenwood Racing, which owns Parx Casino in Pennsylvania, operates Freehold in conjunction with Penn National Gaming.

The Parx NJ sports betting app has yet to launch. However, the Parx online casino product operates under the Ocean Casino Resort license and has been live since 2019.

As Penn National owns a minority stake in Barstool Sports, there has long been speculation about whether the third skin would go to Barstool Sportsbook.

That’s uncertain right now, as is how accessible PlayUp will be on its first day. Other questions are outstanding as well.

Mobile apps, bonuses, still TBD

A press release from PlayUp makes no mention of whether the sportsbook will have Android or iOS apps for use in NJ upon launch. Additionally, there’s no mention of any deposit or registration bonuses.

Those details may become more clear when the sportsbook gets closer to its go-live date. As a matter of fact, ironing out the details on mobile apps may be one reason that the sportsbook hasn’t set a firm launch date yet.

As new customer promos are pretty standard in the sportsbook biz, it seems a foregone conclusion that will be part of the eventual introduction into New Jersey. Before spring hits, NJ bettors should have another sports betting option to try.

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