New Bettor’s Guide: Quick and Easy Super Bowl Prop Betting At NJ Sportsbooks

Four Super Bowl prop bets at New Jersey online sportsbooks a new bettor looking for action should consider for the Big Game.

Betting on the Super Bowl is the most popular wagering event on the sports calendar.

The Super Bowl is the culmination and climax of year-round preparation from the NFL Draft in April, training camp in July, a 16-game regular season, and the playoff battles.

It all leads to two teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers taking to the field on Super Bowl Sunday.

While the Super Bowl is indeed a huge gambling day for focused, serious sports bettors, there’s also plenty of ways for the less serious, more casual fan to participate. An incredible array of proposition or “prop” bets are available for every level of bettor.

While many serious players will be focused on the point spread and moneyline bets, a prop bet is related to the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event during the game, not directly affecting the game’s outcome.

The scale of the Super Bowl, combined with an extra week of game preparation (or hype), leads to the most extensive menu of betting props of any NFL game.

For example, PointsBet Sportsbook is offering over 300 bet types for the Super Bowl with the number of available bets increasing as we get closer to the game.

For those of you casual NFL fans, below you will find four prop bets at NJ mobile sports betting apps to consider for Sunday that will provide you with some “action” from the start to finish of Super Bowl LIV.

Before we get to the prop bets, here are the current betting odds for the Super Bowl.

[odds-feed game=17254 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet,WilliamHillNV styling=small odds=moneyline]

1. Coin toss props at DraftKings

The coin toss is a regular occurrence at the beginning of every NFL game. The result is either “heads” or “tails.”

DraftKings Sportsbook offers wagering opportunities around the opening coin flip:

  • Heads -103
  • Tails -103

At -103, if you bet $103, you will win $100.

DraftKings also offers odds on which team will win the coin toss:

  • Chiefs -103
  • 49ers -103

Coin toss prop bet trends

Over the last 10 Super Bowls, the coin toss results have gone exactly as you might expect, evenly split between heads and tails.

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2. The safety prop at PointsBet

While a safety is the least common scoring play in NFL games, they do occur more than you think.

During the 2019 NFL regular season, there were a total of 17 safeties scored, but neither the Chiefs nor 49ers registered one. Perhaps they are “due” for one in the Super Bowl?

Since it’s the Big Game, safety prop bets are available. In fact, PointsBet Sportsbook offers several props that include safety.

  • Will there be a safety? Yes +900, No -2500.
  • Will the game’s first scoring play be a safety? Yes +5000
  • Will the game’s last scoring play be a safety? Yes +6600

Safety prop bet trends

In the previous 53 Super Bowls, there have been a total of nine safeties scored. This computes to an average of one safety every six Super Bowls.

The last safety occurred in Super Bowl 48…and this year is Super Bowl 54. Hmmm…might there be a safety this year?

3. William Hill goes into overtime

If the score is tied at the end of regulation, there will be an “overtime” in which the winner will be determined.

Unlike the regular season, where there is a 10-minute OT with the possibility of a tie, the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl will play in overtime until there’s a winner.

William Hill Sportsbook offers a prop bet on whether there will be overtime:

  • Yes +650
  • No -1000

Overtime prop bet trends

In the 53 previous Super Bowls, there has only been one game that has gone into overtime, but it did happen recently.

In Super Bowl 51, the Patriots roared back from a 28-3 deficit against the Falcons to tie the game 28-28 by the end of regulation, with the Patriots going on to win 34-28 in overtime.

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4. Guess the Most Valuable Player at FanDuel

Winning the Super Bowl is the goal of every player that puts on the pads or coach that straps on a sideline headset or clipboard.

One player will be selected as the game’s most outstanding player, the MVP, and he will be showered with cash, new cars, trips to Disney, and a gauntlet of TV talk show appearances.

FanDuel Sportsbook offers Super Bowl game MVP prop betting odds for an incredible total of 60 players combined between the Chiefs and 49ers.

Here are the current top betting favorites with their team and position noted:

  • Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs (QB) +110
  • Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers (QB) +250
  • Raheem Mostert, 49ers (RB) +800
  • George Kittle, 49ers (TE) +1600
  • Tyreek Hill, Chiefs (WR) +1700
  • Travis Kelce, Chiefs (TE) +2200

MVP prop bet trends

Noting above that two of the top six betting choices for MVP are at the tight end position, there has never been a tight end that has won the Super Bowl MVP award.

The quarterback position has dominated this award, winning in 29 of the 53 years and seven of the last 10 years. The last running back to win was Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos in 1998. There has only been one winner from the losing team, Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys way back in Super Bowl V.

Your strategy to approach this prop is straightforward, select the QB of the team that you think will win, and there’s your (more than) likely MVP!

Which NJ Sportsbooks Are Making The Grade With Their NJ Devils’ Partnerships?

Are the partnerships between NJ Devils and NJ sportsbooks living up to their potential. We grade the deals with FanDuel, Caesars, William Hill and Unibet.

Since New Jersey sports betting became legal in May 2018, sports betting entities have been jockeying to market and establish their brands.

The 17 NJ sportsbooks are a true melting pot of companies.

It’s a diverse mix of legacy casino and gaming stalwarts (CaesarsMGMGolden Nugget), European companies expanding their footprint to the US (William HillPointsBetbet365Unibet), upstart daily fantasy brands (DraftKingsFanDuel) and media ownership (Fox BettheScore).

Each company has taken its unique approach to amplify their image in the Garden State.

One logical brand-building path for New Jersey gambling sites is to look for an association with a sports team.

This sponsorship path represents a challenge in NJ in that there are only two New Jersey pro sports venues:

  • Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford (Giants, Jets)
  • Prudential Center in Newark (New Jersey Devils)

New Jersey Devils attract sports betting brands

The NHL team was quick to embrace the emerging sports betting category.

They inked sponsorship deals for the 2018-19 season with William Hill, FanDuel and Caesars.

Each of the Devils’ sponsorship agreements was put in place before the start of the season or during it.

Given these time frames, there was little opportunity for the sponsors to plan their marketing effectively.

As a sponsorship and media consultant, one of the fundamental principles that I underscore with clients is to buy what you need and use what you buy.

After securing the sponsorship, the steps should be to spearhead a marketing plan to optimize the brand and its assets.

Which sports betting companies are Devils’ sponsors in 2019-20?

During the 2019-20 NHL season, I reviewed sports betting companies’ sponsorships of the Devils at Prudential Center and their TV/radio play-by-play media coverage.

There are four sports betting companies sponsoring the NJ Devils this season:

  • William Hill (concourse-branded sports lounge and playing area signage)
  • Caesars (concourse-branded club)
  • Unibet (playing area signage and radio)
  • FanDuel (TV and cable)

After attending a game at The Rock in December 2019, and monitoring the Devils’ media coverage, here are my grades for the four sports betting brands.

William Hill: Come one, come all to William Hill Sports Lounge

In addition to the mobile app, the William Hill brand has the strongest retail sportsbook presence in New Jersey.

William Hill boasts involvement at three of the 10 retail sportsbook locations: Monmouth Park, and Ocean Resort Casino and Tropicana in Atlantic City.

With knowledge and strength in the retail space, it’s no surprise that William Hill’s focal point of its Devils’ marketing plan is a branded area in the Devils’ main concourse, called the William Hill Sports Lounge.

What’s to like at William Hill Sports Lounge

Easy access

Any fan can access the lounge regardless of his or her seat location.

Additionally, it’s part of the main concourse and in a prime location near one of the Mulberry Street entry rotundas.


While it’s not an overly expansive space, there are six tables with four high-top chairs each, and plenty of room to stand and watch the four TV screens.

The prices available on multiple odds and futures are on the screens.

Spacious bar

The lounge features a large, amply staffed bar, with various beer and hard liquor selections.

It is a great spot to grab a pregame drink or between periods, especially if lines are long elsewhere in the concourse.

Viewing other sports

Outside of the private suites, William Hill Sports Lounge is the only public area where one can also check out the non-Devils sports action on TV.

During my visit, there were quite a few eyes on the college football action on the TV screens in the lounge.

The look and feel of a sportsbook

William Hill has done a first-rate job making the lounge look and feel like a sportsbook.

In fact, several patrons (with cash in hand) inquired where they could place their sports bets.

Betting with a live teller in a sports venue is not (yet) legal in NJ; the wagers at the arena can only be placed via the mobile platform.

Also, there were William Hill reps at the lounge offering an additional $5 bonus on top of their ongoing Bet 50, Get 50 sign-up promotion.

Challenges, limitations of William Hill Sports Lounge

“Excuse me, are you into sports betting?”

If you go near the lounge entrance, moneyline odds are -1000 that a clipboard-toting William Hill rep will want to chat with you. The reps are working to drive new sign-ups for the William Hill sports betting mobile app.

It seems ambitious to convert a fan from not having the William Hill app to registering and linking a credit card. However, I did see the reps adding customers despite the 10-15-minute process, all while standing in a busy arena concourse.

Big screen TV envy

The lounge would be a better place to hang out and spend more time if there were more and larger TV screens in the space.

To be fair, William Hill is doing its best within the confines of the real estate available at the Prudential Center.

Where are the power outlets?

The lounge might grab more traffic if there were more power outlets or a charging station for mobile phones.

William Hill marketing activation summary

There is no doubt that you are in a William Hill space.

It hosts excellent and consistent branding, without going overboard, with displayed sports betting terms to logoed pillars and barriers.

I can describe the look as persistent without being overbearing.

In addition to the sports lounge, William Hill also has a branding presence on in-arena dasher boards (shown below).

William Hill has an LED-ribbon board that rotates 360-degrees during game action. The main scoreboard’s call-to-action design pushes those in the arena to check out the sports lounge.

William Hill is an NHL league sponsor, which allows the usage of individual team logos on its mobile app.

Finally, I give credit to William Hill for thinking ahead by investing in the future with this space. Allow me to explain.

William Hill sponsored and rebranded a sports bar at Monmouth Park, almost five years before the eventual passing of legal sports betting in New Jersey in 2018.

Once sports betting became legal in New Jersey, the book was in a prime position to reap the benefits. While sports betting windows at sports venues are not permitted in New Jersey, the ownership and branding of this concourse space could feasibly transition to William Hill betting windows and tellers.

An example of this is at the Washington, D.C., home arena for the Capitals and Wizard.

William Hill Marketing Activation Grade: A-

Caesars: Check out the Caesars Club, but by invitation only

Located only a few sections away from the William Hill lounge is the Caesars Club.

The club, which opened in late January 2019, is an expansive 5,000-square-foot space with a capacity for 175 premium-ticket holders.

The key adjective to note for the Caesars Club is “premium.”

Unlike the William Hill space, which is open to all of the arena ticket holders, the Caesars Club serves as a hospitality hub for those within six rows of the ice.

Premium-seat holders get access to unlimited food and nonalcoholic drink options, plus the full-service cash bars.

The crowd consists of mostly Devils’ season-ticket holders and coupled with single-game patrons who have paid a minimum of $100 per ticket to access this hospitality experience.

Reasons to check out the Caesars Club

 It’s spacious and convenient

Access to the Caesars Club is one of the amenities available to Devils’ premium-ticket holders.

Access to food and drinks is steps away from the ice-level seats. While there is seating for 175, there is plenty of room to stand and grab a bite to eat. Patrons can also belly up to two large bars.

The Caesars Club’s design is roomy and comfortable.

The ambiance is great

Hockey is most definitely spoke here.

On this day, there was a strong presence of Devils’ sweaters and plenty of Broadway blue shirts represented.

You can also get an up-close view of the Devils broadcast team Matt Loughlin and Glenn “Chico” Resch calling the game from outside the club entrance.

A ‘no sell zone’ inside the Caesars Club

The Caesars Club has a definitive polished, high-end look and feel.

Its brand logos affixed to marble tabletops and etched into the glass partitions at the club’s concourse entrance.

The branding is subtle, low-key and passive.

From what I have noted during my visits, there is no other activation push going on inside the Caesars Club. In fact, it’s so low key; there is no volume blaring on the TVs within the club.

You won’t go home hungry

Plenty of food options for hungry hockey fans is available at the Caesars Club.

Options range from pork tenderloin or prime rib at a carving station to traditional game-day food such as pretzels, hot dogs and chicken fingers.

The food is continually replenished throughout the game, like the endless supply of chicken tenders.

Challenges, limitations of the Caesars Club

Expensive to access

All the great Caesars Club amenities referenced above come with a price tag.

You can find some seats in the $100 range but the majority will be closer to $200 per ticket.

Hectic at peak times between periods

The typical NHL intermission lasts 17 minutes. During which, a frenzy of fans grab food or beverage, find a seat in the club and go to the restroom, etc. It’s not as hectic as a NASCAR pit stop, but fans are moving in every direction.

Limited TV screens Like many branded spaces and like the William Hill lounge space, Caesars wasn’t involved in the original design of this club.

It took over the naming rights of the space that has been part of the arena (under other previous sponsors or themes) since it opened in 2007.

There’s a design flaw; the concourse main entrance is a wide-open space that allows one to look up several levels in the arena; however, the area where the bars and food service is has a low ceiling.

Because of this design, there’s no logical placement for the “wow!” TV screens or video wall that you might expect to see in a 5,000-square-foot arena or stadium space.

Additionally, most of the video monitors are average in size, just a series of small screens throughout the club.

Many of the TV screens are dedicated to a Caesars’ message or promotion. While this is nice messaging for Caesars, it does limit the number of screens carrying game action.

Caesars’ marketing activation

The Caesars brand name is prominent throughout the club. It appears that Caesars is taking an umbrella approach to the Caesars Club marketing investment. It includes signing up for online NJ sports betting or online casino account or visiting one of the properties in Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

It does not feel like a particular push or pull in any specific direction in the Caesars brand portfolio.

The timing of the Devils game I attended coincided with a Caesars’ Las Vegas promotion. The winners won a trip to Las Vegas to see a Devils’ game versus the Vegas Golden Knights in March.

This promotion was in heavy rotation on the club’s video screens:

The promotion was open to online casino players as well as new NJ sportsbook account holders.

The vagueness of the promotion’s mechanics aside, this was still a good use of Caesars’ sponsorship assets with the Devils. It included a tie-in to Caesars-owned assets (Las Vegas hospitality) to offer value to new sports bettors and existing online casino players.

I referenced earlier in the review of the exclusive nature of the Caesars Club, which is limited to premium-ticket holders.

It would be of some concern in reaching the same Devils’ audience night in and night out, i.e., the potential for duplication within the fan base.

For Caesars, I suggest that it define the identity and focus of the messaging of the club. If it’s meant to be sports betting, then go all-in with that identity and create some betting visibility in the club.

Screens featuring odds boards, scoring updates, player props can be used to draw interest and attention.

In short, create more reasons to go to check out the club and spend some time there.

 Caesars Marketing Activation Grade: B

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Unibet: A new player makes its Devils debut

Unibet is one of the newest sports betting operators in New Jersey, having launched its NJ mobile app in September 2019. Unibet is one of 11 brands owned by the European operator Kindred Group.

Unibet announced its Devils’ marketing partnership just before the start of this season.

Unibet has two corner ice logos for Devils’ games, taking the spots once held by FanDuel last season.

Besides the in-ice logos, Unibet has virtual signage that is only visible during Devils’ home and away telecasts:

Unibet also airs commercial inventory in the Devils radio broadcasts.

Unibet marketing activation

Unibet’s signage provides good brand exposure at every Devils’ game, which helps establish its brand in New Jersey. On the media side, Unibet’s radio spots consist of generic brand messaging, with no reference to the Devils.

Unibet is the only Devils sports betting sponsor that references its partnership in the mobile betting app.

Unibet Devils

Unibet’s marketing platform includes the Devils legendary goalie Martin Brodeur as a brand ambassador.

According to the press release, Unibet promises to provide “unmatched experiences and hospitality.” There should be more to come as Unibet finds its marketing footing in New Jersey and during its marketing agreement with the Devils.

 Unibet Marketing Activation Grade: Incomplete

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FanDuel: Shifting focus from in-arena to TV elements

In year two of its Devils’ association, FanDuel Sportsbook has tweaked its sponsorship elements.

The book no longer has a static building presence and has directed its focus to inventory in the Devils’ TV/cable game coverage.

In November, Madison Square Garden (MSG) networks announced FanDuel as an official sports gaming partner for the Devils (and the New York Knicks) broadcasts on MSG Networks.

The FanDuel agreement with MSG includes commercial units and in-game features in the 78-regular season (plus playoffs) Devils’ games.

From what I have observed, FanDuel has done an outstanding job of integrating its content into the flow of the Devils’ TV game coverage.

Throughout the Devils’ pregame, in-game and postgame, FanDuel sponsors the news and scoreboard update “crawl” message along the bottom of the screen:

FanDuel has a feature during gameplay that introduces a call to action to make in-game wagers on their app:

During the intermission break, FanDuel is a sponsor of the “Intermission Report” with a strong brand tie-in:

It provides some examples of in-game bets that are available, with current pricing/odds:

FanDuel is doing a great job with its Devils’ activation.

It has taken an approach that both informs while pushing the viewer toward making bets on their FanDuel Sportsbook account.

The visuals are clean and crisp and make the FanDuel/Devils association come to life.

FanDuel Marketing Activation Grade: A

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Final thoughts

With four partners, the Devils-Prudential Center sports betting marketing landscape is crowded.

The Devils have worked out well to carve out individual space for each company across their arena and media inventory.

One final thought for each company sponsoring the Devils is to look to expand the available betting options for Devils’ games.

Consider some of these potential options:

  • Include more props, pregame and in-game odds boosts, specifically for Devils’ games.
  • Build in an incentive or reward for placing a bet on a Devils’ game, i.e., any $10 pregame Devils’ wager will receive a $5 site credit for a live in-game bet.

These are heady days for the NJ sports betting industry.

The associations and marketing activities are coming at a fast and furious pace. It’s a critical time for sports betting companies to establish a foothold and build brand loyalty in this competitive market.

While the pace of new NJ sportsbooks has slowed, a total of 17 books leaves room to expand. We will continue to track how the companies work to define, build a presence, and grow their brands in New Jersey.

Jersey Sides & Totals – NFL Championship Weekend Headliners

Championship weekend kicks off with a FREE $1,000 bonus at DraftKings. NFL Playoffs 2020 + changing of the guard in the AFC makes for some interesting odds.

The final week of betting on the NFL before the Super Bowl takes place on Sunday with the Tennessee Titans at the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers at the San Francisco 49ers.

A changing of the guard in the AFC

The NFL playoffs this week start with Big Red.

The Chiefs find themselves in the driver’s seat and will host the AFC Championship Game for the second consecutive year.

Heading into the playoffs, conventional wisdom might have predicted either the New England Patriots or Chiefs traveling to the No. 1 seed Baltimore Ravens for this year’s title game. NJ sports betting customers are licking their chops for this one.

The Tennessee Titans disrupted that outlook with upsets wins at New England and Baltimore.

The Chiefs needed some magic of their own after being down 24-0 to storm back and thump the Houston Texans 51-31.

The Chiefs-Titans AFC Championship game matchup breaks some notable historical trends:

  • It will be the first time since 2010 that the New England Patriots will not play in the AFC Championship game.
  • Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes and Titans’ QB Ryan Tannehill also break a streak of the AFC Championship Game, including either Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger in the last 17 years.

Mahomes has been an NFL starter for two seasons and will host the AFC Championship Game for the second consecutive year, which is not a bad start to a career. On the flip side, there’s Tannehill, who is enjoying the best year of his career at age 31.

Tannehill was acquired in the off-season from the Miami Dolphins for draft picks and now is one game away from the chance to head back to South Beach for the Super Bowl in Miami on Feb. 2.

It looks like Tannehill’s long-awaited “breakout year” is finally here in the NFL Playoffs 2020:

NFL playoffs 2020 Championship Weekend facts & trends

[odds-feed sport=nfl sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet,SugarHouseNJ odds=moneyline controls=true]

Tennessee at Kansas City 3:05 p.m. on CBS

  • The Titans beat the Chiefs 35-32 in Tennessee in Week 10.
  • Dating back to 2014, the Titans have been the underdog in four games versus the Chiefs, and the Titans have won each of the four games outright.
  • Chiefs coach Reid has a 1-5 record in conference championship games.
  • Chiefs are 6-3 ATS at home in Arrowhead Stadium this season and are 5-2 ATS in the role of home favorites.
  • With the total currently posted at 52.5 at DraftKings, note that the Titans are 1-11 ATS in all games where the total is greater than or equal to 49.5 since 1992.

Game and player props of note

  • Derrick Henry over/under total rushing yards: 109.5.
  • Tannehill over/under passing yards 235.5 (Note: In the Titans’ two playoff wins versus the Patriots and Ravens, Tannehill has thrown for 72 and 88 yards, respectively).
  • Patrick Mahomes over/under passing yards 302.5
Bet $5 Win $125 or $1,000 Risk Free

Green Bay at San Francisco (-7.5 Total of 45) 6:40 p.m. on FOX

  1. This is Green Bay’s third NFC Championship title game in the last six years, having lost in Seattle in 2014 and Atlanta in 2017.
  2. The 49ers beat the Packers 37-8  in San Francisco in Week 12
  3. Packers were 3-1 ATS as road underdogs in 2019
  4. The 49ers were 5-4 ATS at home in 2019
  5. 49ers are 1-6-1 against the spread when favored by six or more points

Game and Player Props of Note

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo over/under total passing yards: 249.5
  2. Aaron Rodgers over/under total passing yards: 239.5
  3. Total Receptions: Davante Adams, 6.5; George Kittle, 6.5; Deebo Samuel, 3.5; and Emmanuel Sanders, 3.5.
  4. Total Rushing Yards: Aaron Jones over/under 64.5

When it comes time to make your bets for Sunday’s NFL Championship games, be sure to check-in with DraftKings Sportsbook. The DraftKings app offers a full menu of game action.

DraftKings is offering a 10-1 boost for a “superstar” player to score the game’s first TD.

For example, the Titans’ Henry is listed at 5.5-1 to score the first TD, DraftKings is almost doubling his odds in this promo to 10-1.

In addition to all the game and parlay action, there is plenty of futures betting on the Super Bowl.  

Bet $5 Get $200 + Up to $1,050 Bonus

My picks from the Jersey side

A 2-1 record on the divisional weekend brought my 2019 season slate to 28-28-1.

The Chiefs game looked hopelessly lost in the second quarter until they stormed back to win and cover versus the Texans.

The Seahawks offense came to life in the second half to drive the total points to 51 over the total of 47. The Titans not only covered but thoroughly dominated the Ravens 28-12.

My Divisional round recap

Week 2-1, 2019 Season 28-28-1

  • Chiefs -9.5 over Texans  (Chiefs 51, Titans 31)
  • Packers and Seahawks under 47 (Packers 28, Seahawks 23)
  • Titans +9.5 over Ravens (Titans 28, Ravens 12)

My Championship weekend selections

To make my three-weekend picks, we had to think outside of the box to put together three picks for Sunday. Here are my picks for Championship:

Chiefs -7.5 over Titans

After spotting the Texans 24 points to start last week’s game, the Chiefs outscored Houston 51-7 to win going away.

The Chiefs realize they can’t afford another slow start against a Titans team that jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead in Baltimore last week and never looked back.

I think the Chiefs start early and don’t look back, ending the Cinderella run of the Titans with a convincing 38-13 win.

Ryan Tannehill under 235.5 yards

The Titans haven’t asked Ryan Tannehill to do too much in their upset victories against the Patriots and the Ravens, throwing under 100 yards in both games. The Titans game plan has been to hand the ball to RB Derrick Henry 30+ times per game.

Unless the Titans fall way behind early, I don’t see them dramatically changing this strategy.

While Tannehill’s posted passing yardage total of 235.5 seems almost too good to be true, especially since its 75 yards higher than his combined total of the last two games (160), I still think that under the total is still a good play here.

Packers and 49ers over 45 points

When the Packers lost at San Francisco earlier in the season, it was one of Rodger’s worst games of his career in an ugly 34-8 loss.

Time is ticking on Rodgers’ career, and this may be the 36-year-old’s last shot to win a second Lombardi Trophy. Expect a vintage Rodgers on Sunday night, even against San Francisco’s top-rated defense.

On the opposite side of the ledger, the 49ers have a potent offense that has consistently scored points all season and face a Packers defense that can be susceptible to the big play.

I expect the 49ers to prevail in tight, high-scoring affair 34-30.

College Football Finals Preview: Catch A Tiger By Its Tail

A snapshot look at the game details, lines and some of the important facts and trends for the National Championship Game at NJ sportsbooks.

The college football bowl season culminates Monday night when LSU faces Clemson in the National Championship. 

It wasn’t that long ago, back in the BCS era (pre-2014), where many fans clamored for some type of college football playoff. Now that a 4-team playoff is in place, many now suggest that there needs to be more than 4 teams involved.

Flawed system or not, this year’s national championship game features the two best teams squaring off, SEC Champ LSU Tigers (14-0) vs ACC Champ Clemson Tigers (14-0).

New Jersey sports betting customers will have plenty of wagering options to get involved in the action on Monday night.

Here is a snapshot look at the game details, lines and some of the important facts and trends for the National Championship Game.

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Watch and bet on the College Football National Championship

Date: Monday, Jan. 13

Time: 8 p.m., ESPN

Teams: Clemson (#3) vs LSU (#1)

Venue: Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

Betting Lines: LSU -5.5; Total 69.5

Money Line: LSU -220; Clemson +175

Betting on the College National Championship

I’ve posted the point spread above as LSU -5.5, as this is where most of the New Jersey mobile sports betting apps currently have the line pricing.

The notable outliers are detailed below:

  • LSU -6.0: Caesars and FoxBet
  • LSU -6.5: Golden Nugget

[odds-feed game=10277 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,SugarHouseNJ styling=small odds=moneyline]

NCAA College Football Championship facts

National Championships

  • LSU: 3 (1958, 2003 and 2007)
  • Clemson: 3 (1981, 2016 and 2018)

The Superdome

The Superdome in New Orleans has hosted four national championship games since 2004. LSU has appeared in all of them. The Tigers won in 2004 and 2007 and lost to Alabama in 2011.

Resting Up

In the previous National Championship games, the average time between the semi-final game and championship was 10 days. This year it will be 16 days.

Previous Clemson vs LSU Meetings

This will be the only the 4th time Clemson and LSU have squared off.  All previous meetings have been in bowl games.

LSU holds a 2-1 series edge winning the 1959 Sugar Bowl 7-0 and the 1996 Peach Bowl 10-7.

In the last meeting of the 2 teams, Clemson beat LSU 25-24 in the 2012 Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

Holding on to the Lead

The last team to hold a lead over LSU was Auburn, which led 13-10 in the third quarter of their October 26th match-up.

Since then, 6 LSU opponents have come and gone, including 3 who were ranked in the top 4 of the national polls at the time, and LSU has never trailed in any of the games.

Clemson saw its 34-quarter streak of leading its opponent, which dated back to the second quarter of the Sept. 28 game against North Carolina, ended when the Tigers fell behind 16-0 against Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Amazing Stats

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence has not thrown an interception in his last 202 pass attempts.

Clemson has turned the ball exactly 1 time since October 19th.

LSU is the first team in college football history to produce a 5,000-yard passer (QB Joe Burrow), 1,000-yard rusher( RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire), and two 1,000-yard receivers (WR Ja’Marr Chase and WR Justin Jefferson) in the same season.

Awards Locker

LSU QB Joe Burrow won the Heisman Trophy, given to the best individual player in college football.

Burrow also won:

  • Maxwell and Walter Camp Awards (both of which hold a similar set of criteria as the Heisman
  • Davey O’Brien Award (given to the top quarterback in the country)
  • Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award

While Burrow’s awards shelf is full, he wasn’t the only LSU Tiger to receive post-season accolades.

Safety Grant Delpit won the Thorpe Award as the nation’s top defensive back, Ja’Marr Chase took home the Biletnikoff Award given to the nation’s top wide receiver, and the Tigers’ offensive line won the Joe Moore Award, given to the nation’s top unit.

Head coach Ed Orgeron has been honored as National Coach of the Year from 3 different sources and passing coordinator Joe Brady earned the Broyles Award as the nation’s top assistant.

For Clemson, there was only one national award winner this season, All-American Isaiah Simmons, who won the Butkus Award as the nation’s top linebacker.

Offensively and Defensively Speaking

In terms of net yards per play, LSU’s offense averaged 7.9 yards per play (#2 in the country) and Clemson averaged 7.5 yards per play (#4 in the country).

On the defensive side of the ball, Clemson allowed an average of 4.1 yards per play (#2 in the country) while LSU has surrendered 5.05 yards per snap (#27 in the country).

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Clemson vs LSU betting stats & trends

Clemson is 14-0 overall; 11-3 Against the Spread (ATS), 6-8 O/U

LSU 14-0 overall; 9-5 ATS, 9-5 O/U

Monday night’s game will mark just the second time Clemson has been an underdog the last two seasons.

The last time this happened, Clemson beat Alabama 44-16 in the 2019 championship game. Clemson is 8-2 against the spread and 6-4 straight up as an underdog since the Playoff format began in 2014.

Clemson is 12-2 straight up and 12-2 against the spread on neutral sites since 2014. LSU is 8-3 straight up and 8-3 against the spread in the same situation.

While LSU is 9-5 against the spread this year, they were 3-0 in the games that had a single digit spread. Those were outright victories against Texas (-6.5), Alabama (+5) and Georgia (-7).

Big Game = Big Props

A few New Jersey sportsbooks have posted individual game and player props for the Clemson vs LSU game.

At DraftKings Sportsbook, nothing says “Big Game” quite like a coin-toss prop:

Bet on LSU vs Clemson at NJ sportsbooks

888Sport also offers a straight “heads” or “tails” opening coin toss wager:

College football championship betting odds at NJ sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook offers quarterback passing yards props  for Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence:

National college football championship betting trends

Unibet offers individual player rushing yardage props. It’s important to consider this stat, Clemson is 17-0 when RB Travis Etienne has 100 yards or more rushing:

Betting on the NCAA college football championships

DraftKings also offers props on first, last and anytime touchdown scorer:

LSU vs Clemson betting odds

BetMGM Sportsbook is offering several price boosts for the game:
NCAAF championship game odds

National Championship Game FAQs

How far is the LSU campus in Baton Rouge to the Superdome in New Orleans?

81 miles.

How much are tickets to the game?

According to TicketIQ, the average price for tickets is $2,059. At that price, it’s the 4th most expensive National Championship game this decade

What is the significance of the LSU jersey #18?

Each season, a new LSU Tiger will be wearing jersey No. 18.

The tradition of handing down the number began with quarterback Matt Mauck, who passed the number down to Jacob Hester after the 2003 season.

Now, the team votes to award the number to one player each season. Sophomore LB K’Lavon Chaisson is wearing #18 this season.

What is the special ESPN coverage for this game?

ESPN is touting its “Megacast” coverage for this game.

The Megacast features extensive coverage across the entire ESPN networks.

The coverage begins at 5 p.m. EST with pregame coverage across ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and ESPNEWS leading to the main telecast on ESPN at 8 p.m. EST.

For the main telecast, Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will call play-by-play with Tom Rinaldi to report on LSU and Maria Taylor covering Clemson.

ESPN will employ 100 cameras and 100 microphones to produce viewing options such as:

  • Field Pass on ESPN2
  • LSU Hometown Radio on SEC Network
  • Clemson Hometown Radio on ACC Network
  • Coaches Film Room on ESPNU
  • Command Center on ESPNEWS
  • Data Center on ESPN Goal Line
  • Sounds of the Game on ESPN Classic

The ESPN mobile app will feature such viewing options as:

  • Refcast
  • Skycast
  • All-22
  • Techcast

Jersey Sides & Totals: Upstart Teams and QB’s Gear Up for the NFL Divisional Weekend

Your NJ sports betting preview of the NFL divisional weekend games which will not include the New England Patriots for the first time since 2009.

The first weekend of the NFL playoffs is in the books, leaving 8 teams left to battle for a trip to Super Bowl 54 in Miami on February 2.

From the local New Jersey sports betting perspective, Eagles fans are licking their wounds after a tough loss last Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks.

It was a great run by the Eagles to end the season winning 4 straight games to make the playoffs. But the Birds simply ran out of luck, with starting QB Carson Wentz suffering a concussion in early 1st quarter.

NFL divisional playoffs preview

Looking ahead to this weekend in the NFC,  the Vikings head to San Francisco to play the 49ers on Saturday, while the Seattle Seahawks will journey to the “frozen tundra” of Lambeau Field to play the Green Bay Packers.

The “final four” AFC teams will not include the New England Patriots for the first time since 2009, after the Pats were defeated at home by the Tennessee Titans 20-13.

The Titans playoff journey doesn’t get any easier as they head to Baltimore to play the #1 seed Ravens on Saturday. The Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs round out the schedule with their game at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon.

It’s interesting to note that of the 8 remaining teams, the Chiefs now are the only team left to have made the playoffs for each of the last three seasons.

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A young AFC quarterback contingent

There are some definite “new shooters” in the playoff mix, with dynamic young quarterbacks at the helm who have raised their game in 2019.  This is especially true in the AFC which features the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes (24 years old), Texans’ Deshaun Watson (24 years old) and the Ravens’ odds-on MVP candidate Lamar Jackson (23 years old).

All three of these QB’s are poised to press the reset button and make some new history, considering the legacy below of the AFC Champion QB, dominated by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning since 2003:

The “elder statesman” of the AFC QB’s is the Titans’ Ryan Tannehill (31 years old) who didn’t begin the year as the starter but has gone 8-4 since taking over for Marcus Mariota.

It is battle-tested quarterbacks for the NFL

The NFC QB contingent is a bit more playoff battle-tested compared to the AFC, with 2 QBs that have already won a Super Bowl, the Packers Aaron Rodgers in 2010 and the Seahawks Russell Wilson in 2014.

When you include Jimmy Garappolo of the 49ers and Kirk Cousins of the Vikings, the NFC QB’s top the AFC QB’s in age, playoff experience and salary:

While the perception may be that years of experience is necessary for a QB to win a Super Bowl, reality suggests otherwise.

Aaron Rodgers was 27 when he beat the Steelers in Super Bowl 45 in 2010. While it was his 5th year in the league, it was only his second full season as a starter.

Russell Wilson, MVP of the Seahawks Super Bowl 48 win over the Broncos was just 25 years old and in his second season overall. Wilson became only the 4th QB to win a Super Bowl in his second season in the league.

This bodes well for Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, both in their 3rd year in the NFL but 2nd season as starters. Lamar Jackson is in his 2nd year as a starter and in the league. For these AFC QB’s, the future certainly is now.

Divisional Weekend Playoff Schedule 

Saturday, January 11th

  • 4:40PM: Minnesota at San Francisco (-7 Total of 44) NBC
  • 8:20PM: Tennessee at Baltimore (-9.5 Total of 46.5) CBS

Sunday, January 12th

  • 3;10PM: Houston at Kansas City (-9.5 Total of 51) CBS
  • 4:40PM: Seattle at Green Bay (-4.5, Total of 47) FOX

[odds-feed sport=nfl default_region=NJ sportsbooks=PointsBet,DraftKings,FanDuel,SugarHouseNJ odds=moneyline controls=true]

When it comes time to make your bets for this weekend’s NFL playoff action, make sure that you look at PointsBet.

The PointsBet sports betting app will feature 200+ different betting markets for each of the 4 games this weekend.

In addition to player, team and game props for each of the games, PointsBet has several “Parlay Boosters” on offer this weekend.

For example:

  •  +225: 49ers, Ravens, Chiefs and Packers to all win (boosted from +200)
  •  +1400: Vikings, Ravens, Chiefs and Seahawks all to win (boosted to +1275)

In addition to all the game and parlay action, there are futures offered as well for the NFL playoffs. PointsBet offers in-game and live play wagering.  Be sure to go PointsBet and check it out!

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My Picks – from the Jersey Side

A 2-1 record on Wild Card Weekend brought my 2019 NFL betting slate to 26-27-1. The Vikings not only covered the spread but beat the Saints outright in an overtime thriller in New Orleans.

The Eagles, with back-up Josh McCown playing for the injured Carson Wentz, could only muster 3 field goals in their season-ending 17-9 loss to the Seahawks that flew under the total of 45 points.

The Patriots were the lone blemish on my weekend picks, losing at home to the Titans 20-13.

My Wildcard Week Recap

Week 2-1, 2019 Season 26-27-1

  • Vikings +8 over Saints  (Vikings 26, Saints 20 )
  • Eagles and Seahawks UNDER 45 (Seahawks 17, Eagles 9)
  • Patriots -5 over Titans (Titans 20, Patriots 13)

My Divisional Weekend Selections

Here are my picks for the NFL Divisional weekend.

Chiefs -9.5 over Texans

The Chiefs Andy Reid will coach his 27th postseason game since becoming a head coach in 1999.

In the 100 years of NFL league history, only three coaches have led their teams to more postseason games:

  • Tom Landry
  • Don Shula
  • Bill Belichick

Also, Reid has been almost unbeatable the week following a bye. He is 5-2 as a Chiefs coach and 18-3 overall following a week off. Incredible numbers, for sure even though this is tempered somewhat by his 2-5 playoff record with Kansas City.

Still, I’m all over the Chiefs in this spot. They face a Texans team that needed a dramatic 2nd half comeback to beat the Bills last weekend. The Chiefs also have the chance to avenge their Week 6 loss at home to the Texans.

All systems go at Arrowhead for the Chiefs to roll with a 31-17 win on Sunday.

[odds-feed game=17249 default_region=NJ sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet,SugarHouseNJ styling=small odds=moneyline]

Seahawks and Packers  UNDER 47

It’s always interesting to peek ahead at the weather forecast for a Green Bay Packers home playoff game in January.

The current forecast calls for 5-8 inches of snow on Saturday night, with a high temperature of 23 degrees on Sunday with a temperature likely in the teens by game time on Sunday night.

I think this game sets up well for a low-scoring affair.  The Seahawks running back corps has been depleted with Chris Carson and Rashad Penny both out for the season, prompting the week 17 signing of Marshawn Lynch.

If the Packers can slow down Seahawks rookie WR D.J. Metcalf, then I’m not sure how Seattle will be able to put any points on the board. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Aaron Jones and WR Davante Adams are all healthy and well-accustomed to the frigid conditions that Lambeau will present on Sunday.

I see the Packers dominating this game, winning 27-10 over the Seahawks.

[odds-feed game=17251 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet,SugarHouseNJ styling=small odds=moneyline]

Titans +9.5 over Ravens

The Titans didn’t ask QB Ryan Tannehill to do much against the Patriots and he threw for less than 100 yards.

Though the Titans offense still runs through RB Derrick Henry, I do expect more of a passing attack on Sunday in Baltimore.

I think that the Titans can keep the game close, but I see the Ravens holding on to win 24-20 to punch their ticket to the AFC Championship Game, hosting the Chiefs next weekend.

[odds-feed game=17248 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet,SugarHouseNJ styling=small odds=moneyline]

What does the “Future” Hold for the Eagles Playoff Chances?

The 2019 NFL regular season is in the books and the 12 playoff teams are frantically prepping for either their NFL 2020 Wild Card match-up this weekend or off a bye into next week’s Divisional Round.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, the lone local playoff representative, there’s zero time to bask in the glow of their December on-field accomplishments.

The Eagles began the month with a 5-7 record, then reeled off 4 straight victories to capture the NFC East crown and the right to host the Seattle Seahawks in a Wild Card playoff game this Sunday at the Linc. 

[odds-feed game=17247 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet styling=small]

With the playoff seedings locked down for each of the 6 conference teams, it’s an opportune time to assess the NFL futures markets.

New Jersey sports bettors have a wide selection of NFL futures bets to consider across the 17 legal sports betting apps and 10 retail sportsbook locations.

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While every book has posted advance “future” odds for the NFC Champion, AFC Champion and Super Bowl winner, I wanted to highlight some of the more unique futures offerings that you can find across the mobile sportsbooks.

The William Hill Super Bowl “Exacta”

fanduel promo codes

William Hill is offering a bet typically found at the horse races, the “exacta” which requires the bettor not only to select the winner of the NFL Super Bowl but also their opponent.

For example, from the screenshot below, a 49’ers win over the Ravens is currently priced at 6-1:

The Extensive PointsBet NFL Futures Menu

nfl wildcard weekend

PointsBet currently has the most creative group of offerings for the NFL playoff futures, including the conference or division to win the Super Bowl and individual player props for most passing, receiving and rushing yards through the post-season. Here is a snapshot of their menu:

Interestingly, the current PointsBet market favorite for most rushing yards during the playoffs is Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson, followed by his teammate, running back Mark Ingram:

pointsbet promo codes

Promo Bet: “Who Will Reach the Super Bowl?”

BetMGM has a playoff future that offers pricing on the correct teams to make the Super Bowl:

nfl wildcard weekend

FanDuel’s “Team Elimination” Future Bet

One other future that deserves mention is the FanDuel “team elimination” wager. FanDuel has posted pricing as to which team will end the specific team’s playoff run. The Eagles are shown in the screengrab wildcard 2020

So, if you think the Eagles will get by the Seahawks on Sunday, only to lose at Green Bay next weekend, the odds are 6.5 to 1. So, you can “win” even if your team should “lose.’ This is a unique future bet currently offered only by FanDuel for the NFL playoffs.

There are tons of great NFL future wagers out there and the menu will be updated throughout the month of January. Don’t hesitate to lock-in your play before the weekend gets underway if you happen to have a strong opinion.

For Eagles backers, here’s a top-line recap of the best team and player future prices as of Thursday afternoon on offer for the playoffs:

Super Bowl Winner: 50-1 (BetMGM)

NFC Championship: 18-1 (Caesars and ScoreBet)

  • Super Bowl MVP:
    • Carson Wentz, 40-1 (DraftKings and Bet365)
    • Miles Sanders, 50-1 (Bet365)
    • Zach Ertz, 66-1; Boston Scott, 100-1; Nelson Agholor 125-1; Fletcher Cox 150-1, Malcolm Jenkins 175-1 (All at Bet365).

Playoff Rushing Yardage Leader: Miles Sanders, 50-1 (DraftKings and PointsBet); Jordan Howard 100-1 (DraftKings and PointsBet).

Playoff Receiving Yardage Leader: Zach Ertz 33-1, (PointsBet/DraftKings); Nelson Agholor, 60-1 (PointsBet); Greg Ward, 80-1 (Draft Kings) and JJ Arcega-Whiteside, 100-1 (PointsBet/DraftKings)

Playoff Passing Yardage Leader: Carson Wentz, 33-1 (DraftKings).

There’s still plenty of time before the playoffs begin Saturday and the Eagles play Sunday to post your future bets.

Looking Towards the Eagles vs. Seahawks Playoff Game

As far as the Eagles game this Sunday goes, he current line and total information via William Hill:

Eagles +1.5 (+110 moneyline) vs Seahawks (-130) with a Total of 45 points

Here are some key totals and spread trends to consider when betting the Eagles this NFL WildCard weekend – Sunday courtesy of Don Best:

Eagles Over/Under Totals Trends

  • Under is 5-1 in their last 6 Wildcard games.
  • Under is 8-3 in their last 11 games following a straight-up win.
  • Under is 5-2 in their last 7 playoff games.
  • Under is 4-1 in their last 5 games played in January.
  • Under is 8-1-1 in their last 10 playoff home games.
  • Under is 5-1 in their last 6 games as a home underdog.
  • Under is 5-2 in their last 7 games vs. NFC.
  • Under is 4-1 in their last 5 games as underdogs.
  • Under is 5-2 in their last 7 games as a home underdog of between 0.5-3.0 points.

Eagles Trends Against the Spread (ATS)

  • 5-12 ATS in their last 17 games as a home underdog.
  • 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games following a straight-up win.
  • 5-0 ATS in their last 5 playoff games.
  • 8-2 ATS in their last 10 games following an ATS win.
  • 9-4 ATS in their last 13 home games vs. a team with a winning road record.
  • 6-0 ATS in their last 6 games in January.
  • 1-6 ATS in their last 7 games as a home underdog.
  • 7-2 ATS in their last 9 games as an underdog of 0.5-3.0 points.
  • 4-0 ATS in their last 4 playoff games as an underdog of 0.5-3.0 points.
  • 10-1 ATS in their last 11 playoff games as an underdog.

When it comes time to make your bets for this weekend of NFL playoff action, make sure that you look at the William Hill sportsbook. William Hill has retail sportsbook locations at Monmouth Park racetrack and in Atlantic City at Ocean’s Resort and Tropicana.

If you can’t make it to their physical sportsbook locations, William Hill has you covered via their mobile sportsbook app as well as desktop.

William Hill offers player, team and game props for every playoff game as well as futures for the NFL playoffs. William Hill also offers in-game and live play wagering.  Be sure to go William Hill and check it out!

NFL Wildcard Weekend Playoff Schedule

AFC- Saturday, January 4th

4:35PM: Buffalo at Houston (-2.5 Total of 43.5) ESPN, with a simulcast on ABC

[odds-feed game=17246 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet styling=small]

8:15PM: Tennessee at New England (-5, Total of 44) CBS

[odds-feed game=17244 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet styling=small]

NFC-Sunday, January 5th

1:05PM: Minnesota at New Orleans (-8 Total of 49.5) FOX

[odds-feed game=17245 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet styling=small]

4:40PM: Seattle at Philadelphia (+1.5, Total of 45) NBC

[odds-feed game=17247 sportsbooks=DraftKings,FanDuel,PointsBet styling=small]

My Picks – from the Jersey Side

A 2-1 week 17  ended my regular season at 24-26-1. The Chiefs covered against the Chargers and the Bengals earned their 2nd win of the season by beating the Browns at home.

The Steelers, with their playoff hopes on the line, failed to get the job done by losing to the Ravens back-ups in Baltimore.

My Week 17 Recap

Week 2-1, Regular Season Final 24-26-1

Chiefs -8.5 over Chargers (Chiefs 31, Chargers 21)

Bengals +3 over Browns (Bengals 33, Browns 23)

Steelers -2 over Ravens (Ravens 28, Steelers 10)

My NFL Wild card WeekEnd Selections

Here are my picks for NFL wildcard weekend:

Vikings +8 over Saints

The Vikings gladly welcome their star running back, Dalvin Cook back to the lineup after he missed the last 2 games, losses at home to Green Bay and Chicago. The Vikings are right at home playing in a Dome, though the scene in New Orleans should be rocking on Sunday.

I think with Cook, a healthier Adam Thielen, plus Stefon Diggs gives the Vikings enough weapons to keep the game close, but the Saints prevail in what shapes up to be a 35-30 Saints shootout victory.

Eagles and Seahawks UNDER 45

These teams met in back in week 12 also in Philly with the Seahawks prevailing 17-9. The total for that game was 45.5. Since that game, both teams have continued to rack up injuries to key offensive personnel.

The Seahawks running back corps has been depleted with Chris Carson and Rashad Penny both out for the season, prompting the week 17 signing of Marshawn Lynch.

The Eagles injuries have been well-chronicled, especially at the receiving position with Carson Wentz accomplishing the rare feat of throwing for over 4,000 yards but not having a single receiver total at least 500 yards.

Factor in the massive UNDER trends I referenced above, this points to an UNDER play as part of what I think will be an Eagles victory, 20-14.

Patriots -5 over Titans

Something clearly is not quite right with this Patriots team. An uncharacteristic loss at home to the Dolphins last week cost them a week off and the first-round bye.

The Titans have been on a roll since replacing Marcus Mariota with Ryan Tannehill at QB and running back Derrick Henry has been a sledgehammer through opposing defenses for most of the season. On paper and with logic, there should be an expected lean towards the Titans.

However, until Brady, Belichick and Co. prove otherwise, it’s still very tough to bet against the Patriots in this spot. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for the Patriots, one which they have disproven over countless times in previous years.

The Patriots always seem to find ways to win and to keep the ship moving in the right direction. I’m taking the playoff experience and legacy of the Patriots here over the Titans on Saturday. Patriots win and cover 28-17.