BETMGM Online Poker Site Review

100% Deposit Match Up to $1,000 and $25 on the house Claim Your Bonus

Launched in 2017, BETMGM Poker belongs to one of the largest poker networks in New Jersey. Along with its sister sites, Party Poker NJ and Borgata Poker, it serves about one-third of the overall internet poker traffic in the Garden State.

The sites that belong to this network all share the same cash games and tournaments, but they give you access to different bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs.

BETMGM poker welcome bonuses

Online PokerBetMGM Poker
Available Bonus$25 free, plus 100% up to $1,000
Physical Casino PartnerBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Last VerifiedOctober 2021

New players at BETMGM receive $25 – $10 for cash game play and $15 for tournament entries. The cash game portion of the bonus is credited to a player’s account after they earn one iReward Point, however, the tournament portion is credited instantly upon registration.

A first deposit bonus of 100% up to $1,000 is available, too. Bonus funds are released in chunks equal to 10% of the deposit size. For example, a player who deposits $300 will be releasing their bonus in increments of $30 each. To clear a single increment for withdrawal, a player must earn 20 times the size of that increment – in our example, that would be 20 * 30 = 600 iRPs.

Breaking down the value of the opening bonuses

Please note: The following tables are meant to illustrate how bonuses are cleared through game play. They do not necessarily reflect the current available bonuses.

BETMGM no deposit bonus

No Deposit Bonus (PlayMGM)

    • Value:
    • Expires in (days):
    • Playthrough:
    • $25.00
    • 7
    • 20

Cost of clearing bonus playing slots:

Slot RTP Paid to casino Remaining bonus
93% $35.00 -$10.00
94% $30.00 -$5.00
95% $25.00 $0.00
96% $20.00 $5.00
97% $15.00 $10.00
98% $10.00 $15.00

Cost of clearing bonus playing non-slots:

Game type Lowest RTP Highest RTP
Paid to casino Remaining bonus Paid to casino Remaining bonus
Blackjack $3.50 $21.50 $2.00 $23.00
Roulette $26.30 -$1.30 $13.50 $11.50
Other table games $10.20 $14.80 $6.20 $18.80
Video poker $14.05 $10.95 $2.30 $22.70

Bonus break-even RTP cut-off:

Game type RTP cut-off
Slots 95.00%
Blackjack 95.00%
Roulette 95.00%
Other table games 95.00%
Video poker 95.00%

BETMGM opening bonus

First Deposit Bonus (PlayMGM)

    • Percent value:
    • Max value:
    • Min. Deposit
    • Expires in (days):
    • Playthrough:
    • 100.00%
    • $2,000
    • $10
    • 7
    • 20

Cost of releasing $1 playing slots:

Slot RTP Cost Cashback value
93% $1.40 -40.00%
94% $1.20 -20.00%
95% $1.00 0.00%
96% $0.80 20.00%
97% $0.60 40.00%
98% $0.40 60.00%

Cost of releasing $1 playing non-slots:

Game type Lowest RTP Highest RTP
Paid to casino Cashback Paid to casino Cashback
Blackjack $0.14 86.00% $0.08 92.00%
Roulette $1.05 -5.20% $0.54 46.00%
Other table games $0.41 59.20% $0.25 75.20%
Video poker $0.56 43.80% $0.09 90.80%

Bonus break-even RTP cut-off:

Game type RTP cut-off
Slots 95.00%
Blackjack 95.00%
Roulette 95.00%
Other table games 95.00%
Video poker 95.00%

Maximum bonus value at highest RTP:

Game type Maximum value
Slots $1,200
Blackjack $1,840
Roulette $920
Other table games $1,504
Video poker $1,816

VIP program evaluation

VIP program cashback (PlayMGM)

    • Points expiration:
    • Points exchanged for:
    • 1 - 2 years
    • Cash

Wagers required to earn one iReward Point:

Slots Progressive Blackjack Roulette Video poker
Wagers $5 $10 $25 $25 $20

Monthly wagers required to reach new account levels:

Game type Sapphire Pearl Gold Platinum
Slots 0 $10,417 $31,250 $83,333
Progressive slots 0 $20,833 $62,500 $166,667
Blackjack 0 $52,083 $156,250 $416,667
Roulette 0 $52,083 $156,250 $416,667
Video poker 0 $41,667 $125,000 $333,333

iReward points-to-cash exchange rate per one dollar:

Game type Sapphire Pearl Gold Platinum
Points required 100 90 80 70

Monthly wagers required to reach new account levels:

Game type Sapphire Pearl Gold Platinum
Slots $500 $450 $400 $350
Progressive slots $1,000 $900 $800 $700
Blackjack $2,500 $2,250 $2,000 $1,750
Roulette $2,500 $2,250 $2,000 $1,750
Video poker $2,000 $1,800 $1,600 $1,400

Monthly wagers required to reach new account levels:

Game type Sapphire Pearl Gold Platinum
Slots 0.20% 0.22% 0.25% 0.29%
Progressive slots 0.10% 0.11% 0.13% 0.14%
Blackjack 0.04% 0.04% 0.05% 0.06%
Roulette 0.04% 0.04% 0.05% 0.06%
Video poker 0.05% 0.06% 0.06% 0.07%

Cashback as a return on net losses:

Game type Sapphire Pearl Gold Platinum
Lowest RTP. Highest RTP. Lowest RTP. Highest RTP. Lowest RTP. Highest RTP. Lowest RTP. Highest RTP.
Slots 2.00% 10.00% 2.22% 11.11% 2.50% 12.50% 2.86% 14.29%
Progressive slots 1.00% 5.00% 1.11% 5.56% 1.25% 6.25% 1.43% 7.14%
Blackjack 5.71% 10.00% 6.35% 11.11% 7.14% 12.50% 8.16% 14.29%
Roulette 0.76% 1.48% 0.84% 1.65% 0.95% 1.85% 1.09% 2.12%
Video poker 1.78% 10.87% 1.98% 12.08% 2.22% 13.59% 2.54% 15.53%

BETMGM online poker software

BETMGM is powered by the same software as Party Poker NJ, which means that the poker client is heavily integrated with the casino portion of the site. Whether you’re using the desktop client or the mobile app, you’re always just a single click away from online slots and table games.

This has a significant impact on the entire network, resulting in a far higher number of recreational players than one might expect. Consequently, if you’re looking for good hunting grounds and you don’t mind the low stakes, BETMGM is where you want to be.

From a purely technical standpoint, BETMGM’s software is pretty much on par with other poker clients available to New Jersey-based players. The data transferred between your computer or mobile device and the network is encrypted, tables are quick to launch, and the games are guaranteed to be fair.

Games at BETMGM Poker NJ

Cash Games

Cash games on BETMGM are a mixed bag. If you’re a No-Limit Hold’em player, you should find plenty of 6-max action within the $0.01/$0.02 – $1/$2 range. Anything beyond that is pretty much limited to heads-up play and peak-traffic hours. 9-max NLHE tables are also available but aren’t all that popular due to the size of the player pool.

When it comes to Fixed-limit Hold’em, finding an active table tends to be an issue regardless of your preferred stakes and playing hours.

Omaha is available in both Pot-limit and Hi-Lo variants, but the number of active games is very low when compared with PokerStars. Omaha cash games on BETMGM are always played six-handed, with most players disregarding the lowest micros and anything beyond $1/$2. Fixed Limit Stud is supported by the software, but finding opponents borders on a miracle regardless of the stakes.

Single-table tournaments

Sit & Go tournaments are the weakest part of BETMGM’s offer. They’re available for both No-Limit Hold’em and Omaha, and the buy-ins range from $1 to $500. Both heads-up and 6-handed tournaments are supported, and players can choose whether they want to play in Standard or Turbo format.

Unfortunately, STTs aren’t all that popular on this network – expect a considerable wait before your game takes off. If you’d like to focus exclusively on STTs, both PokerStars NJ and 888/WSOP NJ would be better alternatives.

Multi-table tournaments

BETMGM gives you access to both daily events and major tournaments, both of which attract thousands of players each week. Daily MTTs tend to attract considerably fewer players and require each participant to pay between $5 and $20.

When it comes to weekend majors, buy-ins range from $5 to $535, and the prize pools can go as high as $45,000. This is especially true for the Sunday $40k guaranteed tournaments, which start at 5 PM each week.

If you’d like to compete for the biggest weekly prize on BETMGM, you’ll have to pay $200 for a ticket or win one of the numerously available satellites which cost around $5 to enter. The Mega Tuesday is another high-roller event worth mentioning – a ticket will set you back $535.

Fast-fold poker

Fast-fold games are an interesting alternative to multi-tabling. The rules are simple: If you fold your hand, you get moved to a different table, which means you don’t have to wait for an entire hand to play out before being dealt another set of hole cards.

Unfortunately, this format requires multiple tables to be up and running at any given time, which simply isn’t the case on the traffic-starved BETMGM/PartyPoker network. Consequently, fast-fold tables have been all but abandoned by the players in favor of standard cash games.

Banking options at BETMGM Poker NJ

BETMGM customers have eight deposit options to choose from:

  • ECheck/ACH
  • PayPal
  • Prepaid card
  • Bank transfer
  • Borgata cashier
  • PayNearMe
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Skrill

Like other sites on the Party/Borgata network, BETMGM issues its own prepaid card. This is a more recommended option that say Visa/MasterCard transactions, whose rejection is a fairly frequent occurrence (40%+ rejection rates).

If you’re planning to make a deposit to BETMGM, we’d also recommend Skrill, e-Checks, and PayNearMe. If you don’t mind making a trip to the Borgata in Atlantic City, you can also load up your account at the casino cage.

All of the aforementioned banking methods, except for Visa/MasterCard payments and bank transfers, can be used to request withdrawals. If you don’t mind the wait, you can also request a check by traditional mail. Just keep in mind that, unlike deposits, withdrawals aren’t instant and have to be processed by BETMGM staff. In most cases, this process shouldn’t take more than two days.

BETMGM online poker New Jersey support

BETMGM customer support can be reached via email or phone:

In addition, BETMGM Poker gives you access to an extensive help/FAQ section. Information pertaining to software issues and banking is well-organized and easy to navigate, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about BETMGM’s loyalty program and bonuses FAQ. Because of this, we generally recommend sticking to phone support whenever possible. This is the fastest way to obtain a useful answer to most questions.

BETMGM Poker NJ overall review

If multi-table tournaments are your cup of tea, you definitely won’t regret joining BETMGM. On the other hand, the site isn’t that great of a choice for Sit & Go enthusiasts. Cash games are a mixed bag; if all you care about is Hold’em, you’re going to find plenty of action all the way up to medium stakes. If, however, you prefer Omaha, you’ll probably end up frustrated unless you opt to play exclusively during peak-traffic hours.

All in all, if you’re planning to join the Party/Borgata network and you’re looking for the best welcome deal, BETMGM is definitely a solid pick – the loyalty program isn’t quite as good as on PartyPoker NJ, but the bonus does make up for this deficiency. In any case, both sites are definitely more wallet-friendly than Borgata.

BETMGM updates for October 2021

Satellites starting at just $5 are now available at BETMGM Poker and could be your way into the Borgata Fall Poker Open, being held at the Borgata Hotel Spa and Casino from November 7-21. There are four daily $5 satellites available through November 7. Winners of this satellite will win a $45 BFPO online satellite entry ticket. Play in those events daily at 7:30 until November 7. One winner is guaranteed but 1 in 15 will win a $600 land-based entry into the BFPO Opening Event. For the full calendar of satellite events, check the BETMGM Poker page here.

Author: Mark Nazzal

Mark Nazzal is a freelance software reviewer who previously worked at Liquidpoker and Macropoker. A recreational gambler since 2004 and with a background in astrophysics, he naturally gravitates toward a research-driven approach to writing.

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