Now Might Be A Good Time To Look At Those Super Bowl Odds At NJ Sportsbooks

You can bet on NFL preseason games at New Jersey online sports betting sites, but you can also use the games to evaluate the NFL futures market.

The NFL preseason continues this week with the return of Monday Night Football on ESPN tonight. The San Fransisco 49ers will take on the Denver Broncos at 8 p.m. ET on Aug. 19.

Then, all 32 NFL teams will be back in action this weekend with games Thursday night through the return of Sunday Night Football on NBC on Aug. 25.

You can bet on these and other NFL preseason games at a variety of NJ sports betting apps. However, be warned that the NFL preseason is not exactly the same thing as the NFL regular season.

For most teams, winning isn’t the top priority throughout the four-week preseason. A fact that can make picking preseason winners quite difficult.

Most teams treat preseason games like practices and even tryouts. The projected regular-season starters might begin to play the entire first quarter when Week 3 of the preseason kicks off Thursday.

However, most still won’t risk injury by playing much more than that.

The NFL futures market

Betting on preseason games can be dodgy, but it’s still a good idea to watch them. These games can give you some idea which teams are really capable of making a title run this season.

The NFL futures markets opened at most NJ sportsbooks in the offseason.

The meaningless nature of the preseason means the odds on most teams to win the Super Bowl haven’t changed much since then. Certainly not as much as they will when the regular season kicks off Sept. 5 and the games start to mean something.

NFL odds adjustments

As true contenders and pretenders emerge throughout the NFL season the odds on these teams will change dramatically. That means the odds on most of the top teams in the league will never be better than they are right now.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at some of these teams in the preseason. Then, lock in a bet on the teams you think are legitimate contenders.

By the time these teams prove they’ve got a shot, the odds will be adjusted to reflect it. That’s why the NFL preseason is the best time to dive into the NFL futures market.

At this point, most NJ sportsbooks have identified approximately 10 Super Bowl contending teams. These are the teams they are offering odds of +2000 or lower on.

NFL preseason contenders

Here’s a look at the current odds on the 10 preseason favorites at the top three NJ sports betting apps:

2019/2020 NFL Super Bowl OddsDraftKingsBetStarsFanDuel
New England Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs+850+800+800
Los Angeles Rams+1000+1000+1100 (+1000)
New Orleans Saints+1000+900 +900
Los Angeles Chargers+1600+1300 (+1400)+1600
Indianapolis Colts
+1500 (+1400)+1500+1500 (+1400)
Cleveland Browns+1600 (+1400)+1700+1600
Philadelphia Eagles+1300+1400 (+1600)+1400
Chicago Bears+1900 (+1800)+2000 (+1800)+1900 (+1800)
Dallas Cowboys+2200 (+2500)+2000 +2500

As you can see, the first couple of weeks of the preseason hasn’t changed the odds much.

In fact, only the bracketed odds displayed reflect any change in the odds from the start of the preseason. Although, some may also be listing the Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers at around +2000 now, too.

The odds on any of these teams won’t change much between now and Sept. 5. That gives you a couple of weeks to use the preseason to evaluate the NFL futures market.

Then, move quickly to get some money down on your own favorites at a decent price.

Betting on the NFL preseason

In the meantime, if you’re going bet on the remaining preseason games, look out for:

  • Coaches trying to win now
  • Teams giving increased playing time to free-agent or recently traded players
  • Holdouts and injuries
  • NJ sportsbooks mistakenly posting standard three-point spreads
  • The best price on a bet found by shopping around

Find any of these things and you might be able to boost your bankroll heading into Week 1 of the NFL regular season. Perhaps you can even use the profits to beef up your Super Bowl futures bets, too.

New Jersey’s Top Sportsbook Gets Official MLB Data Upgrade Thanks To Deal

Official MLB data will help FanDuel Sportsbook enhance its in-play betting offerings on the app in New Jersey and beyond.

New Jersey’s top-grossing sports betting operator just signed a deal to become an official gaming partner for the MLB.

FanDuel Group runs NJ’s top-performing retail sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook at The Meadowlands. Plus, it is the firm behind the No. 1 NJ online sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook.

This week, FanDuel joined the MLB in announcing the pair had inked a multi-year partnership deal designating FanDuel as an Authorized Gaming Operator of MLB.

While FanDuel has deals with the NBA, the NHL, and the NJ Devils, this deal marks FanDuel’s first partnership with the MLB or an MLB team.

FanDuel joins MGM Resorts International and DraftKings as MLB’s official gaming partners. In fact, it was only last month that the MLB signed a similar deal with DraftKings. 

FanDuel gets access to official MLB data

Essentially, the partnership means MLB gives FanDuel access to official league data.

FanDuel also gets to use MLB and MLB team marks and logos. It will presumably use those to help market its online sports betting products and retail sportsbook locations in New Jersey and beyond.

FanDuel Group President & COO Kip Levin said the popularity of betting on baseball made this deal a no-brainer:

“Baseball is one of the most popular sports to bet on and partnering with MLB allows us to make the betting experience even better for our customers.”

Kenny Gersh, MLB Executive VP of Gaming & New Business Ventures, said a deal with FanDuel simply made sense considering its place in the emerging US sports betting sector:

“FanDuel has proven itself to be a leader in the sports betting space and has shifted a step ahead again through its commitment to, and recognition of, the value in being an authorized gaming operator. Now having access to our official sports betting data feeds and MLB brands, we’re looking forward to the creative sports betting and fan experience innovations FanDuel will develop.”

What the deal means for NJ

What access to official MLB data now means for FanDuel Sportsbook customers in NJ is enhanced in-play baseball wagering.

According to FanDuel, in-play wagering already accounts for more than 50% of FanDuel Sportsbook’s business.

FanDuel officials say real-time access to official MLB data can only help it enhance the in-play sports wagering experience. It might even help it offer more in-play action.

FanDuel Sportsbook at The Meadowlands became the top-grossing retail sportsbook in NJ immediately after it launched in July 2018. The property’s proximity to New York City has certainly helped.

The FanDuel Sportsbook app launched in September 2018. It took over the position as NJ’s top-grossing online and mobile sportsbook from DraftKings Sportsbook in February 2019.

FanDuel hasn’t looked back since.

A piece of the sports betting pie

MLB has been trying to get in on sports betting since the US Supreme Court lifted the federal ban last year.

It first tried and largely failed to convince lawmakers across the country that sportsbooks must be forced to buy league data to protect the integrity of sports.

Then, it moved on to scare tactics. In the lead up to this deal with FanDuel, Gersh said sports betting operators that don’t buy official league data “won’t be around for long.”

Gersh’s comments surrounded the idea that in-play wagering has become an increasingly large part of the sports betting market.

He was suggesting operators can’t really offer in-play betting on baseball properly without access to official data.

But live betting, as it is sometimes called, has been offered at NJ sportsbooks since launch without issue. Access to official MLB data does improve a sportsbook’s offering, but it’s a question of how much.

Sportsbooks In New Jersey Flirt With Nevada’s All-Time Record In July

NJ sports betting finished July with $17.8 million in revenue and $251.3 million in bets. The leaders of the pack remain FanDuel and DraftKings sportsbooks.

July is what many consider the slowest month on the sports betting calendar.

Wagering opportunities were limited to Major League Baseball, The Open, and Wimbledon, likely keeping some bettors on the sidelines.

So the numbers released today by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement may seem like nothing special at first glance.

However, the $251.3 million NJ sports betting handle is nothing to cry about.

Nevada’s sports betting handle came in at $244.6 million for the same period last year.

But there is more.

New Jersey’s sports wagering gross revenue finished July with $17.9 million. It’s a significant increase ($14,038,910, to be exact) from the $3.8 million from the same month last year.

But take that with a grain of salt, too.

Last year in July, New Jersey featured only land-based sportsbooks (and only a few of them at that). The huge $14 million jump in revenue can easily be attributed to the addition of online sports betting and a total NJ sports betting market of two dozen operators.

In other words, there’s a reason why New Jersey’s hot market has a lot to do with what’s happening online.

NJ online sports betting holds all the cards

Mobile wagering didn’t launch in NJ until August of last year, but it continues to be the preferred means of betting.

Gamblers wagered $213,038,739 via online devices in July.

And if we look at the year-to-date handle, the mobile numbers pop out even more. Out of the $2,235,397,358 wagered year to date, $1,819,399,268 is coming from online.

That 80%/20% divide between mobile and retail still exists and is likely only going to get stronger.

Besides theScore, apps from Unibet NJ and Bet365 NJ are both expected to be live by the time the NFL regular season kicks off next month.

For now, all we can say is they’re coming soon.

It’s FanDuel and DraftKings on top… again

There continues to be an ongoing theme when it comes to the sports betting story in NJ. FanDuel Sportsbook remains No.1 followed by DraftKings Sportsbook.

For July, the Meadowlands Racetrack reported an industry-best $9,090,100 in revenue. The majority of that number comes from FanDuel. And out of the total number, $7,323,483 came from mobile wagers.

DraftKings, operating under the Resorts license, finished a distant second, with the majority of wagering coming via the app.

Resorts Digital reported revenue of $3,721,550. The bulk of it comes from the Boston-based company, with additional earnings coming from BetStars NJ and the Resorts online sportsbook.

The DraftKings retail sportsbook at Atlantic City’s oldest casino generated an additional $544,990.

NJ sports betting by the numbers

Beyond FanDuel and DraftKings, the field currently includes 10 retail operators and 12 other apps.

This does not include theScore, which is Apple ready and projected for an August launch. The Toronto-based media company will operate under the Monmouth Park license once approved by the DGE.

But here is a look at how the other operators fared in July in comparison to FanDuel and DraftKings:

Property (Online)Online RevenueRetail RevenueJuly Total
Bally's (Caesars, 888)$236,254$256,137$492,391
Borgata (playMGM, Borgata Sports)$163,086$696,392$859,478
Golden Nugget (BetAmerica, GN Online)$127,349$96,373$223,722
Hard Rock (Hard Rock online)$24,669$129,322$153,991
Meadowlands (FanDuel, PointsBet)$7,323,483$1,766,617$9,090,100
Monmouth (William Hill, SugarHouse)$1,650,179$321,694$1,971,873
Ocean Resort (William Hill)$645,956 $(59,040)$586,916
Resorts (DraftKings, BetStars, Resorts Online)$3,721,550 $544,990$4,266,540
Tropicana (William Hill)$14,968 $111,281$126,249

Gearing up for NFL betting in AC and beyond

Once football betting season arrives, fans will be packing into the retail sportsbooks and logging into their favorite betting sites in droves.

This time last year, casinos were opening with temporary facilities just to get a piece of the NFL betting action.

A year later, new sportsbooks are ready for action at all 10 sportsbooks in the state. In Atlantic City, three new permanent spaces opened this summer alone.

But with all the attention on online betting, will bettors be visiting the retail sportsbooks this fall?

Borgata’s Moneyline Bar & Book had a grand opening bash at the end of June. The market-leading property reported $696,392 in retail sports betting revenue compared to just $100,369 in June.

The other one to keep an eye on is The Book at Bally’s, the swanky new 15,228-square-foot digs at the center of the Boardwalk. Gamblers even have the option of renting out a fan cave.

Without a doubt, what may have seemed like a slow month is setting the tone for prime sports betting season.

NFL Preseason Action Might Give You Hints On That Cowboys-Giants Bet For Week 1

You can continue betting on the NFL preseason at NJ sportsbooks this week, or read on to see how you can use the games to help you make Week 1 picks.

NFL betting continues this week with all 32 NFL teams in action Thursday through Monday.

But remember, the NFL preseason is not the NFL regular season. In the four-week preseason, winning matters very little to most teams. As a result, the projected Week 1 starters spend more time on the bench than in the game.

Instead, most of the preseason minutes are gobbled by players on the practice-squad roster bubble.

That makes it hard for NJ online sports betting operators to set lines and even harder for you to pick winners.

Betting on the NFL preseason

If you’re going betting on the NFL preseason this week or any other, look for:

  • Coaches who may be trying harder to win than others.
  • Traded players or star free agents who might use preseason minutes to get used to how they do things on a new team.
  • Holdouts and injured players whose absence may have an impact on the team’s ability to compete.
  • Sportsbooks posting standard three-point spreads in games that don’t really fit the standard mold.
  • The best price on a bet you can find by line shopping.

Do that and you could be on the way to making a profit betting on the NFL even before Week 1 of the regular season kicks off.

Otherwise, it might be a good idea to watch certain preseason games to look for an edge when it comes to picking Week 1 winners.

Most NJ sportsbooks already have the lines posted for Week 1 games.

There IS at least a couple of intriguing Week 1 matchups, too.

This week’s preseason games aren’t likely to impact the odds on these Week 1 games. However, some may help you pick winners come the first week of the regular season.

Giants-Cowboys Week 1

The New York Giants take on the Super Bowl hopeful Dallas Cowboys in a Week 1 NFC East tilt.

Here’s a look at the current point spread on the game at the top three NJ sportsbooks:

Giants vs. Cowboys (NFL Week 1)DraftKings SportsbookFanDuel SportsBookBetStars NJ
New York Giants+7.5 (110)+7.5 (110)+7.5 (110)
Dallas Cowboys-7.5 (110)-7.5 (110)-7.5 (110)

The Giants will play the Chicago Bears in preseason action on Friday. Plus, the Cowboys will play the LA Rams on Saturday.

Neither game is likely to tell you too much about who will win come week one.

However, Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott is holding out of camp in search of a new contract. If he doesn’t report by Week 2 of the preseason, the chances he’ll be ready to start in Week 1 start to drop significantly.

No Elliott for the Cowboys in Week 1 could mean the Giants plus more than a touchdown is a good bet.

Steelers-Patriots Week 1

Then there’s the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the New England Patriots in a Week 1 battle between two teams with legitimate hopes of winning the AFC crown.

Here’s a look at the current point spread on that game at the top three NJ sportsbooks:

Steelers vs. Patriots (NFL Week 1)DraftKings SportsbookFanDuel SportsBookBetStars NJ
Pittsburgh Steelers+6 (110)+6 (110)+6 (110)
New England Patriots-6 (110)-6 (110)-6 (110)

The Patriots will face the Tennessee Titans on Saturday in a typical preseason game between a traditional powerhouse and perennial also-ran.

However, the Steelers take on another AFC hopeful in the Kansas City Chiefs this Saturday.

This game, or at least the first quarter, might offer some indication as to whether the Steelers can hang with the AFC elite this season.

Plus whether it’s worth taking the Steelers and almost a touchdown against the defending Super Bowl champs in Week 1.

Use preseason matchups as a sports betting guide

Once again, this week’s preseason games, or others over the next two weeks, aren’t likely to have much of an impact on the Week 1 game odds you’ll find at NJ sportsbooks.

However, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for preseason matchups like the ones described above that may ultimately provide some insight into who is ready to win when the NFL regular season begins on Sept. 5.

How To Score A Seat At NJ Sportsbooks Before Football Betting Kicks Off

Most of the 10 NJ sportsbooks at casinos and racetracks have reserved seating available during football season, but some also have fan caves… for a price.

As football season quickly approaches, the New Jersey sports betting market must prepare for the busy months ahead.

Since betting on college football and the NFL are so popular, NJ sportsbooks will likely see even more betting action this season than in their inaugural year.

Yes, there are 14 betting apps in the Garden State, but there are also 10 retail sportsbooks across the state.

The majority of these land-based sportsbooks are based in Atlantic City. But all 10 of them are up and running with new permanent spaces.

Sportsbooks are a great place to spend time during the fall weekends. Gamblers can enjoy quality food and drink while being able to watch and bet on every football game played each weekend.

But what’s the plan at the sportsbooks? Will it be the same old or something new? Will there be seat reservations on those busy Saturdays or a Monday Night Football drink special?

We took a closer look at a few (not all) of the sportsbooks in NJ to see what they have in store when the pigskins start to fly.


  • Sportsbook: Moneyline Bar & Book
  • Reservations (if available): 609-317-7249
  • Reservation price range: $75-$100 food/drink minimum at VIP tables, private VIP areas are $1,000 for 10 people
borgata sportsbook atlantic city casino

Moneyline Bar & Book has a 40-foot-wide LED video wall along with betting windows and lots of places to sit. It also features a 35-foot-long bar that includes more than 20 craft beers and a new dining menu by Executive Chef Tom Biglan.

Outside of the barstools, high-top tables and booths, there is additional seating inside the VIP lounge.

In order to sit in the VIP lounge, customers must make a reservation. The VIP tables will include a food/drink minimum ranging from $75 to $100.

Other private VIP areas run around $1,000 for 10 people.

Pricing for the VIP seating will vary depending on the specific day and which games are available for viewing. There will most likely be discounted beer and food specials that will be announced the week prior.

Fantasy football fans are welcome, too

For fans who enjoy playing fantasy football, Borgata has you covered, too. Moneyline offers several draft party packages ranging from $59 per person to $1,500 per person.

The sportsbook will provide you and your friends a personal draft day area as well as a draft board, commemorative merchandise, and much more.


  • Sportsbook: DraftKings Sportsbook at Resorts
  • Reservations (if available): 1-800-772-9000
  • Reservation price range: VIP lounge requires $50 food/beverage minimum
draftkings sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook inside Resorts in Atlantic City has plenty to offer as well. At 5,000 square feet, the book features multiple ultrahigh definition-LED video walls, including a 15-foot wall.

The sportsbook, which opened in November 2018, has 18 self-betting kiosks and five betting windows available for its customers.

Every Sunday through Thursday, DraftKings will have a happy hour from 2 to 7 p.m. It will feature $4 beers, $6 well drinks, and $1 off any food item through the entire football season.

If that doesn’t suit your football fancy, guests can enjoy drink specials every Sunday all day during regular season football games.

On Friday nights, from the start of the season until the Super Bowl, the sportsbook will have Ladies’ Night. The evening will consist of teaching the basics around sports betting as well as discounted drinks and half-priced sushi. Participants will also receive a $5 free bet.

As for game days, there is VIP seating with food and bottle service available. The VIP lounge consists of four different sections that hold up to a total of about 50 people. There is a $50 food and beverage minimum to sit in these areas.

The sportsbook also has stadium seating for around 50-60 free guests.

Ocean Casino

  • Sportsbook: William Hill Sportsbook at Ocean Casino
  • Reservations (if available): Skybox Suites, 609-783-8491
  • Reservation price range: Call the sportsbook/casino for details.

The William Hill Sportsbook at Ocean Casino Resort was one of the first books to open in Atlantic City. Set up smack dab in the middle of the casino floor, it’s 7,500-square-feet of sports betting, complete with a large video wall that encompasses almost the entirety of the book.

On Sept. 7, starting at 10 a.m., the sportsbook will be celebrating the return of football with its Kick Off to Football Season 2019. After placing a wager, customers are eligible to receive a free William Hill T-shirt.

The sportsbook will offer food and drink specials all day, too. Customers can enjoy $2 hot dogs as well as Bud Lite buckets for just $30.

Then at 7 p.m., there will be a pep rally at the Fire Pit at Lobby Bar. A live band along with the Atlantic City Blackjack Cheerleaders will be there to start the season of football betting on the right foot.

That suite football feeling…

But if you can’t be there on Sept. 7, don’t fret. Ocean Casino and William Hill customers can win a Suite Season Giveaway as well.

Customers can enter the drawing at the casino’s website, and once done, you become eligible to win an overnight stay for two and a VIP Hospitality Suite overlooking the sportsbook sometime during the 2019 season. That suite can hold up to six people and comes with complimentary food and beverage.

The contest ends on Aug. 31, and a winner will be announced Sept. 3.

As far as watching games at the sportsbook, William Hill offers Skybox Suite reservations for those who don’t win the contest. Customers must call to reserve pricing and suites. Each suite holds up to 10 guests.


  • Sportsbook: FanDuel Sportsbook at the Meadowlands
  • Reservations (if available): None
  • Reservation price range: Not available
fanduel march madness betting

The FanDuel Sportsbook located at the Meadowlands is one of the few land-based sportsbooks in NJ not in Atlantic City. The nearly 7,000-square-foot facility comes equipped with 30 betting windows, 20+ self-betting kiosks, and 82 TV screens.

FanDuel Sportsbook has three locations inside the Meadowlands Racetrack and has a lot to offer at each. There are high-top tables, barstools, couches, leaning rails, dining chairs, and even a VIP area.

The sportsbook features American food you’d typically expect to find at sporting events. However, unlike the previous locations, the VIP seating is not open to the public unless you are betting a total of $150,000 every 30 days.

That being said, there are no other upfront costs to enjoy a football game here. Everything else is first come, first serve.

Just be careful of those Sundays when the New York Giants or Jets have a home game at nearby MetLife Stadium.

On those days, there is a parking fee and it can be a trick to find a parking spot.


  • Sportsbook: The Book at Harrah’s
  • Reservations (if available): Online at Harrah’s website or call 609-441-5800
  • Reservation price range: Call the sportsbook/casino for details.
Harrah's atlantic city sportsbook opening

Harrah’s sportsbook, known as The Book, is yet another Atlantic City destination this football season. The Book has almost 4,000 square feet of space.

There are TVs across almost every wall and extra plush seating all around the sportsbook. The Book also features food options from the AC Burger Company.

For groups looking to enjoy the games, The Book also has two additional Fan Caves that can hold up to 10 people. The caves provide a more private and upgraded viewing experience and include table service.

In order to reserve a seat or a fan cave at the sportsbook, customers must fill out a form on Harrah’s website or call 609-441-5800 to reserve.

Golden Nugget

  • Sportsbook: The Sportsbook
  • Reservations (if available): None
  • Reservation price range: Not available
golden nugget ac sportsbook nfl betting

Another Atlantic City retail sportsbook available for those NFL bets and football games is at the Golden Nugget. The Sportsbook, as it is called, showcases more than 50 TVs on five separate video walls.

There is seating for more than 100 people including barstools, chairs, cushioned seats, and couches.

However, the Golden Nugget doesn’t sell its sportsbook’s tables. As of today and heading into the football season, tables will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you happen to miss out on grabbing a table, you’re still more than welcome to eat and drink. There will be food and cocktail service within the Golden Nugget sportsbook every day.

The Sportsbook will also have food and drink specials throughout the season. These could include a discounted bucket of beer.

Golden Nugget’s sportsbook will sometimes reward bettors for making sizable wagers. For example, if someone bets over $100, they’ll receive a free drink, too.


  • Sportsbook: The Book at Bally’s
  • Reservations (if available): Visit the Bally’s website to reserve a table/fan cave.
  • Reservation price range: $50-$600

Located in Bally’s Wild Wild West Casino, this is by far the biggest sportsbook in AC. At 15,000+ square feet, The Book has plenty to offer when it comes to enjoying football season.

Its sportsbook is running a Fired Up For Football promotion that reserves seating inside the sportsbook for every football game.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday, Thursday, or Sunday, Bally’s is prepared for football viewing.

To reserve a table or seat, customers must go to the sportsbook’s website. Here, you’ll able to choose between several different options. The choice you make depends on how you prefer to watch the game.

Table choices include:

  • Stadium Billiard: Includes reserved billiard table for up to four people.
  • Stadium Table: Includes a reserved table for up to four people.
  • Stadium VIP: Available for groups of five or more.
  • Large Fan Cave: Accommodates up to 25 people.
  • Small Fan Cave: Accommodates up to 16 people.

These range from $50-$600 depending on if the reservation is for a weekday or a weekend. Weekend reservations are obviously on the higher end as those are top viewing hours. Fan caves, however, are reserved for the entire day of the reservation.

Here’s a quick breakdown of rental options at Bally’s sportsbook. Prices and availability are subject to change:

Seating TypeWhat You GetWeekdays (Tuesday-Friday)Weekends (Saturday-Monday)
Stadium Seat$50 food/beverage minimum, one seat, all-day rental$50$50
Stadium BilliardSeating for up to four at billiard tableNA$50
Stadium Table$100 food/beverage minimum, seating for up to four people$100$100
Stadium VIP$300 food/beverage minimum, for groups of five or more, all-day reservation$150$300
Fan Cave (Standard)$250 food/beverage minimum, seats up to 25, all-day rental$250$400
Fan Cave (Premium)$600 food/beverage minimum, seats up to 25, all-day rental$350$600

Customers can even reserve just a single seat if they plan on enjoying football alone. This Stadium Seat, as well as the Stadium Table for four, is paid for by a minimum spend on food and drink. But the seat is yours for the whole day.

Whatever your choice, all of Bally’s sportsbook reservations can be made online.

On a side note: Bally’s will more than likely have food and drink specials for the football season. These will be announced closer to kickoff.


  • Sportsbook: William Hill Sportsbook at Tropicana Atlantic City
  • Reservations (if available): Day-of call 609-340-4022; advanced and group reservations call 609-342-7785
  • Reservation price range: Call the sportsbook/casino for details.
march madness atlantic city

A lot of football fans will find themselves at William Hill’s other AC sportsbook located at the Tropicana.

This newer retail sportsbook debuted in March and has a lot for customers to enjoy. It’s packed with 180 seats as well as a bar and lounge to watch upwards of 16 games at one time.

In fact, the sportsbook has more than 1,000 square feet of video display.

Although there is no food available inside the William Hill sportsbook, the space is located right across from Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab House & Sports Bar.

Fans often grab some food and head right into the sportsbook.

General seating at the sportsbook remains first come, first serve unless a reservation has been made. Customers can sit at any of the available seats on the sportsbook floor, or they can reserve a spot in the elevated VIP lounge area.

Football betting, viewing, and NJ sportsbooks

Keep in mind that any option you choose for football viewing and betting also comes with all of those NJ sports betting apps. But those apps are just one part of the equation this year.

The casinos and racetracks aren’t resting on their laurels either. It would seem customers have plenty of options when it comes to where to bet and watch when the first game kicks off.

What NJ Sportsbooks May Be Missing When It Comes To The NFL Preseason

The NFL preseason gets into full swing on Thursday, and New Jersey online sportsbooks are ready and waiting. Here are a few tips for those football bets.

The NFL preseason gets into full swing this week with a slate of 11 games on Thursday, Aug. 8, representing an opportunity for anyone in New Jersey to begin a winning NFL betting season before it really even starts.

The regular season will not kick off until Sept. 5. However, NFL training camps are already underway and for most teams the preseason begins this Thursday night.

Of course, the NFL preseason is not the NFL regular season where winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. In the four-week preseason, most teams treat the games like practice scrimmages. Most don’t care about winning. They’re looking to evaluate the talent, not trying to win.

The starters get some early reps focused on execution over outcome. Most won’t risk injury by playing much past the first quarter.

Tough to pick winners, set lines

Unless you’ve watched hundreds of hours of college football film and done enough research to make an informed decision as to which players on a team’s practice squad-roster bubble are better than any other’s, it can be downright hard to pick NFL preseason winners.

Of course, that means it’s just as tough for oddsmakers at NJ gambling sites to set the lines.

In fact, most of the time NJ sportsbooks will trot out a standard three-point spread on either side.

For example, take a look at Thursday’s preseason lines from FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook below. Most of the spreads are at or near three points.

Take advantage of what NJ sportsbooks are missing

If you pay attention and do a little research, you just might be able to take advantage of what sportsbooks don’t take into account when setting these NFL preseason lines.

What you want to do is identify coaches who believe football should always be played to win. Plus, look for new coaches in their first season with a team. They may try to win preseason games to start building a winning culture there.

It’s also a good idea to look at top free-agent signings or players traded to a team. These players may be looking to build continuity with new teammates right out of the preseason gate. Just by playing a few more preseason minutes than most these players can give their teams an edge.

Plus, a quick look at who is holding out or injured can give you an idea of teams you might want to avoid in the preseason. Some teams might not be able to put their best units on the field even for just the first quarter.

The Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns game on Thursday may be the perfect example of all this.

In fact, it may present an opportunity to bet on something NJ sportsbooks are missing in the first week.

Washington-Cleveland NFL preseason line

Here’s a look at the spread at the top three NJ sports betting apps heading into the Washington-Cleveland game:

NFL Preseason Week 1FanDuel Sportsbook BetStars NJDraftKings Sportsbook
Washington Redskins-1 (-130) -2.5 (-118) -2.5 (-110)
Cleveland Browns+1 (+110)+2.5 (+100) +2.5 (-110)

The Browns promoted Offensive Coordinator Freddie Kitchens to Rookie Head Coach this season. That makes him the perfect candidate to want to start the preseason and his career with a win.

Plus, this will be second-year Cleveland Quarterback Baker Mayfield‘s first game with three-time Pro Bowl recever Odell Beckham Jr., who the Browns traded for in the offseason. The pair may only play limited minutes. However, they are going to want to try to make the most of them.

Last year’s Redskins starting QB Alex Smith is also out with an injury. Colt McCoy, Case Keenum, and Dwayne Haskins will be sharing the preseason minutes to see who can replace him. Add that to the equation and it’s a real head-scratcher as to why the Browns are the ones getting the points.

But stop scratching your head for a minute. Grab those points while you can. This seems like a bonafide opportunity to bet on something NJ sportsbooks appear to be missing.

It’s also worth noting the difference in the spread and prices at the different sportsbooks. That highlights the need to shop around for the best price on this bet and any other.

That’s another thing you can do throughout the NFL preseason to give yourself a betting edge.

Boosting your NFL betting bankroll

In summary, take a close look at all the matchups throughout the four-week NFL preseason. Try and find what NJ sportsbooks may be missing.

There may be more opportunities to boost your bankroll heading into the NFL regular season if you can:

  • Find players who might have a reason to play a little more, or holdouts and injured players whose absence may affect a team’s ability to win.
  • Find NJ sportsbooks posting standard point spreads when there are reasons to think otherwise.
  • Shop around for the best price on any bet.