888 And New York Jets Team Up Again For 2019 Season

Besides both calling North Jersey home, 888 Casino and the New York Jets share “similar values and DNA,” and their extended partnership is proof.

Look closely at the logos for 888 Casino and the New York Jets.

Notice any similarity in color schemes?

Now the two companies share something else in common.

They have a unique partnership that is billed as “the first and only one between a pure digital gaming company and an NFL team.”

The original agreement from the 2018 season was centered around the 888 brand as a whole.

The big difference for this year is the marketing is centered around the casino product and its new Orbit platform.

888 Casino’s new deal with the NY Jets

In a nutshell, the new deal means for the six remaining Jets regular-season home games, including the Week 6 contest against the Dallas Cowboys, this is what fans will see:

  • 888 Casino branding will be on display across the 82,000-plus capacity MetLife Stadium.
  • The Red Zone feature (aka highlights from around the league) will be sponsored by 888 Casino.
  • There will be additional promotions spread online across the teamā€™s website and social channels, and broadcast over 98.7 ESPN during radio coverage of the Jets games.
888 casino ny jets advertising

While featuring the 888 Sportsbook brand seems to make much more sense, NFL rules prohibit teams from promoting sports betting.

As it is, the NJ online gambling operator is based out of Secaucus. The Jets play their home games in nearby East Rutherford (aka the Meadowlands) and practice in Florham Park.

The partnership seemed to be a perfect match.

888 + Jets partnership = benefits

Yes, the Jets did finish the 2018 season with a 4-12 record. And they head into this week’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles still seeking their first win of the new season.

But based on the press release, this deal clearly isn’t based around the franchise’s on-the-field performances.

Building brand and customer awareness are what it’s all about.

ā€œThe extension of the deal between the New York Jets and 888casino.com for a second year in a row only reaffirms our expansion efforts and reiterates the interest in online gaming within the US sports community,ā€ said Yaniv Sherman, head of group commercial development.

ā€œThe continuation of the partnership marks another milestone for 888casino.com in the US, as we continue to pioneer betting operations through this sponsorship agreement, our second consecutive with an NFL team!ā€  

888, which operates under the Caesars Interactive license, is building on the momentum from a very busy summer. The highlight is, of course, the July launch of its new casino platform.

NFL training camps opened around the same time.

NY Jets but not NY Giants

Keep in mind the New York Giants also call MetLife home. But the partnership does not apply to those home games.

In an interview, Sherman said the focus was on “opting for a specific team from a big market.”

It just so happens the Jets are from the New York market but call the Garden State home.

“I think there are very few brands today in American sports that regardless of whether the team wins or not or who plays on the team the franchise brand is bigger than anything else,” said Sherman.

“The Jets are one of a handful of teams associated with the city and that is important to us. I think we share similar values and DNA. We are a very good cultural fit.”

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888 Casino getting Monday night NFL spotlight

The 888 Casino brand (that shares a wallet with 888 Sport and 888 Poker) will be front and center on Oct. 21. That’s when the Jets host the currently undefeated New England Patriots in a Monday Night Football game.

That would be Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots.

As the game sponsor, there will be an additional 888 Casino branding. This will include digital ribbons around MetLife Stadium, along with Jumbotron and audio mentions during the contest.

Yes, the Patriots won the first contest handily, 30-14. And it’s safe to say the 888 team will be rooting for a Jets win the second time around.

However, if 888 Casino customers sign up and deposit as a result of the deal, that will count in the win column, too.

Are Women Better At Sports Betting Than Men? One NJ Sportsbook Decided To Find Out

A recent study by 888 in New Jersey reveals data that suggests women sports bettors outperform men in a variety of measurements.

The fairer sex may have an unfair advantage in terms of sports betting.

A new study shows women sports bettors outperform men in several measurements of the activity.


888 Holdings, the company behind 888 Casino, 888 Sportsbook and 888 Poker in New Jersey, completed a study of individual sports betting results in the state.

Breaking those results down along gender lines reveals some interesting information and trends.

The significance of the study depends on perspective, but there are some takeaways that are appropriate regardless of one’s gender.

At 888 Sportsbook, women win more, men typically lose

The bottom line of the study is that based on NJ sports betting data 888 pulled since January, women see a return on investment of 19.79% on their placed bets.

Their male counterparts, however, saw an average loss of 4.6%.

That’s a significant difference.

Not only are women recouping their amount wagered plus seeing a return of nearly 20%, but men are typically losing their bets.

It’s immaterial to mention any physiological difference giving women an advantage, so the only other possibilities are cultural, psychological, or strategical differences.

The first possibility likely plays a part but doesn’t provide a complete explanation. For that, we need to dig a bit deeper.

The trick? Betting with the head instead of the heart

How boys and girls are socialized in US society may actually give women an advantage when it comes to sports betting.

Among girls, making an emotional connection to professional sports franchises isn’t considered as much of a norm. Of course, it is not necessarily impossible for women to be emotionally invested in a sport. But most don’t connect on any visceral level.

Because of that, those girls are more likely to grow into women who don’t have as strong an attachment to certain teams.

That means, when money is on the line, women make decisions with their heads and not their hearts.

For smart bettors, any money placed on a sports bet is expendable income.

Socialization of girls in our society teaches them to value other things above participating in sports betting. So they could more regularly make choices to spend most of that expendable income on other things besides a sports bet.

That decreased amount of money to invest in sports betting could force women to be more selective about what bets they take.

But the 888 study shows that younger women are actually better than their aunts, older sisters, and mothers at sports betting.

Here’s a closer look at the data from 888:

Average ROI for sports betting

AgeWomenMenAge Group Avg

Right in the sweet spot of the age breakdown

Breaking down the results of the 888 study by both age and gender creates a new narrative. The best sports bettors in the sample were women who were born in the 1970s and 1980s.

Women between the ages of 35 and 44 claimed the highest return on investment at 129.6%. Women aged 25-34 weren’t far off at 127.06%.

Interestingly enough, the next age bracket for women ranked the worst. Women aged 45-54 saw a loss of 61.72% on their placed bets.

Conversely, that was the best-performing age group for men. The return on investment for men ages 45-54 was 16.9%.

It’s hard to pinpoint why women born in those decades outperform others by such a high margin. Other data strengthens the narrative, however.

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Women perhaps more than just superior sports bettors

888’s study also analyzed the numbers from NJ online casino games. Unsurprisingly, women again outperformed men in general in those games and online poker.

On average, women saw losses of 24% in online casino games and 36% in online poker. Men registered at 47% and 41.6% on average in the same.

Average ROI for online casino

AgeWomenMenAge Group Avg

Average ROI for online poker

AgeWomenMenAge Group Avg

There is a bit of variation when it comes to the age breakdown, however. Women aged 18-24 performed the best in online casino games. Women 55-64 lost the least in online poker.

For the men’s side, the 25-34 group was best at casino games and the same 55-64 group was best at online poker.

Too soon to say women are better than gambling

For as much as the 888 study suggests women are better gamblers, at least in this sample, there are important things to remember.

The data reveals trends in one group of people at one time in one geographic region. It isn’t sufficient to make a blanket statement like women are better at gambling than men.

Making that statement would require a much larger study, done across decades and accounting for a number of factors.

It’s not that the data in this study is useless; it’s just that it’s not sufficient to make such judgments.

Based on the study, however, there’s no reason women should approach sports betting with any less confidence than men.

And on the flip side, it can’t hurt men to ask women their opinions before placing bets. It might just save you a few bucks.

888 Using Its Building Blocks To Give It An Edge In A Crowded NJ Online Market

Yaniv Sherman, head of commercial development at 888, provides insight on the latest news surrounding 888 Casino, 888 Sportsbook, and 888 Poker.

888 Holdings is all in when it comes to New Jersey online gambling.

We’re talking about a company that made its Garden State debut back in 2013 with its 888 Casino offering.

In 2019, 888 is a triple-threat in New Jersey: Along with the casino, the integrated site features 888 Poker and 888 Sportsbook.

There is plenty of news to share on all three fronts. But keeping up with the times is key.

For some insight on exactly what’s new and on the horizon, we checked in with Yaniv Sherman, 888ā€™s head of commercial development.

888 Casino’s new platform

One of the bigger developments took place earlier this month when 888 unveiled its redesigned NJ online casino platform.

Yes, the company literally launched into Orbit, a brand-new sleek and stylish system that, according to 888, makes the site work faster and more efficient.

Sherman says it’s “the newest and most advanced casino platform out there.”

One of the biggest differences with the new product is it’s a web-based platform and “very much resembles other gaming, not gambling products.”

“It’s very mobile-focused. So it’s really swipe-and-touch adaptive,” said Sherman. “And as I said, we’re trying to offer more priority and navigation within the game and the lobby, and the selection is much smoother.”

More importantly, though, is the game count, which for 888 is more about quality not quantity. He noted the online casino currently accounts for about 60% to 70% of its New Jersey business.

“If you look at another product in the marketplace today, they offer four or five, 600 games,” said Sherman. “We’ve optimized our proposition from our experience. I mean beyond let’s say 200 games, the players tend to get lost.

“Our mission is to bring him content adaptive to what he’s interested in and also make it easier for him to find content. That’s what the system or the product is geared up toward. And in the back there are other benefits because it was structured in a web-friendly and mobile-friendly way.”

Games available to gamblers

That being said, 888 is quick to note that table and slot players will find there is plenty of variety built within the Orbit platform.

Here is a breakdown of some of the games currently available:

  • 239 slot games
  • 15 table games (some mobile only)
  • 13 live casino tables (8 blackjack, 2 roulette, 1 baccarat, and 2 poker)

The previous platform only offered two live dealer tables.

Some of the slot titles currently available are:

  • Triple Cash Wheel 
  • 88 Fortunes 
  • Irish Riches 
  • Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin 
  • Ghostbusters 
  • Monopoly Mega Movers 

888 separates itself from the competition by owning their own technology stack as well as its own product.

888 Poker upgrade in the works

Online casino may be more in the spotlight when it comes to NJ, but poker cannot be ignored.

Many may not realize that 888 Poker is currently the No. 1 poker website in the country. Besides having a self-branded platform, their software powers World Series of Poker events.

As an added plus, players can compete against others in Nevada and Delaware via interstate player pools.

Online poker sites, however, are not as prevalent in the Garden State.

While sportsbook apps and online casinos feature double-digit numbers, NJ online poker is a small market of just seven sites.

And on the revenue side of things, online poker is just a drop in the bucket in the online casino win of almost $40 million monthly.

At the same time, 888 is not holding out on its current poker site. Just like the online casino, the company plans or rolling out a new poker platform “[within] the next few months,” said Sherman.

At this point, they are ironing out some of the last technical details.

“So we’re going to roll that out as we develop it and get players’ reactions and adjust. But it’s going to be a whole new product and we’re very excited about that,” Sherman said.

“Really it’s the first major launch for 888 in the poker sphere since 2016 and in that time [there has been] lots of dramatic change in our positioning.”

NJ sports betting and 888 take two

On the other side of the casino/poker coin, however, is 888 Sport.

Flashback to about this time last year, and 888 was gearing up to get a piece of the NJ online sports betting pie.

The market was still in its infancy at the time; 888 was one of seven apps to go live in time for the start of football season.

The market has since doubled in size to 15, with several more apps expected to join the field soon.

But the 2018 NFL betting season served as a feeling-out period for 888 and others. Where other apps found their footing and took off like rockets, 888 stayed relatively quiet.

888’s Atlantic City partner, Bally’s/Caesars, posted online sportsbook revenues of $236,254 for the month of July. In June, revenue was just $26,752.

(The online revenue is a combination of 888 Sport and Caesars sportsbook).

In comparison, Meadowlands Racetrack reported $2,725,594 in revenue from online betting. The majority of that number is from FanDuel Sportsbook, but PointsBet NJ also contributed to it.

But Sherman said 888 is heading into the 2019 season more prepared. Thecompany, which has offices in Secaucus, also has a sponsorship deal with the New York Jets that Sherman said will help with brand recognition.

Now that the company has had some time to acclimate, the hope is that year two produces stronger returns.

“We hope it translates into more players and more activity,” Sherman said.

Promotions, promotions, promotions

One way of attracting new players is via promotions.

DraftKings, for instance, announced a no-brainer odds boost that the Eagles, Giants, or Jets would score a touchdown in Week 1 of the NFL.

888, which like DraftKings is powered by Kambi, continues to offer new customers up to a $500 deposit bonus, along with an exclusive $10 free bet.

With the field of operators still growing, figuring out ways to gain a bigger market share is tough, but not impossible.

Sherman provides a little teaser of what’s in the works:

“We’re looking at several interesting campaigns that we want to run in conjunction with the season,” said Sherman.

“… I think we’re trying to get to a point where we can offer some interesting prop bets and interesting events around that to attract new players. And as we did last [year], as many live events and markets as possible. We’re gonna offer some interesting promotions, not just around NFL, but also NFL and some corresponding casino content and poker.”

And it’s that cross-selling that might give 888 another edge in the market.

888 + cross-selling opportunities

Companies that are operating multiple platforms in NJ are taking full advantage of cross-selling to customers. The casino customers are trying sports for the first time and vice-versa.

The results are showing in the monthly online casino figures from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Year to date, the seven license holders have generated $256,775,046. It’s a 55.2% increase from the same period last year.

888, of course, has the additional advantage of having a standalone poker product in play.

“I mean, at the end of the day, I think the name of the game is trying to offer the player what’s the highest probability for him to play,” Sherman said.

“Sport naturally introduced a mass market opportunity here because by construction there are more people more inclined to place a sports bet than there are playing poker or casino.

“But we definitely see different appetites across different demographics and different databases. … We’ll try to put you in front of the widest possible variety of entertainment and games.”

Once the customer makes their choice, Sherman said it’s up to 888 to customize that experience so that it’s not just a one-size-fits-all mentality.

In the meantime, 888 has developed some very interesting AI capabilities for its casino and sports platform. After seeing great success in Europe, Sherman said the company will be rolling them out in the US in the near future.

Critics Say The New York Jets Are Fumbling Their New 888 Partnership

Before the NY Jets could even formally announce their new deal with 888 Casino, critics are complaining the ads come too close to promoting sports betting.

While theĀ Dallas Cowboys andĀ Baltimore Ravens drew attention when they announced sponsorship deals with casinos, theĀ New York Jets flew under the radar.

That is until some blowback brought theĀ NFL team’s sponsorship to light.

TheĀ New York Post reported lateĀ Monday that the JetsĀ inked an agreement withĀ Israel-based gambling companyĀ 888 Holdings, which operates several NJ online gambling platforms, includingĀ 888 Sport.

The problem, however, is that critics claim the Jets are already improperly promoting 888’s NJ sports betting product.

Here an 888, there an 888

Per theĀ New York Post, the Jets signed a sponsorship contract with 888 “in recent weeks.” OnĀ Sunday, though the team was in Chicago for aĀ Week 8 game, several large banners boasted the 888.com logo around theĀ MetLife Stadium property.

Such sponsorships became available to NFL teams after team owners inĀ August chose to allow franchises to partner with casinos. A stipulation, however, specifically prohibits teams from advertising sportsbooks.

Exceptions include daily fantasy sites. The Jets give proper due toĀ FanDuel, which, as it happens, operatesĀ FanDuel SportsbookĀ at Meadowlands Racetrack, which neighbors the stadium.

An announcement of the sponsorship deal should come later this week. Yet the Jets were already promoting 888 for the team’sĀ Oct. 21Ā home game.

888 Gaming:Ā Meet brand ambassadors and download the 888 Gaming app to be entered to win autographed Jets merchandise and other great prizes.

Critics attack Jets’ approach to sponsor

While sources told theĀ New York Post that the Jets do not believe the team’s ads violate league policy, outsiders are lambasting the team.

Those sources told theĀ Post that 888 Holdings’ sports betting site is not specifically named on any of the ads. Rather, 888.com features poker and casino portals. That said, as theĀ PostĀ put it:

“Some insiders said that the ‘888.com’ ads looked dangerously close to flouting the rules.”

At the time of the initial reporting, the splash page of 888.com included an image of a football player with a link to bet on games. At this writing, the splash page featured promotions for online poker and the NJ online casino.

TheĀ Post reported that both the Jets and 888 declined to comment.

Casino sponsorships abound

The Jets joined a rapidly growing list of teams and leagues that are teaming up with casinos.

MGM Resorts International finalized a deal with theĀ NHL to become its official sports betting partner. It is a partnership similar to what MGM secured with theĀ NBA inĀ July.

Earlier this month, the Ravens announced a partnership withĀ Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, which came on the heels of the Cowboys locking downĀ WinStar World Casino.

In New Jersey, the NHL’sĀ New Jersey Devils made a couple of deals. First came the sponsor of bookmakerĀ William Hill US, which also partnered with theĀ Vegas Golden Knights.

Shortly after,Ā Caesars EntertainmentĀ joined the Devils’ corner while also teaming up with the NBA’sĀ Philadelphia 76ers. Interestingly, in states where sports betting is legal, the NBA will allow teams to post sports betting ads. That includes the 76ers.

Photo byĀ Debby WongĀ /Ā Shutterstock.com

Three NJ Online Casinos Join Forces With Evolution, Add Live Dealer Games

Hard Rock online, 888 Casino, and SugarHouse open the virtual doors to live dealer games on their NJ gambling sites. Live casino popularity is exploding into the NJ online casino market.

Live dealer online games are no longer the sole purvey of the Golden Nugget.

This past week, three different NJ gambling sites launched live dealer games, all the result of Evolution Gaming getting regulatory approval from the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The company has deals in place with a fewĀ NJ-facing sites: 888 Casino, Hard Rock online casino, PlaySugarHouse.com, and Ocean Online Casino. Only three went liveĀ this past week.

Evolution’s Martin Carlesund issued the following statement after it opened its live casino studio this past Friday. It is assumed the live casino studio will be used for its manifold NJ online casino clients.

“Having closely monitored US market developments over the past few years, while reinforcing our position as Live Casino market leaders in Europe, we believe that now is the right time to launch with a full-fledged studio facility for the US. Now we have a fantastic Live Casino studio in New Jersey ā€” with a wide choice of live games from day one, and ample room for expansion and the rapid ramping up of services to meet our new US licenseesā€™ needs.”

Live dealer games are on the march in NJ

Evolution and its partners made swift work of its newly won approval, launching three live dealer casino platforms in less than a week.

At the time of publishing, the list of each sites’ live dealer options included the following:

  • 888 Casino: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, three-card poker
  • PlaySugarHouse.com: blackjack, roulette, three-card poker, Texas Hold ’em
  • Hard Rock: baccarat, roulette, blackjack, three-card poker, Texas Hold ’em

Ocean Resort Casino had yet to launch its live dealer games, but a press release dated Aug. 13 indicated that the launch is imminent. CEO Frank Leone said its partnership with Evolution helps further the company’s goal of becoming a premier destination.

“Adding Evolutionā€™s world-class Live Casino to our service for both on-property and remote players is another key ingredient in making Ocean Resort Casino a standout destination. “We have the most amazing location and on-property attractions and will also have a superb online offering that will include not only Live Casino but also Live Sports Betting.”

Live dealer games latest in NJ online gambling expansion

This year has no doubt been one of the most zealous in Atlantic City’s history.

The emergence of live dealer games in NJ online gambling is just a quick burst among a barrage of big news, not the least of which was the launch of NJ sports betting.

New Jersey casinos and tracks have taken full advantage of that historic decision, launching numerous sportsbooks and online platforms.

In addition to the launch of sportsbooks across the state, Hard Rock and Ocean Resort brought the count of NJ online casinos to 18. But it’s live dealer that has everyone talking right now.

Since 2016, Golden Nugget online casino and its counterpart, Betfair, have held all the cards when it comes to a live casino. Earlier this summer, Borgata and its affiliated sites joined the game.

But Evolution is new to New Jersey.Ā  A well-known brand in Europe, its live dealer games could easily give Golden Nugget’s place at the top a scare.

888 Casino To Launch Live Dealer Games In New Jersey This Summer

A busy summer at NJ gambling sites continues with 888 Casino and Evolution Gaming bringing live dealer games to the Garden State.

Update: 888 has launched its live dealer games. Read more here.

New Jersey online casino patrons can expect more live dealer games to enter the market.

Today, 888 Casino and Evolution Gaming announced they would extend their partnership that exists in Europe into New Jersey.

888 Casino NJ will add the following live casino action this summer:

  • American (Double Zero) Roulette
  • Automated Slingshot Roulette
  • Three Card Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Holdā€™em Poker

In a statement announcing the partnership, 888 chief operating officer Itai Pazner said the following:

“888 is committed to growing in regulated markets and has expanded in the US over the last five years. We see the addition of Evolutionā€™s live casino to 888casino as an excellent growth opportunity, and it will allow us to offer even more entertaining products to customers across their favorite 888 sites.”

The 888 Casino and Evolution partnership

It has been nearly a decade since 888 secured its initial partnership with Evolution Gaming to bring live dealer games to its European customers.

While 888 and Evolution operate a highly successful European online live dealer experience, this will be 888’s first offering of live dealer games in New Jersey.

James Stern, Evolution Gaming’s director of business development and land-based sales, said:

“888 and Evolution have a long-standing and successful relationship. Working together so closely has already resulted in 888 being first to market in a number of other jurisdictions.

“Both of our companies approach each new market in a very systematic way to mitigate risk and maximize the opportunity for success. New Jersey is no different. Certainly, from Evolutionā€™s perspective, the time is now right, and we are delighted to be working with 888ā€™s New Jersey team.”

Live dealer games at NJ gambling sites

Live dealer games began at NJ gambling sites in August 2016. Golden NuggetĀ NJ online casino was the first to offer the experience and since then has been the leader in the space.

It’s the advantage of being first to market that some credit Golden Nugget’s dominance in the NJ online gambling industry.

Recently Borgata CasinoĀ also began offering online live dealer games as did its affiliated sitesĀ playMGM and PartyCasino NJ.

Live online casino games have human dealers and run the game in real time from a physical gaming table. Players view the game via a live stream. They also have the ability to communicate with the dealer while placing their bets on their digital device.

NJ online casino gamblers seem to loveĀ their live dealer games. There is no doubt that 888 Casino NJ will benefit from offering the games on their platform. The exceptional software Evolution provides has the potential of growing the 888 Casino brand in the Garden State.

ā€œWe are confident that Evolutionā€™s live casino will continue to drive additional growth for 888 in New Jersey,” said Pazner.