NFL Week 7 Odds Boosts: Chase Claypool Is On The Rise

No matter which team you are considering for NFL Week 7, there is likely an odds boost for you that will add extra sizzle to the NJ sports betting weeekend.

Odds boosts not only sizzle, they can turn into steak.

One of the most popular and expansive sectors of NFL  betting  goes beyond simply grabbing one’s attention.  Used wisely, odds boosts can make the difference between winning and losing on an NFL week.

Some boosts eliminate the disadvantage of the vig, others allow bettors to tease, or move the line, without paying. And while there can be special rules such as bet limits, odds boosts represent legitimate deals.

Here is a look at what NJ sportsboook apps are rolling out for  NFL Week 7.

Chase Claypool in play at Fox Bet

Fox Bet is putting star Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Chase Claypool in the spotlight.  The combination of a Claypool touchdown against the Tennessee Titans and a Steelers triumph is now  +400, up from +300.

This one is enticing because Claypool has emerged as a prime target for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Claypool can shake free deep, and is capable of scoring in close formations. This is when Pittsburgh loads a group of receivers to one side, tosses a quick pass to that side, and gets some good blocking for the receiver to notch a short-yardage score.

Tennessee games have become high-scoring affairs. Just last week against the Houston Texans, the two teams combined for 78 points in a game that went into overtime.  The Titans won the game, but they have shown that they can be beaten deep.

On the flip side, defensive coordinators can take anyone out of play by issuing double, even triple coverage. Big Ben likes to target Claypool deep at least a couple times per game.

Cowboys’ Zeke Elliott seeking  redemption

Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott uncharacteristically fumbled twice in Dallas’ 38-10 blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals Monday night.

Here’s the question: Will he redeem himself in Sunday’s NFC East game against the Washington Football Team?

Elliot scoring two or more touchdowns paired with a Dallas victory is now +300, up slightly from +240.

But can both happen?

Fair odds. If Dallas is going to cover its first game this season, it will lean heavily on Elliott to right the ship. He was held scoreless  last week.

Looking at Garoppolo + Brady

This week’s Monday night game pits Jimmy Garoppolo and his San Francisco 49ers against the New England Patriots. But will he hoist two or more touchdowns and help his team defeat the Pats?

It’s up to +350, a deservedly rich payout because Garoppolo is an unpredictable mixed bag on this run-first team. Two TDs usually isn’t  a lot to ask. However, the combo of two touchdowns and  a road win on Monday night is, which is why the bet pays so well.

Tom Brady is +300 to throw for at least 300 yards and his  Tampa Bay Bucs to defeat the Las Vegas Raiders. With this expected to be a high-scoring matchup,  Brady could easily rack up the yardage. Opposing teams are averaging close to 270 passing yards per game against the Silver and Black this season.

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DraftKings Sportsbook: Seven for Week 7

For NFL Week 7, DraftKings Sportsbook has seven profit boosts and seven parlay boosts.

The first step is to opt-in. From there, users will be issued seven 20% parlay boosts and seven 10% profit boosts.

And the parlay boosts can be applied to NFL parlays of two or more legs. Each leg requires the minimum odds of -200 or longer. However, the maximum bet is $25, with the  max payout at $250.

The profit boosts can be applied to NFL singles bets. In this case, $50 is the max bet, with the potential for  $250 in additional winnings.

Customers must select the boosts from the bet slip before placing wagers. This will apply the boosted price

This program allows you to select games.

More NFL Week 7 Odds Boosts

DraftKings also put up some individual wagers worthy  of consideration.

The New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Denver Broncos to all lose (yes, lose) has been boosted from -122 to +100 as a moneyline play. So, in a way, bettors are actually backing three of the big favorites on the board:

  • Buffalo Bills are a 10.5 favorite over the Jets
  • The Los Angeles Chargers are +7.5 over the Jags
  • Kansas City Chiefs, trending in the -9 range all week versus Denver

On the flip side, the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and Steelers all to win is now +485, up from +319. The Packers visit the Texans, Pittsburgh plays Tennessee in a battle of unbeaten teams, and New Orleans hosts the Carolina Panthers.

FanDuel Sportsbook + Line Adjustments

FanDuel Sportsbook has three significant boosts that impact value, all with $50 max  pay.

The NFL Week 7 menu is the Steelers +1.5 to cover versus the Titans. More importantly, Pittsburgh is boosted from -110, the normal spread vig, to +110. It’s as if you  are the sportsbook and they gave you the vig.

Then there is Extra Points for Extra Pay. Basically, three teams are essentially teased one point in the bettor’s favor. However,  instead of paying for the privilege, the bettor is boosted to +450 (from +390).

Here’s what it means:

  • The New Orleans Saints are now  giving  6.5 points to Carolina, rather than 7.5.
  • Chicago now receives 7.5 against the Los Angeles Rams, instead of  6.
  • Instead of laying 3.5 versus Houston, the Packers line Packers is down to 2.5.

Before the age of adjusted lines, moving the spread on these games was called “buying a hook.” Those bets took bettors off spread numbers like 3 and 7, which can result in “pushes,” or ties and put them in a favorable position to win if the games ended on those margins.

However, a player had to pay a premium for the new spread.

In this offer, you get the new line along with the better odds.

Then there is the  enticing big tease in which gamblers can move the line by roughly six points. Like the previous offer, three teams are in play:

  • Buffalo is down to -5.5, from 12 against the Jets
  • Pittsburgh’s line jumps to 7.5
  • Arizona  gets +9.5, up from +3.5.

That moves you from +156 to +200.

As with all parlays, one must have all legs hit or the wager will not payout.


Football Five: Will The Two-Point Conversion Impact NFL Week 7 Games?

Last week we saw two games in which the 2-point coversion impacted NJ sports betting payouts. Will NFL Week 7 be a different story?

The New York Giants were part of an NFL trend that may have reached an extreme Sunday. The Washington Football Team went for two point, and failed.

Had the play gone the other way, Big Blue may be sitting at 9-6 instead of 1-5.

Here’s something to ponder: Has the thinking on two-point conversions gone overboard?

Two coaches tried them in big situations Sunday and lost games.

Time to  examine the Football Five for NFL Week 7

1. Washington + the 2-point gamble

Riverboat Ron Rivera, the coach of the Washington Football Team, gambled on a two-point conversion rather than kick the extra point Sunday afternoon.  Washington scored a  touchdown against the Giants with 38 seconds left in the game.

When the conversion failed, New York had its first win of the season, 20-19.  This was a bizarre decision because the Giants did not have enough time left to score in regulation and Rivera could have taken his chances in overtime.

Who got burned, besides Washington?

Bettors of New York at -1.5 to -3 points and those who gambled on the game getting to overtime. Even the NJ sports betting customers who took the  over 43 total points might have obtained a push with an overtime field goal or a possible victory with an overtime TD.

Bettors have a difficult time with unconventional coaching.  And so do the franchises.

Rivera’s team would have looked a lot better at 2-4 than 1-5, especially with this week’s home game against the 2-4 Dallas Cowboys.

2. Bold + aggressive decision, part 2

Bold aggressive decisions, part 2 pertains to  the Houston Texans coughing up a game they seemingly had in their pockets against the Tennessee Titans.

Romeo Crennel of Houston made a puzzling decision. The Texans scored a late TD to go up 36-29, but he decided to go for two points and it failed.

Wondering what happened next?

The Titans rumbled down the field and scored with four seconds left. Then they kicked the extra point to force overtime. They won the coin toss, scored a TD on the ensuing drive and Houston lost not only the game but the cover of +3 at DraftKings  Sportsbook.

Crennel should have kicked the extra point, forcing Tennessee to get a touchdown AND a two-point conversion to forge a tie. That puts a lot of pressure on the offensive team.

Crennel said he sought the knockout punch in going for two points. Understandable.  But he put the pressure on his own team to make the two-point conversion. Better to force the opponent to make it.

When the two-point tactic failed, consequences were severe for the affected teams Sunday.  Riverboat Ron crapped out and Crennel lost in overtime.  This double dose of aggression may cause a reduction in outright boldness throughout the league.

More teams have become more aggressive,  but what happened Sunday could be a tipping point the other way.

3. NFL Week 7:  must-see, must bet

The dream matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans is on for Sunday. Both teams are 5-0 and displaying more sophistication each week. The game is highly bettable with the line appealing to gamblers on both sides.

Tennessee showed ingenuity in lining up Derrick Henry from the quarterback spot on the game-winning touchdown run against the Texans.

Pittsburgh shows the ability to pass the ball deep, flood several receivers to one side and use the continued rejuvenation of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben is having a remarkable year with11 touchdowns and only  one interception. Chase Claypool has emerged as a new deep threat to go with a talented receiving corp.

Ryan Tannehill is an underrated star for Tennessee at quarterback and Henry is the league’s best rusher, by far. Add a 94-yard scoring run against Houston on Sunday to that ledger.

4. Teams are down, but never out

Coming into Week 6, there had been a team each week that had been down at least 16 points and come back to win. That streak continued Sunday.

The Indianapolis Colts trailed the Cincinnati Bengals 21-0 in the second quarter. But they stormed all the way back to triumph, 31-27.

The Colts were likely +300 or better when they trailed 21-0. If you believed in them, that was a profitable leap of faith.

The loss will be disheartening for Cincinnati, but will probably build a level of resolve.  Bengals bettors weren’t sulking much. Cincinnati covered the +8 spread at DraftKings and FanDuel Sportsbook and became 5-1 against the spread this season, tops in the league.

Cincinnati hosts the Cleveland Browns in another Battle of Ohio. Indianapolis joins the Minnesota Vikings on the bye.

5. Can’t  “over” state the numbers

Through five weeks, the NFL sported its best offensive totals in history.

The league had scored 453 touchdowns. That’s more than 90 per week, up about 20 over most seasons.

Speedy receivers and the lack of double-team coordination with defensive safeties and corners contributes to the scoring spike, Bettors love it because it brings more props and score anytime wagers into play.

Extra Considerations for NFL Week 7

We’ve talked here about new coaches with the Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons the last two weeks. Each provided a win and a cover in the first game.  The Falcons became one of the last teams to win their first game this season, securing a 40-23 stomping of the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday.

There is no longer an undefeated team against the spread, as the Green Bay Packers were crushed by the Tampa Bay Bucs 38-10. The Pack visits the Texans this week.

The 1-4 Los Angeles Chargers are much better than their record. Heartbreaking losses to the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints are on their ledger. They are due to win.

The line does you no favors this week as the Chargers host Jacksonville, but they can be used in some other moneyline parlays

Associated Press 


NFL Week 7 Odds: NY Jets Are 0-6 And Have Yet To Cover The Spread

With Le’Veon Bell now playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and QB Sam Darnold being questionable, the winless NY Jets have more questions than answers.

Bittersweet irony engulfs the winless New York Jets before NFL Week 7.

At 0-6, he franchise is the only team yet to have won at least one game. As the worst team in the league, the Jets odds of winning Sunday’s game against the 4-2 Buffalo Bills are not good

The point spread as 1:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday was +12.5 at FanDuel Sportsbook, making them the biggest underdogs on the board. And the line jumped to +13.5 by mid-afternoon.

This is with the game being played at MetLife Stadium.

It  underscores the opposite roads both teams have taken since the they last battled in the Meadowlands., which was Week 1 of the 2019 season

And the current NJ sports betting  line is quite different than the Jets -2 that NJ sportsbooks  put out for the  2019 season opener.

Here is a closer look at the current state of the Jets any why their problems will likely continue.

 New York Jets + false hope

It wasn’t all that long ago when there was a fair amount of optimism surrounding the Jets. Prior to the 2019 season, New York  signed Le’Veon Bell, one of the league’s premier running backs,  and paired him with  their own upstart quarterback in Sam Darnold. 

However, after closing the 2019 season with a 7-9 record that included going 6-2 in the last eight games,  the lofty expectations have quickly faded.

Besides being 0-6, they  are the only NFL team that has yet to cover the spread. This includes Sunday’s 24-0 loss to the Miami Dolphins in which they were getting eight points.

Darnold has missed the last two games with a shoulder injury, and as Tuesday, is questionable for Sunday’s game. Veteran  Joe Flacco has started the last two contests, but he hasn’t fared any better.

And now the Jets will be playing the rest of the way without Bell, as the team released the disgruntled running back last week. He is now with the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Bell was the last connection between the Jets and the ideology of winning soon. His departure means they have blown up one of the biggest off-season moves in franchise history.

Le’Veon Bell experiment failed badly

With Bell, the Jets gambled  on a player who had sat out a year because of salary squabbles with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and they lost.

Bell tallied a combined 1,200 passing and receiving yards last year, but the Jets envisioned 600 more. The offensive line never provided the holes Pittsburgh did for him, and Bell, who waits until the very last second to pound through an opening, couldn’t produce much on his own.

This season, a hamstring injury sidelined Bell for three games.  Upon his return in Week 5, Bell wasn’t happy with the amount of touches he received in the Jets’ 30-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

The bottom line is Bell underachieved after signing a four-year, $52.5 million contract.  He averaged only 3.3  yards per carry with the Jets – 51st out of 53 qualifying runners in the NFL during that span.

Bell was signed by former general manager Mike Maccagnan, who wanted to add a weapon to help Darnold develop.  But Maccagnan was fired two months later,  and new coach Adam Gase wasn’t a fan of Bell.

This was fiasco number two. In July, All-Pro safety Jamal Adams could not come to financial terms with the Jets. They traded Adams to the Seahawks and Adams was critical of head   Gase’s leadership on the way out.

Whether Gase is still the coach of this team by the weekend isn’t certain. He’s on the to-be-fired watch. The Jets will have to be rebuilt, again, with him or a successor. The team is rudderless.

Jets prop bets may be best plays

The Jets are now a collection of spare parts that don’t fit together.

Bettors can entertain themselves with yardage props, player-to-score possibilities and the final score range for their games, but that’s it. Gamblers don’t know when this team will show up.

Since going ahead of the Denver Broncos late in the fourth quarter of Week 4, the Jets have been outscored 64-10. And it looked like the Dolphins, Gase’s former team, took it easy on them Sunday.

Combine the scoring drought with a  defense that is surrendering 30.8 points per game, and even the Jets at +12.5 is  a risky bet.

Is a coaching change in the Jets future?

The Jets will likely lay it all out there two or three more times before the season ends. It won’t be easy to predict when, except for a coaching change.

Teams that have done that are 2-0 this season. The Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons both  collected their first wins following a coaching change. The New York Giants also secured their first triumph in Week 6, nosing the Washington Football Team 20-19.

That leaves only one winless football team in the entire NFL. And that’s a team awash in optimism when the season started.

That’s life in the NFL.




NJ Sports Betting Soars To Record $750 Million In Bets In September

How would the start of the 2020 NFL Season, minus the fans, impact September’s NJ sports betting handle?

Well, looking at the  $748.5 million handle reported earlier today by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the word HUGE comes to mind. Not surprisingly, 90.6% came via mobile apps.

And it’s $80.6 million more than August’s $667.9 million. This makes it back-to-back months in which the Garden State has hit all-time highs for handle.

We’re talking any legal US sports betting jurisdiction, even Nevada.

NJ sports betting revenue came in at $45 million,  good enough for a 19% year-over-year increase.

Here’s a closer look at three factors that can be attributed to the September’s results.

Broken record: FanDuel is still killing it

No matter what month we’re talking about, Meadowlands Racetrack, the land-based partner of FanDuel Sportsbook, is dominating the field.

September was no exception with $28.1 million in revenuePointsBet NJ also operates under the license, but NJ Gambling Sites understands that FanDuel accounts for the bulk of it.

For the month, the Meadowlands/FanDuel claimed a 62.3% market share.

Resorts Digital, which consists of DraftKings Sportsbook, Fox Bet, and the self-branded app, finished an extremely distant second with $4.7 million.

Borgata (BetMGM and Borgata Sports) was the only other license holder to crack $4 million in revenue,  $4.06 million to be exact.

September sports calendar was stacked

Sports bettors have never seen a September like the one that just passed.

Sure, NFL betting and the tail end of the Major League Baseball season are the norms.

However, the 2020 version also included the NBA and NHL playoffs along with PGA Tour’s U.S Open.  So besides the buzz generated by the NFL’s opening weekend, the menu of additional options resembled a gourmet restaurant for sports bettors.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the pro sports world back in March, eventually there was going to be a month where every major pro sport would be playing meaningful games.

September was it.

Will it happen again? It’s hard to predict anything these days.

Cross-selling with online casino

In case you haven’t noticed, the NJ online casino market is enjoying quite a run of its own.

September’s $87.6 million may not be an all-time high, but it’s pretty close to being one. The $87.7 million from August still tops the charts. For those keeping track, this would be five straight months of online casino revenue exceeding $80 million.

Some of it can be attributed to Atlantic City casinos operating at 25% capacity.

At the same time, the bulk of the NJ sportsbook apps out there have sports and casino offerings integrated in the same platform. Access to a shared wallet combined with cross-selling promotions makes it a win-win for operators and players.

The proof comes in the latest numbers.

How big will NJ sports betting handle get?

At the moment, there are no signs of the NJ sports betting market slowing down.

Sure the NBA and NHL recently crowned their respective champions, but NFL and college football are the bigger draws. And those seasons still have a long way to go.

And with baseball there is the excitement of the Tampa Bay Rays, not New York Yankees, shocking the baseball world as the American’s League top team. They are one win a way from making it to only the second World Series in franchise history. (Although interest in the Yankees would have probably helped boost handle a bit.)

The other came in 2008 when the  Philadelphia Phillies won it all.

But could the current scenario result in the first $800 million month in NJ sports betting history?

AP Photo/Brett Duke

NFL Week 5 Odds Boosts: Eagles-Steelers Bettors Rooting For Touchdowns

NFL Odds boosts are where the fun and business element of NJ sports betting intersect.

They create entertaining wagers for bettors who like something different, especially yardage or team-scoring props.

Fox Bet NJ has emerged as a premier player in this space.

Here’s a look at some of the better  Week 5 NFL odds boosts.

Eagles-Steelers touchdown totals

What are the chances the Philadelphia Eagles score a touchdown in each half against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

At the same time, what are the chances the undefeated AFC North leaders do the same?

Well, Fox Bet has boosted this exact scenario from +200 to +300. Both of these teams can usually do that.

Why play it: Scoring is up everywhere in the NFL, so this scenario doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Through three games, the Steelers have scored a touchdown in every half. The Eagles have done the same in their last two games. If two medium-scoring teams have succeeded at this wager, it’s a good play.

Why skip it: Both offenses go through sporadic periods. One of these teams lay an egg for one half. More importantly, will  field goals replace touchdowns if one team is up big?

Sticking with the same game, there is another odds boost related to Miles Sanders and James Conner.  The running backs to combine for 150 yards total, up from +135 to +160, and is a worthy consideration.

Why play it: This bet has a strong chance to pay out. Both backs are capable of breaking off long runs. You have two guys going at once, rather than each player needing to hit a certain number.

Why skip it: If you think the game could be a blowout, one or both of these backs get taken off the field. Plus, injuries are always a concern in a yardage prop.

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Other NFL odds boosts on Fox Bet board

Todd Gurley and Joe Mixon to score touchdowns is boosted from +200 to +300.

Gurley plays for the Atlanta Falcons and is going against the Carolina Panthers. You’d like him to score and consider that in a separate prop.

Mixon is the mojo for the Cincinnati Bengals running game. This week he is facing a Baltimore Ravens team that has been taking opposing running backs out of the picture by jumping out to  big early leads.

Then is  the New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys game.

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott is off to an explosive start, throwing for at least 450 yards in each of the Cowboys last three games. The flip side is his team his team is 1-3.

And the Giants are 0-4.

With all this being said, Fox Bet has boosted Prescott to throw for 330 or more yards combined with a Cowboys win from +162 to +200  The tricky selection is needing to believe the Giants will stay close enough to make him throw.

So ironically, a Prescott yardage prop is really a bet on the Giants offense.

Sticking with the quarterback theme, can Russell Wilson throw for three touchdowns and his Seattle Seahawks beat the Minnesota Vikings?

The odds are boosted from +162 to +200. This is intriguing because Seattle’s offensive numbers would indicate he can toss three TDs. At the same time, the Seahawks often run the ball in, and Wilson is a threat to score a rushing touchdown.

Moving the points at FanDuel Sportsbook

We highlighted a prop here last week that came out just as projected.

FanDuel Sportsbook allowed bettors to move the Baltimore RavensWashington Football Team line from -14 to -12 and get a boost from -115 to +110.

The Ravens won 31-17, the exact original number. But this play became a winner on the special FanDuel props boost. Props if you took this prop.

Adjusting the spread, as opposed to a yardage play, remains the focus this week.

The Eagles at +7.5 moves from -120 to +100 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Maximum bet $50. This changes the odds from laying 6-5 to getting even money, while also getting half a point.

This is an interesting play in conjunction with the overall line. Based on when they make the wager, bettors may get 7-5 on this game for larger bets anyway, but it will be -110, not +100.

Bettors can also move the Vikings up to -8.5 against the Seahawks, the Kansas City Chiefs down to -10.5 against the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Cowboys to -7.5 against the Giants. It boosts the payout from +479 to +550.

Taking the original lines on these games is +628, but there is substantial line movement in the bettors’ favor in the prop. Kansas City and Dallas both drop a full point and Minnesota moves up by 1.5 points.

Jets odds and positive COVID test

Earlier today, news broke that the New York Jets were sent home as the result of a positive COVID test.

This puts Sundays game against the Arizona Cardinals at MetLife Stadium in jeopardy.

Both FanDuel and DraftKings Sportsbook had the game off the board as of 3:45 p.m. ET today.

Both operators had boosts that involved the Cardinals and may have to be updated.If the game  gets pushed back, bettors may select other options with faster results.

Along that front:

The Denver Broncos at the New England Patriots game is now scheduled for Monday (5 p.m. ET) on ESPN. Sunday’s Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans contest now is set to be played on Tuesday (7 p.m. on CBS).

Positive COVID testing by players moved, yet still preserved, these games.

PointsBet + No juice spreads

PointsBet NJ has a Saturday special, so to speak. The operator is running a “No Juice Saturday” promo. It applies to NFL point spreads and refers to those odds of +100 or the equivalent (one side listed at -110 and the other at +110). Normal trading limits apply.

This is an excellent play for bettors who know who they like on Saturday and won’t need a late-line Sunday movement to determine their wager.

Gene J. Puskar


Football Five: Which Teams Are Covering The Spread As NFL Week 5 Approaches?

Bettors may be looking at the Eagles odds of +7 against the Steelers. But as NFL Week 5 arrives, the Birds and Giants are not winning against the spread.

The Philadelphia Eagles  finally have some winning momentum on their side. The Birds picked up their first victory of the 2020 NFL season with a 25-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

From a NJ sports betting perspective, Philly bettors cashed in big time as the Eagles went off as 9-point underdogs. And the moneyline paid out, too. And it’s a big change from the previous three weeks.

Now that most teams have played four games, this is a good time to look at which teams are faring the best against the spread.

The New York Giants and Jets are two teams you won’t see on this list as both franchise are still seeking that first win.

Time to take a closer look at the latest NFL odds  with the  Football Five heading into Week 5.

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Eagles, Giants, and Jets Week 5 odds

The Philadelphia Eagles are traveling to Pittsburgh for a game against the Steelers.

The Birds opened as  a surprising +7 against the host Steelers after upending the defending NFC champion 49ers. The Eagles defense did its part with three turnovers that led to 17 total points in a pivotal victory.

But that was last week.

FanDuel Sportsbook added a significant half point to the Eagles line on Tuesday, moving the line  to 7.5. It was back to 7 as of Wednesday morning.

That extra half point is important for any Eagles backer.

Despite losing 17-9 to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday,, the Giants, actually covered the spread and showed a stout defense.

But offensively, they haven’t scored a touchdown since Week 2. That should change against the Dallas Cowboys, who were scorched for 49 points against the Cleveland Browns.  The visiting G-Men are getting 10 points at DraftKings Sportsbook while FanDuel has the line at 9.5.

The Jets played with heart in last week’s Thursday Night Football game before falling to  0-4 with a 37-28 loss to the Denver Broncos.

A dropped pass by tight end Chris Herndon on the final drive probably prevented victory.

But Jets bettors jumped on a +7.5 number at FanDuel Sportsbook against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Morning. That line quickly dropped to 6.5 at the two books. Fox Bet still had the Jets +7  Wednesday morning.

Which NFL teams are beating the spread?

Bettors like to know: who is covering the number.

Here are top teams and their upcoming schedule compiled by Nj Gambling Sites.  Results are determined  by DraftKings odds at game time.

Odds for the upcoming week are from DraftKings and FanDuel unless otherwise noted.

Cincinnati Bengals, 4-0

Yes sir, this 2-12 team from last year is climbing upward with rookie quarterback Joe Burrow. The Bengals are +13.5 against the high-flying Baltimore Ravens this week. You know expectations are high when the bookmakers gave the Jacksonville Jaguars three points when Cincinnati entering Sunday’s game winless. The Bengals then prevailed 33-25.

Seattle Seahawks, 4-0

Partially expected, this is an excellent team. Seattle is-7 against the visiting Minnesota Vikings this week. Closest calls to not covering?

First, they stopped Cam Newton on the 1-yard line to preserve a five-point lead on the final play.  The Seahawks were 4.5-point favorites  to the New England Patriots. They provided a gift to bettors the next week in a 38-31 win over the Dallas Cowboys. Again giving 4.5. They were losing 31-30 late and had third down from the Dallas 29.

Go for the field goal, right? Nope.

Quarterback Russell Wilson threw deep, secured a touchdown, and Seattle -4.5 bettors rejoiced.

Green Bay Packers, 4-0

Green Bay is 4-0 against the spread and in the standings. The system is clicking with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and  whoever steps up plays a role. The Packers have bye week.

Buffalo Bills, 3-0-1

The Bill are the real deal this year. They stole the push at -3 in a miraculous late-second win over the Rams in Week 3.  And they beat a good Las Vegas Raiders team Sunday. The Bills are scheduled to play the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. However,  there is no early line as last week’s  Titans game against the Steelers was postponed due to several players testing positive for Covid.

Indianapolis Colts 3-1

Good defense is helping Indy overcome a week-one setback to Jacksonville. Last Sunday, the Colts stifled the previously undefeated Chicago Bears, 19-11. Now the Colts are getting ready to  invade Cleveland, and are giving up  1.5 at FanDuel, and are -2  at DraftKings.  This one will pit one of the NFL’s top defenses against a red hot Browns offense. Can’t wait for this one.

Having no luck against the spread

Only the Jets and Houston Texans are winless against the spread.

If the Jets show the same effort against Arizona that they did for Denver, they should at least cover the number.

The Texans will likely be motivated by Monday’s coaching change. Bill O’Brien is out. Romeo Crennel is in as an interim head coach. And the players won’t feel safe. Houston is giving six points to the Jaguars.

 Browns attracting betting attention

The Cleveland Browns’ 49-38 over the Dallas Cowboys was a coming-of-age, get-over-the-hump triumph.

As they prepare to host the Indianapolis Colts, the Browns have cleared a big hurdle. They have won three straight and gone to 3-1 on the moneyline, 2-2 on the spread.

Sunday’s victory re-certified the Browns as a playoff contender, instead of the under-achieving group from last year. Remember that Cleveland improved to 7-8-1 under quarterback Baker Mayfield two years ago. And then they acquired playmaker Odell Beckham Jr. at wide receiver. Playoff expectations came, but the combo did not click last season as  the Browns went 6-10.

Sunday, the combo worked.  In his finest game as a Brown, Beckham scored three times. The last was pure beauty as he helped Cleveland  protect a lead that had shriveled from 41-14 to 41-38 late in the final quarter.

Beckham took an end-around handoff, circled wide to avoid being tackled in the backfield and stormed upfield for a 50-yard score. First down, touchdown, ballgame.

The Browns may have blown the entire lead if they had to punt there. Instead, they found the putaway play that was lacking the last two years. This was an emotional step forward.

The Browns also surpassed 30 points for the third-straight week. That has not happened in 50 years.

The line on Justin Herbert + LA Chargers

Rookie quarterback Justin Herbert looked good for the Los Angeles Chargers in their 38-31 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The final score resulted in a push on the official line.  The Chargers had a 24-7 lead, but a costly mistake at the end of the first half cost them.

They got the ball back on a punt with 50 seconds to go at their own nine. Rather than kneel on the ball and take a 17-point lead into the locker room, the Chargers decided to run a play.

The running play resulted in a fumble.  Tampa Bay recovered the ball and scored just before intermission. That changed the momentum.  If a team runs the ball into the line, it is essentially running out the clock anyway. Why not kneel down there?

Regardless, you can trust Herbert going forward.

NFL betting trend heading into Week 5

The prolific offensive records through the first four weeks are telling us something.  Pass defenders are at least a couple of steps behind the receivers.

Keep this in mind going forward regarding the totals, or over/under,  in NFL games. Same goes with the enticing props like a player to produce certain numbers offensively and his team to win.

Take note that there is one less game this week as the Packers and Detroit Lions are off.

AP Photo/Jed Jacobsohn