Jacob deGrom Making A Case As Betting Favorite To Win NL MVP And Cy Young Awards

Jacob deGrom, the two-time National League Cy Young winner is generating a lot of NL MVP betting buzz at NJ online sportsbooks.

Jacob deGrom looked like the newly-minted National League MVP frontrunner at DraftKings, William Hill, and FanDuel sportsbooks Wednesday night.

However, will it be sweet but unfortunately short?

First, he was an electrifying machine. And then he looked human.

The two-time Cy Young winner from the New York Mets abruptly departed Wednesday’s game with shoulder soreness. It halted more than his budding three-inning masterpiece against the Chicago Cubs.  It may hurt many futures bets for New Jersey online bettors, who have jumped on the most dominant pitcher in the game.

Odds on deGrom to win the MVP had dipped to as low as +170 at William Hill just before game time. Money will likely pour in on players like Fernando Tatis Jr and Ronald Acuna Jr. soon.

Of course, there is the unknown regarding deGrom, who is scheduled for an MRI today. However, deGrom told reporters on Wednesday “I’m pretty confident that this is nothing.”

What kind of impact this news has in and outside of the NJ sports betting world is to be determined.

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Jacob deGrom has MVP numbers through 11 starts

The Mets ace hurler entered with an all-time best seasonal WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) of 0.53 and somehow lowered it. deGrom didn’t give up a baserunner, even drove in a run, and left with a 3-0 lead through three innings.

Out of the nine batters he faced, eight of them struck out. Nobody reached base. And then de Grom was gone.

The Mets’ ace lasted long enough to ensure some wagering victories on this game at least.

The 59% of DraftKings bettors who laid out a juiced -315 moneyline on the Mets, managed to collect. So did the 81% who took the -1.5-run line in the Mets’ 6-3 home victory.

Bettors and the public hope deGrom overcome the injury because his unpredictable health is more than a setback to bettors. It’s a blow to the game.

Besides his unheard-of mound numbers, deGrom is hitting .423. He’s given up four earned runs this season. And knocked in six.

He’s an excitement magnet.

The coast-to-coast showcase

deGrom’s ironic combination – brilliance and vulnerability – altered Wednesday’s imminent display of baseball royalty.

Because into this night walked deGrom and Clayton Kershaw, the two MLB active career leaders in WHIP.  Into this night strode the last pitcher to win an MVP, Kershaw with the Dodgers in 2014, and deGrom, the leader for this year.

Kershaw later pitched against the Phillies in Los Angeles and looked more hittable than deGrom but the night nonetheless showcased both of them. Kershaw pitched six innings, yielding two runs in a game the Phillies won 2-0.

How dominant have these pitchers been?

Let’s look.

WHIP is arguably the acid test of an excellent pitcher, measuring baserunners per nine innings. This reveals more than ERA, which can be impacted by how many inherited runners score and where one pitches. But WHIP incorporates walks and is ballpark neutral.

deGrom started the night with a 1.0205 career mark, fourth in major-league history. Kershaw stood at 1.0023, third, in a mark that spans more than 2,400 innings across 13-plus seasons.

New York Yankees relieving great Mariano Rivera was second at 1.0003. (Hall-of-Famer Addie Joss, who pitched from 1902-1910 for the Cleveland Bronchos, is first with 0.9678.)

The depth of excellence

deGrom has thrown 67 innings and notched a whopping 111 strikeouts this season. His strikeout-to-walk ratio, in which three would be strong, is almost 14.1.

He is on pace for shattering the single-season MLB WHIP record of 0.73, set by Pedro Martinez of the Boston Red Sox in 2000.

Bettors who have cashed in on deGrom’s starts and the “under” when he’s pitched have long been familiar with his excellence. Prices on deGrom are short, but he’s been money in the bank to have a lead after five innings and some bettors just lay the juice, as they did Wednesday.

His WHIP for the last three years? Try 0.91, 0.97, and 0.95.

deGrom can sue the Mets for support if he wants. Despite winning Cy Young Awards in 2018 and 2019, his record for those two years was 21-17. The Mets have not been scoring for him.

The WHIP pace may not be sustainable, but how close can deGrom come to sweeping the Cy Young and MVP honors, without injury?

Jacob deGrom ‘really has a chance’

“I think deGrom really does have a chance to win both the Cy Young and the MVP award,” Johnny Avello, the director of race and sportsbook operations for DraftKings, told NJ Gambling Sites before deGrom’s outing potentially changed the landscape.  “The MVP award is standing right there. If the season ended now, he gets them both. We’re not halfway through the season yet and there’s a long way to go, but he’s having some season.”

Earlier in his career, Kershaw had mind-boggling numbers too.

He won the MVP in 2014 with a 21-3 record, 1.77 ERA, o.857 WHIP, and a no-hitter in the mix. It was the second season in a five-year string of sub 1.00 WHIP seasons, a span of nearly 1,000 innings.

Kershaw won both awards easily in the National League. Millville native Mike Trout captured the American League MVP honor that year.

A May injury to Trout opened up the 2021 AL MVP race.

Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays are the top pair. However, Avello believes Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox will draw money at attractive odds of +3300. So will other players.

“There is a long way to go and I think a few other names are going to get into this mix,” Avello said.

Jacob deGrom is ‘our largest liability’

FanDuel Sportsbook provided a Thursday morning update on deGrom. Besides being the favorite in the NL MVP market,  he is FanDuel’s “largest liability” in that market.

FanDuel said deGrom is “more than two times the liability of our next player.” That player would be Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies.

FanDuel noted they saw the most interest in deGrom when his odds were moved from +6000 to +5000.

In terms of NL MVP handle, deGrom, Acuna Jr., and  Tatis hold the top-three spots at FanDuel.

However, with bet count,  Acuna Jr. Harper, and Tatis are leading the way.

Recent sweeps of the Cy Young and MVP awards

In 2011, Justin Verlander notched 250 strikeouts, a 24-5 record, and a sterling WHIP of 0.92 for the Detroit Tigers.

In 1992, Dennis Eckersley gained an unlikely sweep with the Oakland A’s. The “Eck” recorded 51 saves, easily winning the Cy Young portion and nipping Kirby Puckett for the MVP

In 1986,  Roger Clemens fashioned a 24-4 mark with an ERA of 2.48 for the Boston Red Sox. He gained season-long visibility after notching 20 strikeouts in one early-season game and led them to the pennant.

But will deGrom be adding his name to this impressive list? It all depends on how many games, if any, he misses.

Based on the current odds at NJ online sportsbooks, deGrom will continue being a big part of the 2021 MLB betting conversation.

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Slot Machines Turned Back On At The Stardust Casino, NJ Online Version

FanDuel Group sees the Stardust Casino app as a means to tap into a meaningful segment of the NJ online casino market.

Who remembers when the Stardust Casino was imploded on March 13, 2007?

And when the building came crashing down on the Las Vegas Strip, it seemed like the Stardust name was gone with it.

Well, here we are in 2021, and guess what name is back in business?

OK. An NJ online casino app doesn’t exactly measure up with a Las Vegas casino resort, but nostalgia is nostalgia.

Stardust Casino is the rebranded version of the former Betfair casino. The product is a joint venture between FanDuel Group and Boyd Gaming Corporation. And it’s available in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania markets, officially launching on April 19.

And like with Betfair, it falls under the Golden Nugget Online Gaming license.

To get a better idea of what the product is all about and how things are going so far, NJ Gambling Sites caught up with Jesse Chemtob, GM of casino at FanDuel Group.

Farewell Betfair, hello Stardust

Those who keep track of NJ online casino apps are aware the Betfair brand is one of the originals, launching in 2013.

However, it has a bigger following overseas than here in the United States.

As far as Stardust goes, it’s really too early to accurately judge how well it’s performing in the mature Garden State market. However, Chemtob said overall the feedback has been pretty positive.

He noted they knew going in there would be a segment of the casino audience that would have some recognition with the Stardust brand.

“… Going in, like with any rebrand, there’s a kind of risk that people are confused, but by all accounts, the rebrand for us went pretty smoothly,” said Chemtob. “Users kind of woke up on the day of the rebrand and they were able to update their Betfair app to a Stardust branded app. It was pretty seamless from that perspective.”

Instead of surprising existing Betfair customers, the FanDuel team took the change-is-coming approach. Communicating with the customer base about the rebrand was a big part of it.

And the login credentials customers used for Betfair are still good with the Stardust brand.

“… By all accounts, it’s been pretty smooth, and feedback has been pretty positive. Just anecdotally we’ve been getting feedback from customers that they like the new look and feel, and the different front end of the casino experience. We’re pretty pleased, to be honest,” said Chemtob.

Stardust users based in New Jersey currently can choose from more than 400 games.

The FanDuel-Boyd-Stardust connection

So those familiar with Las Vegas history know the Stardust is a former Boyd Gaming property.

Plus, FanDuel and Boyd have an existing relationship. Boyd also owns Valley Forge Casino Resort, which is home to a FanDuel Sportsbook.

FanDuel Casino is connected to the same land-based partnership.

Call the Stardust Casino the latest phase to this “great partnership with Boyd.”

“…We have this relationship with them and we really looked at, Stardust as a means to be able to tap into a meaningful segment of the casino market, aside from just the sports-led casino players,” said Chemtob. “And that’s really what drove the decision around Stardust and how we landed on that with Boyd. It’s really a means to be able to tap into a wider casino customer base.”

Co-existence of FanDuel and Stardust casinos

Like Pennsylvania, New Jersey customers have access to two different casino brands under the FanDuel Group umbrella.

FanDuel Sportsbook mobile customers who click on the casino icon are transferred to FanDuel Casino. However, desktop/web browser users are sent to Stardust.

In the Garden State, even the FanDuel Casino option is still fairly new as the change happened earlier this year. Previously, slots and table game players would be sent to Betfair.

So for those wondering if one casino is more popular than the other, FanDuel Group views the situation from a different perspective. Chemtob said, “We look at them as co-existing with somewhat distinct customer bases.”

On one side there is the FanDuel casino that is “more cross-sell driven, will be more male-skewing, and kind of look more similar to the composition of the sportsbook customer base. More male-skewing, maybe a bit younger.”

However, Stardust users, at least since the rebrand, are both male and female.

“When you look at the Stardust customer base, previously the Betfair customer base, it was a bit more balanced in terms of the male, female split, and skewed a bit older than the cross-sell audience,” said  Chemtob.

“… For the cross-sell audience, it’s more table games led, given the male skew. And Stardust it’s more slots led given the mix of male-female. We think there are two distinct audiences there that are worth going after.”

Bringing Las Vegas nostalgia back to life

In the NJ online casino world, the Stardust name is still the newbie. And the industry is an extremely competitive one with heavyweights like Golden Nugget online casino and BetMGM leading the way.

However, there are some Garden State customers extremely familiar with the Stardust name. This is especially true for those fond of old Las Vegas nostalgia.

The property, which opened in 1958, enjoyed nearly a 50-year run on the North end of the Las Vegas Strip. The land where it once stood is where Resorts World Las Vegas is opening next month.

So as a result of this rich history, the Stardust online casino is in a different category than say an online operator entering the market from Europe.

Chemtob explains:

“Obviously, we’re not starting from zero because there is some brand recognition with Stardust, which is a good thing. But we are starting from a place where we need to build up that brand affinity in New Jersey for the Stardust brand, amongst this wider casino consumer.”

And for those players unfamiliar with the classic Stardust name, the plan is to build awareness and comfortability.

“… Obviously there’s a lot of competition now, but I don’t think the strategy is dissimilar. We just have a bit more to talk about in terms of the brand equity of Stardust, and this nostalgia element of old Las Vegas that we think really resonates with people,” said Chemtob.

Stardust sticking with NJ and PA, for now

Unlike online sports betting, the US is still rather limited when it comes to online casino markets. Besides NJ and PA,  Michigan is the newcomer while West Virginia has limited offerings.

Of course, there is the possibility more states could pass legislation down the road, potentially opening the door for Stardust to build a bigger following.

FanDuel is live in Michigan, but the company has no plans to roll out the Stardust app there.

“Right now, we’re not considering a separate stand-alone brand approach in Michigan. But in future states, we’re going to see how it goes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania,” said Chemtob.

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Stardust Casino Launches Online, Mobile In NJ, PA

Stardust Casino is returning New Jersey online gambling to the “Golden Age of gaming,” with the launch of a new website and mobile app.

New Jersey online gambling is returning to the “Golden Age of gaming,” with the launch of Stardust Casino.

FanDuel Group and Boyd Gaming Corporation brought back the legendary casino brand on Monday with the introduction of Stardust Online Casino in NJ and Pennsylvania. The app is available on iOS and Android in both states, and the website is taking bets in NJ.

“For nearly 50 years, the Stardust was one of the most famous casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. And while the resort has been gone for more than a decade, the Stardust brand is still as well-known and popular as ever,” said Keith Smith, president and CEO of Boyd Gaming, in a statement announcing the online casino’s launch.

Stardust Casino brings back some old Vegas ‘nostalgia’

FanDuel has rebranded its existing Betfair Casino in New Jersey under Boyd Gaming’s Stardust brand. Betfair dates back to 2013, the first year for NJ online casinos.

Like Betfair, Stardust is operating under the Golden Nugget Online Gaming License.

“The new Stardust Casino will retain all of the great games that customers love on Betfair Casino, while incorporating a new stylish look that captures the glitz, glamour, and nostalgia of old Las Vegas,” said Amy Howe, president of FanDuel Group.

So this means Betfair NJ customers will now be automatically redirected to Stardust. And to make the transition easier, existing customers can use the same login information.

Stardust is using FanDuel’s player account management system, so deposited funds on one site can be wagered on both. The online casino will be linked to Boyd Gaming’s B Connected player loyalty program, allowing players to earn points and tier credits for their online play.

Lots of table games, slot options

NJ online gamblers can find all of their favorite casino games on the new Stardust website or app.  Here are some of the table games:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Live dealer

The mobile app carries some of the most popular slot titles, including:

  • Divine Fortune
  • Dancing Drums
  • Double Diamond
  • Cleopatra

More than 300 slot games are currently online.

Viva Las Vegas Stardust

The Stardust Resort & Casino in Las Vegas was, arguably, one of the most iconic gambling parlors in history.

The quirky, futuristic space-themed casino opened in 1958 and closed in 2006.

But it is perhaps most famous as the inspiration for the 1995 film, Casino.

Although the fictional casino in the movie is called the Tangiers, the story’s main characters are based on mob gangsters who ran the Stardust and other Vegas casinos in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Speaking of old Las Vegas, there is some irony with the timing of the Stardust brand coming back to life. Resorts World Las Vegas, which is replacing Stardust on the Las Vegas Strip, announced its opening date (June 24) this week.

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New Jersey Sportsbooks Suffer (A Little) February Chill With $743 Million In Bets

New Jersey sportsbooks took nearly $743 million in February NJ sports betting handle and reported more than $46 million in revenue.

New Jersey sportsbooks took nearly $743 million in wagers in February and reported more than $46 million in revenue.

Both numbers are significantly higher than those from February 2020 (the last full month before pro and college sports shut down), according to data released Tuesday by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Anchored by $117.4 million in Super Bowl 55 bets, February 2021’s monthly sports betting handle was $248.14 million more than during the same month last year.

And that’s with February 2020 having an extra day because of a Leap Year.

As a result, Garden State sportsbooks reported a year-over-year revenue increase of nearly 244%.

However, February’s total sports betting handle was a drop of nearly $215 million from January’s $958.7 million.

The dip from January is expected. In every year in which New Jersey has offered legal sports betting, February has generated less in total wagers than in January.

Last month’s handle was the state’s lowest total since August.
In December, NJ set a U.S. record with a monthly sports betting handle of $996.3 million.

Online & mobile carries New Jersey sportsbooks, again

Online sports betting accounted for $689.25 million, or nearly 93%, of February’s total handle. That figure is $252.8 million more than the amount online sports gamblers shelled out in February 2020.

The Meadowlands Racetrack (FanDuel Sportsbook/PointsBet NJ) topped the online market again with $24.9 million in gross revenue, down from $41.8 million in January. The license holder reported $27.1 million for the month.

Resorts Digital, led by DraftKings Sportsbook, finished an extremely distant second with $7.7 million, the bulk of which is from online wagering.

“FanDuel and DraftKings have dominated the market since launch, and there really hasn’t been a major change in that dynamic since 2018,” said Dustin Gouker, lead analyst for PlayNJ.com. “BetMGM is making end roads in other states, including Michigan, but it will take a lot for it to significantly eat into the New Jersey market share of the nation’s two largest operators.”

Retail’s struggles getting lost in the shuffle

Conversely, NJ’s retail sportsbooks took less action in February 2021 compared to last year, even with two additional locations. Last month, NJ’s 12 brick-and-mortar sportsbooks reported a total handle of $53.7 million. In February 2020, with just 10 retail shops, New Jersey sportsbooks handled $58.3 million.

A Parx-branded Sportsbook at Freehold Raceway opened in September 2020, but has yet to drum up much business.

A temporary FanDuel Sportsbook opened at Bally’s Atlantic City in December. Bally’s and FanDuel opened the permanent location this week, just in time for March Madness.

New Jersey sportsbooks ready to celebrate  March Madness

The good news for NJ sportsbooks is that Garden State gamblers love basketball betting. Only football garners more bets in NJ than basketball, according to DGE data.

That means a potential $1 billion monthly sports betting handle is not out of the question.  March Madness betting will be leading the way.

“March Madness is the largest sports betting holiday of the year, and in New Jersey, basketball, in general, tends to draw a lot of action,” said PlayNJ.com analyst Eric Ramsey. “In other words, it’s possible New Jersey could become the nation’s first state to generate more than $1 billion in sports bets in a single month.”

AP Photo/Ashley Landis




How Super Bowl Wagering Kept Bettors Tuned In Until The End

Thanks to NJ sports betting, gamblers stayed interested in a Super Bowl that the TV audience would have otherwise fled in the second half.

NJ Sports betting rescued a non-compelling Super Bowl 55.

Gamblers preserved interest in a game the national television audience would have otherwise fled midway through the third period. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 31-9 drubbing of the Kansas City Chiefs had drama until the final snap, for bettors only.

New Jersey sports bettors wagered a whopping $117.4 million on the game according to the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

No riveting game, no problem.

Here’s a recap of the eye-openers.

William Hill, Chiefs struggle, bettors rejoice

The Chiefs to score exactly nine points was +15000 or 150 to 1 at William Hill NJ.

The bet survived two fourth quarter red-zone trips. Fortunately for this bettor, Kansas City had to decline easy field goals and pursue touchdowns.

An end zone pick with under two minutes remaining sealed the deal. An astonishingly gutsy, and effective selection. The Chiefs had 38 points in the AFC championship game.

Nine here?

What a call.

By extension, the explosive Chiefs were +6000, or 60-1, to obtain zero touchdowns. This game had an over-under of 56.5. Yes, some end-zone tosses in the fourth quarter had to be sweated out, but this also was wagering genius

Patrick Mahomes not to throw a touchdown was +1500. This was an extraordinarily bold bet, considering Mahomes still had minus numbers to throw three touchdown passes.


A great wager. And some New Jersey bettors, according to the books, plunked $1,000 on this long shot.

The exact margin of victory for the Bucs, in the 19 to 24-point range, paid a handsome +2500.This is an extremely difficult margin to hit, even in a high-scoring affair. Accomplishing it with the winning team collecting 31 points was remarkable.

The Bucs to score exactly 31 points returned +1400. A little more realistic in that the Bucs have been coming in right around the 30 number for the last several weeks:

  • 31 against the Washington Football team
  • 30 versus the Orleans Saints,
  • 31 against the Green Bay Packers

And now this. Nonetheless, hitting an exact point total should pay well and it did

Tampa Bay tight end Rob Gronkowski’s first touchdown paid out $3.1 million to customers that selected the Tight End in the First TD Scorer market and another $650k for his second score.

Gronk, the human cash register.

DraftKings and Mattress Mack

When it comes to major sporting events, Mattress Mack is usually there to make the highest profile wager.

And Super Bowl 55 was no exception. The bet was $3.46 million on the Bucs at +3.5 after. He flew from Houston to Colorado this time around to place his bet with DraftKings Sportsbook

But New Jersey gamblers bet their own millions at DraftKings.

And they didn’t have to travel like Mack. (By the way, this is the same Mattress Mack who placed $1.5 million at FanDuel Sportsbook  in NJ for the Houston Astros to win the 2019 World Series.)

All the bettors had to do was use their apps. And they cashed in here, like he did.

Gronkowski to be the first TD scorer was as high as +1800 during the week and he corralled 5% of the market.

Did anyone anticipate a scoreless quarter from these offensive juggernauts? The fourth-quarter goosegg paid +500.

The underdog “no” prevailed on the prop of any team obtaining three uninterrupted scores. It paid + 170.

And how about some of the props showing great handicapping by the handicappers?

Bet $5 Get $200 + Up to $1,050 Bonus

Check these whisker-close Super Bowl props

DraftKings listed 10:14:59 p.m.  as the over-under for the final play. The game was scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. It started late.

And like any NFL game, these factors seem to favor the over.

  • A booth review on a potential touchdown,
  • A long halftime show
  • Several clock stoppages in the last three minutes

However, over bettors did not cash out.

Super Bowl 55 ended just after 10:13 p.m., a narrow win for the under.

Did the “over” choke?

“Over” bettors can find 90 seconds somewhere that would have made the difference. Just one skirmish, another booth review.

And on a side note, The DraftKings’ Fat Man prop for an offensive lineman to score at + 2000 had a chance, but for an incomplete second-quarter pass into the end zone.

Overlooked Super Bowl betting implications

Forgotten Fact 1:  The Chiefs outgained the Bucs 350-340 in total yards despite being outplayed. If you took that bet, you remember it.

Forgotten Fact 2: Big effect from one play.

Kansas City stuffing Leonard Fournette on 4th-and-goal denied more than a 5-1 prop from around the books for a score on fourth down.

It changed Super Bowl squares for the second quarter and the game, Tampa Bay’s final total and the bucket of bucks for any prop involving two Fournette scores.

FanDuel paid out millions

FanDuel Sportsbook sent out a Super Bowl betting recap following the game.

The night started with $1.7 million paid to bettors of heads for the coin toss.

New customers also earned $17 million via the book’s 55-1 offer.  The Tampa win and cover of +3- paid more than $27 million in pre-match betting on the core spread and moneyline markets.

Some gamblers didn’t rely on props. They went big with the classic wagers.

One New Jersey bettor took $115,000 on the Bucs at +3.5 and at -125.

As for Prop Mania, one customer bet $892.80 on Gronkowski to score two touchdowns. The odds were +1400. The payout was $13,392.

Here’s a rarity.

We mentioned the bet of the Chiefs scoring no touchdowns. Some people hit, but it seemed crazy to take. So crazy that FanDuel reported nobody (as in any of the 12  markets it operates in) bet the under on Kansas City total touchdowns. Never mind zero.

This means every bettor in FanDuel’s 12 states expected Kansas City to at least score a couple of TDs.

Hey, you can fool all of the people some of the time.

AP Photo/Ashley Landis




NFL Odds Boosts: Is A Green Bay-Kansas City Rematch of Super Bowl I In The Cards?

Bettors may be thinking about the potential NFL 1967 rematch between the Chiefs and Packers or boosting Tom Brady’s odds of making a return trip to Tampa.

The NFL Conference Championships, presenting NJ sports betting patrons with a potpourri of gambling options. Looking between the lines and at certain angles, bettors can increase payouts on wagers they already like for Sunday’s games.

Some side intrigue surrounds both contests.

The host Green Bay Packers remain a slight favorite over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first game. If Tampa Bay wins, it will become the first team ever to play a home game at the Super Bowl. Tampa hosts Super Bowl 55 on Feb 7.

The Kansas City Chiefs are slight chalk against the visiting Buffalo Bills in the nightcap.

If the Chiefs and Packers win, guess what we will have in two weeks? A rematch of Super Bowl I, captured by the Packers, 35-10, in 1967

Besides the normal betting menu, gamblers can find values in the props and odds boosts.

DraftKings Sportsbook + NFL parlay boost 

DraftKings Sportsbook  awards bettors a bonus for simply being right.

It has a 25% parlay boost for gamblers who can hit both games.

Following opt-in, you’ll be issued a single-use profit boost which you can use to place a 2-leg parlay on both games.

Each leg requires minimum odds of -200 or longer (-100, +250 etc.). That should be easy enough here, as both favorites are under -200.

You must select the boost from your bet slip before placing bet to apply the boosted price of 25%.

Maximum bet is $50, with  maximum $250 additional winnings.

This promo includes live bets and parlays, but excludes free bets, cash out bets, voided bets, and odds boosts.

FanDuel Sportsbook offers expanded menu

FanDuel Sportsbook is offering  another fun way to wager on NFL Playoff games. Played a certain way, on individuals, it can enhance a championship bet on your favorite team.

One example is which quarterback will have the most playoff passing yardage? Here are the odds as of early Friday afternoon:

  • Tom Brady +180
  • Josh Allen +200
  • Aaron Rodgers +350
  • Patrick Mahomes +450.

Does that look a little upside down, with Mahomes and Rodgers as the underdogs?

That’s because Brady and Allen have played two games compared to one for Rodgers and Mahomes.

Brady leads the pack with 580 yards. Allen is second with 530.

Rodgers has 296 and Mahomes comes in with 255.

If you take an average of 300 passing yards per game, a player with three games played will hit 900 yards. Only Brady and Allen can collect four games and either of them would win this if their teams reach a fourth game, the Super Bowl.

Should the Packers and Chiefs prevail as favorites, however, all members in this group will play three games.

The value plays, if you like Kansas City and Green Bay on Sunday, are Rodgers and Mahomes.

Those betting on Rodgers are thinking he would trail whomever is leading by roughly 300 yards going into the Super Bowl. And this  includes not falling further behind Brady. Plus, you hope he gets over the top and keeps his slight lead over Mahomes.

That’s an angle because the Packers are only +210 to win the championship. If Green Bay wins it all, Rodgers has an excellent chance to beat the players in front of him. This is a subtle way to improve value on a Green Bay Super Bowl championship, but you must feel that neither Tampa Bay nor Buffalo will win Sunday.

Mahomes is great value too, although his health concerns make it difficult to pull the trigger on him having two monster games to take the lead. But what a price if things fall his way.

However you look at it, this is a great bet to ponder.Plus,  it’s a little different.

NFL odds boosts: Bucs vs. Packers

Fox Bet has made boosts a season-long staple.

The menu has increased substantially, prompting gamblers to narrow their focus. Longshot chances pay well, but require two, three or four players to score.

Best take-a-shot values are first-score touchdowns. Difficult to hit, but they only require one player to score.

In the Tampa Bay-Green Bay game, take a look at the  Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers showdown.

These two veteran passers to  throw for more than 250 yards each is now paying +100, up from -110.  Say goodbye to the vig, this makes the bet slightly more appealing. It has the same return as an against-the-spread pick. Bettors may like this one more.

It would seem like a no-brainer for these future Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks to reach these numbers. But Brady had only 199 yards last week as the running game and the four takeaways from the New Orleans offense provided short fields.

Davante Adams of the Packers to register 100 yards and tally a touchdown is now +200, up from +175. Rodgers loves him and Adams is a prolific threat, so this may come down to whether Todd Bowles wants his Tampa Bay defense to take Adams out of the mix with double, even triple teams.

Adams is always a popular bet to score the first touchdown and he has been boosted to +600. He has scored the first TD in two of the last three Packers games.

On the Tampa Bay side, Chris Godwin to notch a first-quarter score has been hiked to +700.

It’s hard to differentiate between the Tampa Bay receivers. Brady loves Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Godwin,  and tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Brown, however, is now playing Sunday.

Odds boosts for Bills vs. Chiefs

In the AFC game, bettors will have to decide what kind of Mahomes they will get, provided he passes protocols and plays, as expected.

A healthy Mahomes sets up some enticing scenarios.

Receiver Tyreek Hill to score in the first quarter has been to +500. Under normal circumstances, bettors could be reluctant to limit a bet to one quarter as Tthe team might only have one possession.

But Hill is usually targeted for a deep ball, and in the end zone, on Kansas City’s first possession. Hill sets a tone for the game with the Chiefs.

Travis Kelce, Mahomes’ other premier target, is +700 to score first. Championship teams often have a dominant tight end. Kelce was the recipient of Mahomes’ only touchdown pass last week.

In these two bets, you are hoping primarily for a deep ball to Hill or for Kelce to be targeted around the 10-yard line.

Can Hill and Buffalo superstar Stefon Diggs each score a touchdown? That’s been boosted to +300. Diggs was the lone TD scorer in last week’s 17-3 win over the Ravens.

AP/Jeffrey Phelps