NFL Week 7 Odds Boosts: Chase Claypool Is On The Rise

No matter which team you are considering for NFL Week 7, there is likely an odds boost for you that will add extra sizzle to the NJ sports betting weeekend.

Odds boosts not only sizzle, they can turn into steak.

One of the most popular and expansive sectors of NFL  betting  goes beyond simply grabbing one’s attention.  Used wisely, odds boosts can make the difference between winning and losing on an NFL week.

Some boosts eliminate the disadvantage of the vig, others allow bettors to tease, or move the line, without paying. And while there can be special rules such as bet limits, odds boosts represent legitimate deals.

Here is a look at what NJ sportsboook apps are rolling out for  NFL Week 7.

Chase Claypool in play at Fox Bet

Fox Bet is putting star Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Chase Claypool in the spotlight.  The combination of a Claypool touchdown against the Tennessee Titans and a Steelers triumph is now  +400, up from +300.

This one is enticing because Claypool has emerged as a prime target for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Claypool can shake free deep, and is capable of scoring in close formations. This is when Pittsburgh loads a group of receivers to one side, tosses a quick pass to that side, and gets some good blocking for the receiver to notch a short-yardage score.

Tennessee games have become high-scoring affairs. Just last week against the Houston Texans, the two teams combined for 78 points in a game that went into overtime.  The Titans won the game, but they have shown that they can be beaten deep.

On the flip side, defensive coordinators can take anyone out of play by issuing double, even triple coverage. Big Ben likes to target Claypool deep at least a couple times per game.

Cowboys’ Zeke Elliott seeking  redemption

Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott uncharacteristically fumbled twice in Dallas’ 38-10 blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals Monday night.

Here’s the question: Will he redeem himself in Sunday’s NFC East game against the Washington Football Team?

Elliot scoring two or more touchdowns paired with a Dallas victory is now +300, up slightly from +240.

But can both happen?

Fair odds. If Dallas is going to cover its first game this season, it will lean heavily on Elliott to right the ship. He was held scoreless  last week.

Looking at Garoppolo + Brady

This week’s Monday night game pits Jimmy Garoppolo and his San Francisco 49ers against the New England Patriots. But will he hoist two or more touchdowns and help his team defeat the Pats?

It’s up to +350, a deservedly rich payout because Garoppolo is an unpredictable mixed bag on this run-first team. Two TDs usually isn’t  a lot to ask. However, the combo of two touchdowns and  a road win on Monday night is, which is why the bet pays so well.

Tom Brady is +300 to throw for at least 300 yards and his  Tampa Bay Bucs to defeat the Las Vegas Raiders. With this expected to be a high-scoring matchup,  Brady could easily rack up the yardage. Opposing teams are averaging close to 270 passing yards per game against the Silver and Black this season.

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DraftKings Sportsbook: Seven for Week 7

For NFL Week 7, DraftKings Sportsbook has seven profit boosts and seven parlay boosts.

The first step is to opt-in. From there, users will be issued seven 20% parlay boosts and seven 10% profit boosts.

And the parlay boosts can be applied to NFL parlays of two or more legs. Each leg requires the minimum odds of -200 or longer. However, the maximum bet is $25, with the  max payout at $250.

The profit boosts can be applied to NFL singles bets. In this case, $50 is the max bet, with the potential for  $250 in additional winnings.

Customers must select the boosts from the bet slip before placing wagers. This will apply the boosted price

This program allows you to select games.

More NFL Week 7 Odds Boosts

DraftKings also put up some individual wagers worthy  of consideration.

The New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Denver Broncos to all lose (yes, lose) has been boosted from -122 to +100 as a moneyline play. So, in a way, bettors are actually backing three of the big favorites on the board:

  • Buffalo Bills are a 10.5 favorite over the Jets
  • The Los Angeles Chargers are +7.5 over the Jags
  • Kansas City Chiefs, trending in the -9 range all week versus Denver

On the flip side, the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and Steelers all to win is now +485, up from +319. The Packers visit the Texans, Pittsburgh plays Tennessee in a battle of unbeaten teams, and New Orleans hosts the Carolina Panthers.

FanDuel Sportsbook + Line Adjustments

FanDuel Sportsbook has three significant boosts that impact value, all with $50 max  pay.

The NFL Week 7 menu is the Steelers +1.5 to cover versus the Titans. More importantly, Pittsburgh is boosted from -110, the normal spread vig, to +110. It’s as if you  are the sportsbook and they gave you the vig.

Then there is Extra Points for Extra Pay. Basically, three teams are essentially teased one point in the bettor’s favor. However,  instead of paying for the privilege, the bettor is boosted to +450 (from +390).

Here’s what it means:

  • The New Orleans Saints are now  giving  6.5 points to Carolina, rather than 7.5.
  • Chicago now receives 7.5 against the Los Angeles Rams, instead of  6.
  • Instead of laying 3.5 versus Houston, the Packers line Packers is down to 2.5.

Before the age of adjusted lines, moving the spread on these games was called “buying a hook.” Those bets took bettors off spread numbers like 3 and 7, which can result in “pushes,” or ties and put them in a favorable position to win if the games ended on those margins.

However, a player had to pay a premium for the new spread.

In this offer, you get the new line along with the better odds.

Then there is the  enticing big tease in which gamblers can move the line by roughly six points. Like the previous offer, three teams are in play:

  • Buffalo is down to -5.5, from 12 against the Jets
  • Pittsburgh’s line jumps to 7.5
  • Arizona  gets +9.5, up from +3.5.

That moves you from +156 to +200.

As with all parlays, one must have all legs hit or the wager will not payout.


NFL Week 5 Odds Boosts: Eagles-Steelers Bettors Rooting For Touchdowns

NFL Odds boosts are where the fun and business element of NJ sports betting intersect.

They create entertaining wagers for bettors who like something different, especially yardage or team-scoring props.

Fox Bet NJ has emerged as a premier player in this space.

Here’s a look at some of the better  Week 5 NFL odds boosts.

Eagles-Steelers touchdown totals

What are the chances the Philadelphia Eagles score a touchdown in each half against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

At the same time, what are the chances the undefeated AFC North leaders do the same?

Well, Fox Bet has boosted this exact scenario from +200 to +300. Both of these teams can usually do that.

Why play it: Scoring is up everywhere in the NFL, so this scenario doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Through three games, the Steelers have scored a touchdown in every half. The Eagles have done the same in their last two games. If two medium-scoring teams have succeeded at this wager, it’s a good play.

Why skip it: Both offenses go through sporadic periods. One of these teams lay an egg for one half. More importantly, will  field goals replace touchdowns if one team is up big?

Sticking with the same game, there is another odds boost related to Miles Sanders and James Conner.  The running backs to combine for 150 yards total, up from +135 to +160, and is a worthy consideration.

Why play it: This bet has a strong chance to pay out. Both backs are capable of breaking off long runs. You have two guys going at once, rather than each player needing to hit a certain number.

Why skip it: If you think the game could be a blowout, one or both of these backs get taken off the field. Plus, injuries are always a concern in a yardage prop.

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Other NFL odds boosts on Fox Bet board

Todd Gurley and Joe Mixon to score touchdowns is boosted from +200 to +300.

Gurley plays for the Atlanta Falcons and is going against the Carolina Panthers. You’d like him to score and consider that in a separate prop.

Mixon is the mojo for the Cincinnati Bengals running game. This week he is facing a Baltimore Ravens team that has been taking opposing running backs out of the picture by jumping out to  big early leads.

Then is  the New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys game.

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott is off to an explosive start, throwing for at least 450 yards in each of the Cowboys last three games. The flip side is his team his team is 1-3.

And the Giants are 0-4.

With all this being said, Fox Bet has boosted Prescott to throw for 330 or more yards combined with a Cowboys win from +162 to +200  The tricky selection is needing to believe the Giants will stay close enough to make him throw.

So ironically, a Prescott yardage prop is really a bet on the Giants offense.

Sticking with the quarterback theme, can Russell Wilson throw for three touchdowns and his Seattle Seahawks beat the Minnesota Vikings?

The odds are boosted from +162 to +200. This is intriguing because Seattle’s offensive numbers would indicate he can toss three TDs. At the same time, the Seahawks often run the ball in, and Wilson is a threat to score a rushing touchdown.

Moving the points at FanDuel Sportsbook

We highlighted a prop here last week that came out just as projected.

FanDuel Sportsbook allowed bettors to move the Baltimore RavensWashington Football Team line from -14 to -12 and get a boost from -115 to +110.

The Ravens won 31-17, the exact original number. But this play became a winner on the special FanDuel props boost. Props if you took this prop.

Adjusting the spread, as opposed to a yardage play, remains the focus this week.

The Eagles at +7.5 moves from -120 to +100 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Maximum bet $50. This changes the odds from laying 6-5 to getting even money, while also getting half a point.

This is an interesting play in conjunction with the overall line. Based on when they make the wager, bettors may get 7-5 on this game for larger bets anyway, but it will be -110, not +100.

Bettors can also move the Vikings up to -8.5 against the Seahawks, the Kansas City Chiefs down to -10.5 against the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Cowboys to -7.5 against the Giants. It boosts the payout from +479 to +550.

Taking the original lines on these games is +628, but there is substantial line movement in the bettors’ favor in the prop. Kansas City and Dallas both drop a full point and Minnesota moves up by 1.5 points.

Jets odds and positive COVID test

Earlier today, news broke that the New York Jets were sent home as the result of a positive COVID test.

This puts Sundays game against the Arizona Cardinals at MetLife Stadium in jeopardy.

Both FanDuel and DraftKings Sportsbook had the game off the board as of 3:45 p.m. ET today.

Both operators had boosts that involved the Cardinals and may have to be updated.If the game  gets pushed back, bettors may select other options with faster results.

Along that front:

The Denver Broncos at the New England Patriots game is now scheduled for Monday (5 p.m. ET) on ESPN. Sunday’s Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans contest now is set to be played on Tuesday (7 p.m. on CBS).

Positive COVID testing by players moved, yet still preserved, these games.

PointsBet + No juice spreads

PointsBet NJ has a Saturday special, so to speak. The operator is running a “No Juice Saturday” promo. It applies to NFL point spreads and refers to those odds of +100 or the equivalent (one side listed at -110 and the other at +110). Normal trading limits apply.

This is an excellent play for bettors who know who they like on Saturday and won’t need a late-line Sunday movement to determine their wager.

Gene J. Puskar


Bargain Hunting: NFL Week 4 Odds Boosts Includes An Eagles-49ers Free Bet

Philadelphia Eagles bettors frustrated by the team’s 0-2-1 are desperate for a win, and Fox Bet may have just the solution for the San Francisco 49ers game.

Ready to go shopping?

Bargain hunting is half the thrill of NFL betting and a core part of one’s budgeting.

In the NJ sports betting world, sportsbooks compete for your business the way credit card companies do. Odds boosts, or special offers, are designed to spike wagering activity and recruit new business.

When bettors find offers that play into their feelings about the games, they obtain value.

Here’s a look at NFL Week 4 odds boosts.

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Fox Bet rolls out can’t lose Eagles offer

For once, the Philadelphia Eagles can’t lose, even as 7-point underdogs to the San Francisco 49ers.


This Fox Bet NJ offer entitles new and existing customers to get their money back as a free bet. Yep, even if the Eagles lose on Sunday.

Here are the basics:

  • The maximum wager is $50.
  • Offer applies only to an Eagles moneyline wager.
  • No opt-in necessary.
  • Only one bet per customer.

This is one method bettors like to pad their bankrolls. Free bets have become a significant part of NJ sports betting offers.

Compile them, use them wisely, and try to turn a freebie into a nice wagering hit.

Scoring with Alvin Kamara + Nick Chubb

What are the chance Alvin Kamara and Nick Chubb each score a touchdown this week?

Before answering that question, Fox Bet has boosted the player prop up to +300 from +200.

This one is tempting because Chubb is a force for the new-look Cleveland Browns offense. His team is facing a Dallas Cowboys defense that has given up 77 points in its last two games.

Kamara is the New Orleans Saints offense. He handles the ball so often that he’s a good bet to score — especially against the Detroit Lions

Why You Like It: The boost from +200 to +300 makes this one worth considering. The players simply need to score a touchdown. The final scores are irrelevant.

Why You Sweat It: Chubb splits carries with Kareem Hunt. And while he’s a powerful back, Cleveland does not block well for him on the goal line. Hunt, who is more elusive and hits the line a little faster, gains a considerable share of carries near the end zone.

That cuts into Chubb’s action.

Chubb scored twice last week against Washington, on runs of 16 and 20 yards. That’s the area of the field bettors generally need him to score from.

More NFL odds boosts from Fox Bet

Sunday’s game between the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots is a biggie.

So here’s a Fox Bet odds boost worth pondering.

Will Patrick Mahomes throw three touchdowns and his Chiefs beat the Pats? It has been upgraded to +200.

Then there is the Monday Night Football game.

Will the 3-0 Green Bay Packers to win every quarter against the 0-3 Atlanta Falcons?

It has been hiked to +850. It’s tough for any team to sweep all four quarters, but it happens.

DraftKings Sportsbook + vig busters

Any offers that boost the price by 10% or more remove the “vig.” This is the price paid to the books for the privilege of handling your action.

Here’s a good one from DraftKings Sportsbook if you like the Seattle Seahawks, Saints, and Tampa Bay Bucs to triumph on Sunday. Hit all three, and it’s boosted from +168 to +210.

That’s a significant hike over general market odds for this offer if that package appeals to you.

Seattle visits the Miami Dolphins. Tampa Bay hosts the Los Angeles Chargers, and New Orleans visits the Detroit Lions.

Here’s another odds boost that has taken a bet from unplayable to playable.

Quarterbacks Russell Wilson of Seattle and Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans each throwing two touchdowns has been boosted from -147 to -115.

Wilson is usually a lock for two scores. Watson often is iffy but he does have a porous Minnesota Vikings defense in front of him in Week 4.

FanDuel sportsbook + alternate line bonanza

This one is fun.

FanDuel Sportsbook changes and essentially teases the lines on three games by about a touchdown each in the bettor’s favor. And it boosts the odds to +170.

How would you like the Patriots at +14.5 against the Chiefs, or the Baltimore Ravens only -5.5 against the Washington Football Team? How does the Packers at +0.5 against the Falcons sound?

You have to hit them all in order for this bet to pay out, but this provides bettors about an extra touchdown on all three teams.

Alternate lines change prices. Gamblers are paying for the better odds, but when the price is then boosted, a player obtains value.

In a smaller version of this format, the Eagles get 8.5 against the 49ers, the Chiefs give 5.5 to the Patriots, and the Buffalo Bills give the Las Vegas Raiders -2.5.

This is a minor tweak, but the tinker in the line boosts the payout from +405 to +450.

FanDuel also has a super boost regarding the Baltimore-Washington game on Sunday.

The Ravens are giving 12.5 rather than the posted -14.

Patrons who take them and hit will get +110 rather than the original -115.

There’s a premium of 25 base points in that formula. Rather than paying the book 15% to take the bet, gamblers are getting 10%.

If you like the Ravens to cover that number, this is an excellent wager.

Listen to these words: BetMGM has a free-to-play offer

Here is something risk-free.

BetMGM sportsbook has a promotion that issues free bets for patrons who can predict the first touchdown scorer of three specified games.

Here’s the best part: There is no cost to enter.

This is how it works:

  • BetMGM will feature three games in its Pick 3 First TD Challenge every week.
  • Pick one correctly and you receive $5 in free bets.
  • Two correct predictions equal $10 in free bets.
  • Hit all three and that’s $100 freebies.
  • The free bets can then be redeemed via online or mobile and must be used as a single bet within seven days of being credited to your account.

That will usually be within 24 hours of the correct selections. So figure you will be playing them in the following week’s games.

Of course, free bets cannot be redeemed for cash.

Call it a longshot with no risk.

Sometimes risk-free NFL betting can be a win-win.

AP Photo/Chris Szagola

It’s Game Time: 0-2 Eagles Get The Spotlight In Two NFL Odds Boosts At NJ Sportsbooks

With Sunday’s slate of Week 3 games on tap, NFL odds boosts at Fox Bet and FanDuel sportsbooks put the Eagles-Bengals matchup in the spotlight.

The bulk of the NFL Week 3 schedule is around the corner. Want a boost?

Odds boosts and promotions become more sophisticated by the week, earning increased prominence and attention in one’s weekly betting budget.

Two boosts spelled “cha-ching” on Thursday night. DraftKings returned+355 for the Miami Dolphins to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars and for the 31-13 final to be less than 48 points.

A Fox Bet boost awarded +200 for each team to score a touchdown in each half.

Very nice returns. But NFL Week 3 is not over yet. Let’s look at Sunday’s odds boosts.

Fox Bet: Eagles to fly high each quarter

Fox Bet NJ offers another attractive boost. Can the Eagles score in every quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals? It has been boosted from +125 to +200.

This merits a look.

The price makes this play attractive, along with the nature of the challenge. The appeal of this one is that it ensures relevance for each quarter of the game and pays on a broad outline — the team to score — rather than the yardage or touchdown considerations that can be left to chance.

Key factors that determine the outcome: A team will often have at least three possessions in one quarter.

But sometimes it will be two, if a clock-eating drive carries over into a subsequent quarter, or if a team scores late in one period and their opponents get the ball to start the next quarter.

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This NFL odds boost includes a challenge

You may be on edge if the Eagles have a third-down play deep in Bengals territory late in a quarter.

You want an incomplete pass to end the drive so that a field goal can be kicked. But your moneyline, spread, or over-under bet for the game (even a quarter) may reflect the need for a touchdown.

Ah, gambling.

Nonetheless, this is an attractive play for bettors who like team-type props, versus those of individual players.

Can the Eagles score against the Bengals in NFL Week 3?

The Eagles scored in two quarters in their season-opening loss to the Washington Football Team. They tallied in three quarters of last week’s 37-19 setback to the Los Angeles Rams.

This NFL odds boost would have lost in those two weeks.

But now they face the Bengals, who did give up points in every quarter of their 35-30 loss to the Cleveland Browns last week. And this one is a price.

If the Eagles odds boost above doesn’t entice you, Fox Bet released several more on Friday morning.

One of them calls for Josh Allen to pass for more than 300 yards for the Buffalo Bills against the Los Angeles Rams.

It’s been hiked from +200 to +300. Allen did clear 300 last week against the Dolphins, but his propensity to run usually cuts into his passing numbers.

Cam Newton to rush for one touchdown and for the New England Patriots to defeat the Las Vegas Raiders is +270. Newton has four rushing TDs already this season.

FanDuel: Say goodbye to the vig

Here is a spread pick consideration for Philadelphia Eagles backers. Philadelphia -4.5 against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday has been boosted from -110 to +105.

What is this bet really? The elimination of the vig and then some.

The -110 price would represent the normal 10% vig, the price bettors pay for sportsbooks taking their action. One would normally wager $110 to win $100 (or $55 to win $50) on the Eagles.

Here, a FanDuel Sportsbook bettor can opt for the maximum $50 and win $52.50. It’s a few bucks and a large principle — a 15% boost in one victory.

Philadelphia -4.5 is down from the -6.5 line set on Monday. Bengals backers loved that opening line and those who bet early must be licking their chops about getting 6.5 versus the 4.5 on Friday.

The Bengals have covered in both of their games, despite being 0-2. The Eagles have not covered in either of their games in an 0-2 start.

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DraftKings: Profit boost rather than odds boost

DraftKings Sportsbook app did not try to capture a segment of the market with a specific boost.

It put every game into play. And all users are eligible for this.

Following an opt-in for all Week 3 NFL games, bettors will be issued a single-use profit boost to use on all games.

You must select the boost from your bet slip before placing your bet to apply the boosted price (20% profit boost will apply to the winnings, excluding the winning bet). The max bet is $50.

The profit boosts expire at the end of respective games and include live bets and same-game parlays. It excludes free bets, cash-out bets, voided bets, and odds boosts.

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BetMGM: Dog day afternoon?

We close with a BetMGM Sports promo that’s not an odds boost, but a parlay and a striking number.

The Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Los Angeles Rams will return a substantial +1200 if they all win.

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Why the long odds? All are underdogs, and two play on the road.

But they are not big underdogs. Chicago is +3.5 against the host Atlanta Falcons. The visiting Rams are +2 against the Buffalo Bills and taking so much money they have moved the line down from +3. The Minnesota Vikings are +3 against the visiting Tennessee Titans.

However, each team has a tough assignment.

Thursday Night Football Odds Boosts Put Spotlight On Dolphins-Jaguars QBs

With NFL Week 3 looming, New Jersey sportsbooks break out the odds boosts for the Dolphins vs. Jaguars matchup on Thursday Night Football.

What’s the first sign of the upcoming NFL week, besides the chatter?

Odds boosts. They arrive in time for the Thursday night games and progress closer to Sunday’s kickoffs. They come in varied forms and reach different betting sectors, from individual to team props.

It’s important to know which ones are simply fun and which may entice a strong wager, perhaps one of the most important bets you’ll make this week.

Let’s assess some for the Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday Night Football.

DraftKings has a strong odds boost lineup

We’ll start off with a good pick from DraftKings Sportsbook. Jacksonville quarterback Gardner Minshew to throw for more than 250.5 yards and the Jags to win has been boosted from +130 to +150.

This is a good price.

The yards should be attainable, as Minshew threw for 339 on Sunday when the Jags authored a shootout with the Tennessee Titans, losing 33-30.

Minshew Mania was in full force, as he led the Jags back from a big deficit.

Conversely, the Dolphins allowed 417 yards to the Josh Allen-led Buffalo Bills in a 31-28 loss. If you think Minshew’s team can follow with a win, this is the most realistic prop on the board.

What you’ve got for this prop +150 is a moneyline favorite of -157 in the Jags and a yardage total Minshew normally hits.

Worth the attempt.

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A moneyline victory for the Dolphins

Go to the flip side of the moneyline. The Dolphins to win outright and the game to stay under 48 points now pays +355, up from +325.

This is an intriguing prop because a moneyline victory by the Dolphins is feasible. They opened as a 1-point underdog and it became +3 on Tuesday.

Still, being an underdog by a field goal or less represents a realistic win chance.

The tricky part will be keeping this game under 48 points. The Jags-Titans scored 63 points, and the Dolphins and Buffalo Bills clicked for 59 points last week.

Do you think this can go 10 points lower and the Dolphins can prevail? Miami doesn’t win many shootouts, so there is sentiment that if they win, it will be a lower-scoring game.

DJ Chark odds boost

Crap shoot: If you take a stab in the first touchdown department, DJ Chark has been boosted from +900 to +975. A nice payout becomes even nicer.

But how much will he play? Chark is battling a chest injury and will be limited. A chest injury impacts a player’s ability to reach out for the pass.

Will the Dolphins be nursing him on a short week, trying to preserve him for the long haul? First touchdowns are tough calls anyway because they have a limited time frame.

Fox Bet: Money in the TDs

Here’s a good one with a history of coming out.

Fox Bet NJ offers an odds boost if each team scores a touchdown in each half. The odds have been hiked from +125 to +200.

In Week 2, Miami scored touchdowns in each half of a 31-28 setback to the Bills.

Jacksonville tallied touchdowns in both halves in losing one of the week’s most thrilling contests, 33-30, to the Tennessee Titans.

Both teams have freewheeling, talented quarterbacks. Neither team has much of a defense.

PointsBet: Dolphins-Jags boosted to playable

Minshew and Ryan Fitzpatrick combined for 667 passing yards in NFL Week 2. They are presented as a prop of 500 yards between them and reduced from -140 to -110 at PointsBet NJ.

Not attractive at -140 but a play, maybe a strong one, at -110.

This is a sensible number, as you can forecast either quarterback to get hot. If either team falls a few points behind, it’s must-throw. The odds on the prop indicate there is roughly a 50% chance of the yardage being reached.

And they both cleared the number last week. Can they do it again?

The boost brings this wager into play.

This is a nice companion ticket to the over-under 48 play. You are doubling down on hopes of offense and rooting against freak plays, like a deflection that gets picked off in the end zone.

Why odds boosts are a good bet

Odds boosts are a significant benefit for players because a boost often eliminates the effect of the vig.

That’s the 10% premium gamblers pay the books for the privilege of taking their bets. At one time, it was how books made money. They balanced the books on each side, took their cut, and pocketed some revenue.

But the new age of gambling, with high-volume play and quick-betting access, makes book-balancing difficult. Operators now toss out enticements to lure action, especially on isolated Thursday night games.

Players must decide which props and odds boosts have the best value. In budgeting terms, a good feeling on a Thursday Night odds-boosted prop may be more beneficial than a Sunday bet you don’t love.

AP Photo/Doug Murray

Arm Yourself With Odds Boosts At NJ Sportsbooks For Browns-Bengals Battle Of Ohio

New Jersey sportsbooks break out the odds boosts for “Thursday Night Football’s” battle of Ohio between the Bengals and the Browns.

In the prop-incentive world, NFL Week 2 is underway. The kickoff, figuratively speaking, is already in the air.

Odds boosts and game parlays are up regarding “Thursday Night Football’s” Cleveland BrownsCincinnati Bengals tilt. More bells and whistles for weekend action will occur as that game concludes.

And there’s already been an official “upon further review” of a Week 1 game, prompting a Good Karma payout.

Here are Thursday odds boosts, plus a few quick picks for your NFL Week 2 bets.

New Players get a Risk Free Bet at Fanduel Sportsbook
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FanDuel odds boost on Bengals-Browns total

FanDuel Sportsbook dangles the allure of offense for the Week 2 opener.

It has boosted the payout for the Bengals vs. Browns game from +120 to +170 if the game hits 48 points. This is quite a choice for the bettor, as the over-under set for the game is 43.

The normal prop is -110. For five more points, it shoots up dramatically.

That’s quite a bump. The over has basically gone to roughly 9-5 odds. The maximum bet is $50.

This may prompt bettors to piggyback the odds boost bet atop the regular over-under wager. One might play the regular total prop at 43 points, take a second wager with the odds boost, and reap the rewards if the game is high scoring.

Even if it lands between 43 and 48, you get a split.

Not sure what to do for NFL Week 2? Check out my tips and pointers below:

DraftKings and ‘Thursday Night Football’

DraftKings Sportsbook has a few strong ones for the “Thursday Night Football” game.

  • Odell Beckham and A.J. Green to combine for over 120.5 yards has been hiked from +100 to +115. How times have changed. You used to expect that from EACH guy.
  • An unlikely Bengals win in a shootout will be rewarded handsomely. Cincinnati to win and the game to reach 47 points has been elevated dramatically, to +570.
  • Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and the Browns’ Baker Mayfield to hit for at least four touchdown passes combined was boosted from +155 to +175.

At first glance, that last one is a no-brainer over, just like Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson supposedly was at 4.5 last Thursday night.

But it didn’t happen. The number landed on 4. You can get surprised down near the goal line with play selection. Regarding this prop, Burrow ran for a touchdown last week and Mayfield threw one scoring pass.

Fox Bet: Nick Chubb, AJ Green, Joe Mixon odds boosts

Fox Bet NJ gives you a choice of two prominent players amid its odds boost package.

Will Cleveland running back Nick Chubb OR Cincinnati receiver A.J. Green tally a fourth-quarter touchdown? That’s gone from +270 to +320.

This scenario entices a bettor believing Cleveland would have a comfortable late lead. In that view, Cleveland would be running the clock with Chubb, and Cincinnati would be trying to catch up through the air with Green.

The combined rushing total of Chubb and Joe Mixon of Cincinnati for 165 yards has been pushed from +110 to +130. This is tantalizing because Mixon is the lead back for Cincinnati, and Chubb splits time with Kareem Hunt.

For sake of reference, Chubb and Mixon combined for 129 yards in Sunday’s games. The premium baked into this prop is that neither team will be way behind, the running games will be more significant and somehow these backs can combine for 36 more yards.

Here’s one for bettors who want action riding until the final play. Pick the final score of Cleveland 21, Cincinnati 17, and it goes from +8000 to +10000, or essentially 100-1. You should get a huge price for nailing an exact score like that.

BetMGM and NFL parlays

The BetMGM app has an enticing group of NFL parlays that are both thought provoking and wager inducing.

Parlay 1: Chubb and Hunt are the backfield tandem for the Browns. Will they each rush for 50 yards in this contest? It pays +150.

This is intriguing because Chubb had been the Cleveland Browns’ workhorse, but Hunt gained increasingly more carries throughout the 2019 season. This is now a backfield tandem. There may not be enough opportunities for both players to be happy.

But 50 yards each? One would think so, unless the team fell behind and needed to pass, which the Browns did in Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens. Chubb had 10 carries for 60 yards. Hunt had 13 for 72.

Parlay 2: Will Mayfield and Burrow combine for two touchdowns apiece and 250 yards? That pays +700.

Interesting one, because Burrow looked unsure of himself on medium-to-deep passes on Sunday. Does his confidence improve against a lesser defense?

Burrow ran for a TD in Sunday’s 16-13 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers but did not throw a scoring pass.

Mayfield tossed for one touchdown and 189 yards against the Ravens. Presumably, he can gain an additional 61 yards and perhaps another score to fulfill his end of the parlay. Is Burrow ready? He threw for 193 yards in his first-ever NFL game.

PointsBet and some Good Karma

PointsBet went one step beyond an odds boost this week. It issued a morale boost.

The New Jersey online sportsbook announced a Good Karma Payout for Tennessee Titans bettors after they nipped the Denver Broncos 16-14 on “Monday Night Football.”

Titans field goal kicker Stephen Gostkowski did win the game for them, but he crushed the Titans spread bettors by missing three field goals and an extra point. Ten points off the board.

The Good Karma Payouts, which offset the effect of bad beats throughout the season, is a genius move. One, players put that money right back into the operation. Two, good karma goodwill lasts a long time.