Will OpenSports Open Up The New Jersey Sports Betting Market For Golden Nugget?

Golden Nugget sportsbook is trying to get a bigger share of the New Jersey market by adding OpenSports to its platform.

Golden Nugget’s online casino is regularly the market leader in New Jersey in that category. The company hopes to achieve similar success with Golden Nugget Sportsbook with the integration of OpenSports.

The technology platform from Scientific Games is already in use by several operators in multiple markets. Will it alone mean a bigger market share in NJ for Golden Nugget, though?

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The Golden Nugget sportsbook revamp

You could look at the new collaboration between Golden Nugget and Scientific Games in NJ as the former making its sports betting experience in multiple markets more uniform. Earlier this year, Golden Nugget’s sports betting product with OpenSports intact went live in Michigan.

Perhaps the most important part of this news for NJ gamblers is that iOS device users will have access to all the Golden Nugget Online Gaming (GNOG) products in one app. A press release from Scientific Games did not mention whether the same was forthcoming for Android devices.

What’s so special about OpenSports?

Well, that depends on where you sit. Scientific Games touts its features like a custom bet builder, daily enhanced odds, and same-game parlays. GNOG is high on the solution.

“Scientific Games’ OpenSports platform has a well-deserved reputation for being robust and scalable and our initial experience in Michigan, amid a very busy sporting period, has been positive,” said Thomas Winter, GNOG President.

However, several of GNOG’s competitors in NJ also offer those components in their sportsbooks. The move to OpenSports may represent a superior product as compared to what GNOG formerly had available for NJ bettors. It still has some work to do if it wants to become the dominant operator in this segment of the market, though.

Marketing just as crucial as technology

When it comes to sports betting revenue in NJ, GNOG is more of a pretender than a contender. For example, in February, it reported a loss of just over $37,000 in February 2021. BetAmerica Sportsbook also operates under the license, but the state Division of Gaming Enforcement does not break the results by operators.

In the same month, sportsbook market leader Meadowlands Racetrack –  the licensee for both FanDuel Sportsbook and PointsBet Sportsbook in NJ – reported $24.9 million in online revenue.

One crucial difference is the marketing spend for FanDuel and PointsBet. Both brands not only buy advertising time during live sporting events but also continue to add to their celebrity endorser ranks. Recently, PointsBet contracted with Paige Spiranac while FanDuel reeled in Dr DisRespect.

To increase its market share in sports betting, GNOG may have to spend as many resources on getting its name on NJ bettors’ minds. OpenSports has proven it is a viable platform in other markets. During the Cheltenham Festival in the United Kingdom last week, for example, pari-mutuel wagers on European racebooks were up 53% year-over-year.

GNOG’s NJ sportsbook is only as strong as its brand awareness, though. To maximize the benefits of OpenSports, GNOG may still have to open up its wallet to educate gamblers in the state about the sportsbook revamp.

Otherwise, it’s possible that few NJ bettors will even be aware of the new options.

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NJ Sports Betting Starts 2021 With Nearly $960 Million In Bets

Sports betting in New Jersey continued to turn heads in January, as gamblers placed more than $958 million in total wagers.

The  NJ sports betting market started 2021 the same way it closed out 2020: white hot.

For the second straight month, the statewide sports betting handle just missed the $1 billion mark.

According to the state Division of Gaming Enforcement, $958.7 million was wagered on sports in January.

That figure is only $37.6 million less than the all-time U.S. record set in December.

Online sports betting is still king in NJ

Similar to prior reporting periods, a bulk of Garden State sports wagers came from the 19 authorized betting apps. The DGE figures show that $886.7 million, or more than 92% of the total handle, was bet online.

In 2020, more than $5.53 billion, or 92%, of the $6 billion annual sports betting handle was from online wagers.

Meadowlands + FanDuel get biggest slice

January NJ sports betting revenue came in at $82.64 million, an increase of 54% over the same period last year.

Meadowlands Racetrack, the land-based partner of FanDuel Sportsbook and PointsBet NJ, continues to dominate the market.

The Meadowlands reported $46.8 million in sports betting revenue ($41.8 million of which came from online) last month. It is NJ Gambling Sites’ understanding that FanDuel accounts for the bulk of the reported revenue.

By comparison, the nine Atlantic City casino sportsbooks and their online partners accounted for $32 million in combined revenue.

Last year, the Meadowlands and its online partners generated more sports betting revenue ($206.5 million) than every Atlantic City casino and their online operators combined ($166.3 million).

In terms of other license holders, Resorts Digital (DraftKings Sportsbook, Fox Bet, and Resorts) were second with $15.7 million for the month.

Coming in third is Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa with $8.46 million. The Atlantic City market leader’s online sportsbooks include Borgata Sports and BetMGM.

So close, yet so far

NJ barely missed $1 billion in monthly sports wagers for the second consecutive month. With the NFL season complete, the milestone is likely out of reach for the foreseeable future.

However, NJ gamblers aren’t beholden to the betting behemoth that is the NFL. Basketball is a sport that routinely sees a lot of action at NJ sportsbooks.
Last month, more than $320 million was wagered on completed basketball events, compared to $201.77 million on pigskin.

February got off to a strong start with $117 million in Super Bowl 55 bets.

In terms of how the other sports did, we will have to wait until March 16 to find out.

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NJ Sets All-Time Record With $6 Billion In Yearly Sports Wagers

Technically, the Garden State took in $1 billion in December NJ sports betting wagers. The $996.3 million handle makes it five straight months of records.

A monumental final month of 2020 helped New Jersey set an all-time annual record of more than $6 billion in total sports betting handle last year.

Gamblers placed more than $996.3 million in total wagers with Garden State sportsbooks in December, according to data released Wednesday by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement

This is yet another all-time monthly record for any legal U.S. sports betting jurisdiction, Nevada included.

December NJ sports betting revenue came in at $66.4 million.

Online sports betting still big winner

Like previous months, the bulk of the action came via the 19 NJ sports betting apps. They accounted for more than 93% ($929.3 million) of the total monthly handle in December. 

More than $5.53 billion, or 92%, of the 2020 annual sports betting handle was from online wagers.

NJ enjoyed record-breaking 2020

December was the fifth consecutive month that New Jersey set a U.S. record in sports betting handle. Here’s a look at the recent monthly handle:

New Jersey’s 2020 sports betting handle is $1.4 billion more than the $4.58 billion reported last year, an increase of 24% year-over-year. Even more remarkable is that there were no major professional or collegiate sports to bet on in April, May and June of 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

NJ sports betting revenue saw an increase of 33.1% over 2019. The 2020 total came in $398.5 million versus $299.3 for ’19.

FanDuel Sportsbook crushed the competition

Meadowlands Racetrack, the land-based partner of FanDuel Sportsbook and PointsBet NJ, is the biggest winner when it comes to NJ sports betting revenue.

The Meadowlands reported $33.2 million in December. It is NJ Gambling Sites’ understanding that FanDuel accounts for the bulk of the reported revenue.

To put that number into perspective, the nine Atlantic City license holders reported combined revenue of $28.9 million for the same period.

For the entire year, the Meadowlands and its online partners generated more sports betting revenue ($206.5 million) than every Atlantic City casino and their online operators combined ($166.3 million).

In terms of other license holders, Resorts Digital (DraftKings Sportsbook, Fox Bet, and Resorts) placed a distant second with $100.9 million for the year.

Inches away from first $1-billion month

NJ barely missed $1 billion of monthly sports betting wagers in December, but the milestone is not impossible to reach.

With the NFL Playoffs, the recently completed NCAA College Football Playoff championship game, plus NBA and NHL regular-season action in January, NJ sportsbooks have a $1 billion month squarely in their sights.

The wild card for NJ sports betting is just how much of an impact regional competition will have. Pennsylvania’s online sports betting market is growing and New York appears ready to enter the fray.

But in 2020, NJ was king of the sports betting hill.

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New Jersey Sports Betting Sets All-Time High With $5 Billion In Bets For 2020

November’s NJ sports betting handle of $931.6 million pushes the Garden State past the $5 billion mark in a year impacted by a global pandemic.

Who guessed $931.6 million? That would be the NJ sports betting handle for the month of November.

Here’s an even bigger number: $5 billion.

That would be the year-to-date amount wagered from NJ bettors. What makes this number stand out even more is the fact that there were no major pro sports during the months of April, May and June as a result of the global pandemic.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released the November figures earlier today. And in the process, the Garden State shattered yet another record in total amount wagered for any legal U.S. sports betting jurisdiction.

Call it the new normal in 2020.

For those keeping tabs, it shatters the previous mark of $803 million set in October. If we are talking percentages, the increase from October to November is a whopping $86.2%.

NJ sports betting revenue came in at $50.5 million, which is a 53.7% increase from the same period last year.

Here is a closer look at some of the highlights from the latest report.

How high will NJ sports betting handle go?

One would think that when the Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL crowned their respective champions earlier this fall, the industry would’ve slowed down.

Yes, NFL betting is by far the most popular among bettors, but the variety of pro sports offerings would spread the money around. November is prime NFL season, but there was college football and basketball along with The Masters.

Yet if we do a month-to-month comparison since the return of sports, the current offerings are clearly generating the biggest numbers by a wide margin. Here’s a look back at the recent monthly amounts wagered:

  • July handle: $315.1 million
  • August handle: $667.9 million
  • September handle: $748.5 million
  • October handle: $803 million

And getting back to the $5 billion number, 2020 is already ahead of the $4.58 billion in wagers made in 2019. And the current number doesn’t even factor in December totals.

Plus, last year wasn’t impacted by a global pandemic.

And for those states still on the fence regarding whether or not to approve mobile sports betting, just look at New Jersey.

In November alone, 93.6% of bets were placed via NJ online sportsbooks. In-person registration isn’t required.

FanDuel + Meadowlands = winning ticket, again

Meadowlands Racetrack, the land-based partner of FanDuel Sportsbook and PointsBet NJ, continues to be the biggest winner when it comes to NJ sports betting revenue.

The other 11 license holders didn’t even come close.

The Meadowlands reported $24.8 billion for November, and it’s NJ Gambling Sites’ understanding that FanDuel accounts for the bulk of it.

Resorts Digital (consisting of DraftKings SportsbookFox Bet and Resorts online sportsbook) finished an extremely distant second with $14.6 million.

If we break it down by market share, Meadowlands accounts for 48.9%, while Resorts comes in at 27.4%. That leaves less than 25% of the pie for the rest of the market, which currently consists of 19 operators.

Is $1 billion in monthly handle a reality?

So if somebody predicted at the beginning of the year that New Jersey would take in more than $900 million in monthly bets, would you have believed it?

Forget about the pandemic.

Here’s the reality. Some may have thought October’s $803 million would be the NJ sports betting plateau. It clearly wasn’t. Now that Garden State bettors have shattered the $900 million mark, $1 billion suddenly doesn’t seem so unrealistic.

Eventually, New Jersey will reach the top of the mountain, but at this point, who knows what number that will be?

Suddenly New Jersey, not Las Vegas, has established itself as the unstoppable US sports betting leader.

Photo by Associated Press 

NJ Sports Betting Handle Cruises Past $800 Million In Bets In October

The $803 million in bets made in October continues the NJ sports betting trend of Garden State bettors setting new nationwide all-time highs.

There is a NJ sports betting trend, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

The trend we are referencing is the amount of money being wagered on a monthly basis, with the latest all-time high being October’s $803 million. More than 92% of those wagers were made via mobile apps.

Besides being a New Jersey record, it’s the biggest monthly handle ever reported by any legal US sports betting jurisdiction, Nevada included.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released October numbers earlier today.

NJ sports betting revenue came in at $58.5 million, good enough for a 26.1% year-over-year increase.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the other highlights.

NJ sports betting isn’t slowing down

For the year, New Jersey has taken in more than $4 billion in bets, and the last three months have a lot to do with it.

Just look at the numbers.

So out of the $4 billion, more than 50% of the wagers have been placed over the last three months.

Clearly, the shift in the pro sports calendar as a result of the COVID-19 stoppage is having a lasting impact. Remember, all four major pro sports were sidelined during the months of April, May and June.

They slowly started returning in July, but things really didn’t get rolling again until August.

Now, with NFL betting season in midseason form, the industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

FanDuel + Meadowlands still dominating

Once again, there were no surprises regarding the market leader. The Meadowlands Racetrack crushed the field with $29.8 million in revenue.

Out of that total, $29.3 million came via online.

It’s NJ Gambling Sites’ understanding that the bulk of this number can be attributed to FanDuel Sportsbook. However, PointsBet NJ also operates under the license.

Resorts Digital, which is led by DraftKings Sportsbook and Fox Bet, finished an extremely distant second with $14.6 million. The Resorts-branded app also operates under the license.

Borgata, consisting of BetMGM Sportsbook and Borgata Sports, followed in third with $4.3 million.

In terms of market share, Meadowlands still has the biggest chunk, with 50.8% for October.

NJ sports betting + online casino = winning hand

Looking at the October numbers as a whole, it’s hard to ignore the $93.4 million in NJ online casino revenue.

This is the first time ever that number has crossed the $90 million mark. Fittingly, it comes as the industry is about to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its launch.

Here is why this number is significant. The majority of operators have sports betting and casino platforms integrated in the same app. This means the cross-selling model continues to pay dividends.

Resorts Digital is a perfect example, reporting $21.6 million in internet gaming revenue. Combine it with the sports betting revenue, and the grand total comes out to $36.2 million.

Bally’s Atlantic City, as a land-based operation, only earned $11.5 million in total gaming revenue.

Looking ahead to November revenue

Like previous months in 2020, November’s NJ sports betting revenue will include a couple of interesting twists.

For one, the NBA and NHL regular-season starts are delayed as a result of the much later finishes to their respective seasons.

Right now, the majority of the spotlight belongs to NFL and college football betting.

The Masters is the wild card. The PGA Tour major, which typically follows March Madness betting, is making an extremely rare fall appearance.

This is the first time the event is being played in November. Plus, NJ sportsbooks are going all out for Masters weekend.

Then there is the NBA Draft, which is usually held every summer. This year’s version is taking place Nov. 18, but it’s unlikely to attract a significant amount of wagering.

However, DraftKings is offering odds on everything from the No. 1 overall pick to player draft position to school specials.

But here’s the bigger question: Is the $803 million record here to stay, or will New Jersey be looking at its first $850 million month?

NJ Sports Betting Soars To Record $750 Million In Bets In September

New Jersey moved the sports betting benchmark once again with an eye-popping $748.5 million September handle. The question is how close will Nevada get?

How would the start of the 2020 NFL season, minus the fans, impact September’s NJ sports betting handle?

Well, looking at the  $748.5 million handle reported earlier today by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the word HUGE comes to mind. Not surprisingly, 90.6% came via mobile apps.

And it’s $80.6 million more than August’s $667.9 million. This makes it back-to-back months in which the Garden State has hit all-time highs for handle.

We’re talking any legal US sports betting jurisdiction, even Nevada.

NJ sports betting revenue came in at $45 million, good enough for a 19% year-over-year increase.

Here’s a closer look at three factors that can be attributed to September’s results.

Broken record: FanDuel is still killing it

No matter what month we’re talking about, Meadowlands Racetrack, the land-based partner of FanDuel Sportsbook, is dominating the field.

September was no exception, with $28.1 million in revenuePointsBet NJ also operates under the license, but NJ Gambling Sites understands that FanDuel accounts for the bulk of it.

For the month, the Meadowlands/FanDuel claimed a 62.3% market share.

Resorts Digital, which consists of DraftKings Sportsbook, Fox Bet and the self-branded app, finished an extremely distant second with $4.7 million.

Borgata (BetMGM and Borgata Sports) was the only other license holder to crack $4 million in revenue; $4.06 million, to be exact.

September sports calendar was stacked

Sports bettors have never seen a September like the one that just passed.

Sure, NFL betting and the tail end of the Major League Baseball season are the norms.

However, the 2020 version also included the NBA and NHL playoffs along with PGA Tour’s US Open. So besides the buzz generated by the NFL’s opening weekend, the menu of additional options resembled a gourmet restaurant for sports bettors.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the pro sports world back in March, eventually there was going to be a month where every major pro sport would be playing meaningful games.

September was it.

Will it happen again? It’s hard to predict anything these days.

Cross-selling with online casino

In case you haven’t noticed, the NJ online casino market is enjoying quite a run of its own.

September’s $87.6 million may not be an all-time high, but it’s pretty close to being one. The $87.7 million from August still tops the charts. For those keeping track, this would be five straight months of online casino revenue exceeding $80 million.

Some of it can be attributed to Atlantic City casinos operating at 25% capacity.

At the same time, the bulk of the NJ sportsbook apps out there have sports and casino offerings integrated in the same platform. Access to a shared wallet combined with cross-selling promotions makes it a win-win for operators and players.

The proof comes in the latest numbers.

How big will NJ sports betting handle get?

At the moment, there are no signs of the NJ sports betting market slowing down.

Sure, the NBA and NHL recently crowned their respective champions, but NFL and college football are the bigger draws. And those seasons still have a long way to go.

And with baseball, there is the excitement of the Tampa Bay Rays, not New York Yankees, shocking the baseball world as the American’s League top team. They are one win away from making it to only the second World Series in franchise history (although interest in the Yankees would have probably helped boost handle a bit).

The other came in 2008, when the Philadelphia Phillies won it all.

Could the current scenario result in the first $800 million month in NJ sports betting history?

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