What Is Vigtory Sportsbook And When Will It Launch In New Jersey?

The pending launch of the Vigtory Sportsbook app in New Jersey could happen soon. But what makes it different from the rest?

New NJ sports betting licensees continue to pop up in the Garden State. One of the next potential new operators is the Vigtory Sportsbook.

As the name suggests, the main differentiator for this company is its industry-low “vig.” It intends to use that to attract a certain segment of NJ bettors.

The details on Vigtory Sportsbook

Vigtory is based in Chicago, but plans to make New Jersey its first market. Co-CEO Scott Butera, who most recently worked for MGM Interactive before joining Vigtory, told Play NJ the regulatory approval is done.

Although he is not disclosing the company’s land-based partner yet, Butera says he hopes to start taking bets in NJ sometime in November 2020. He says the app will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

The product will include more than just sports betting. In addition to live dealer games, poker, slots, and other online table games, Vigtory has a deal with Sportradar to offer live data and streaming of certain events.

Perhaps the biggest draw for bettors to the app, however, will be its low vig. Vig is the term in the sports betting industry that refers to the interest a sportsbook has in your wager.

Think of it as the price that a sportsbook charges you for providing the entertainment. Vigtory plans to cut that cost to entice higher-end bettors.

Vigtory’s take on NJ sports betting market

Butera lays out the strategy quite clearly. He hopes the lower vig will pull in higher-end bettors and make regular customers out of them.

“What we’re looking to do is create a sports betting experience for the true sports bettor,” said Butera.

“DraftKings and FanDuel have done a great job of developing very strong databases through fantasy sports then converting those players to sports bettors. We think there’s an underserved market for folks that are sports bettors of a higher dollar amount. Whereas a fantasy player might be betting $30, $40, $50 a bet on average, our bettors will be betting you know high hundreds to the low thousands.”

Butera went on to explain that the app will also offer specialty content and customized analytics for users. The company plans to offer high-end perks for loyal customers like event tickets, fan experiences, and merchandise.

Additionally, Butera is bullish on the book building out a robust offering of live and prop wagers. That’s another way he thinks Vigtory can differentiate itself.

A plethora of props and lots of live bets

Butera believes offering the markets high-end bettors want is key to Vigtory’s success. He draws upon his Las Vegas experience for his insight.

“The idea is to have enough product offerings so that you can make up it for if somebody happens to be sharp,” Butera explained. “The Super Bowl last year is a pretty interesting example of what I’m talking about.

“For the Super Bowl, Vegas ended up winning like $15 to $20 million. New Jersey ended up losing, I think $6 million. The betting could have been different. What was different was the number of props that were offered.”

Butera also sees the analytics and content as a way to drive in-game wagering.

“If you’re sitting there and a Patriots fan and you see an opportunity to bet on Cam Newton getting 200 yards passing. The odds just went from 4:1 to 6:1. They transact on that whereas if they never saw it, they wouldn’t even think of it.”

Whether Vigtory’s unique approach will prove successful in New Jerseyremains to be seen. What seems more certain, however, is that the experiment will begin soon.

Football Five: NFL Week 8 Brings Mix Of The Norm And Unexpected

The NFL Week 8 storylines include a 2-4-1 Eagles team that continues to play mind games with bettors. This week it’s the Birds +7.5 versus the 2-4 Cowboys.

Football Five carries a package of intrigue for NFL Week 8 bettors.

The slate opens with the Carolina Panthers hosting the luckless Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night. And we can’t forget about  the searing Tampa Bay Buccaneers invading the one-win New York Giants Monday Night.

In between, the NJ sports betting card is a flood of the norm and the unexpected.

First, let’s touch on the norm. The Pittsburgh Steelers, football’s lone unbeaten team (with four-straight covers) visit the Baltimore Ravens in the potential game of the week.  And it’s hard to ignore the  Seattle Seahawks hosting the San Francisco 49ers in a potential NFC West barn burner.

The unexpected is the Philadelphia Eagles leading the NFC East and being lopsided favorites against the Dallas Cowboys.  Second-string quarterback Andy Dalton’s status is up in the air after suffering a concussion against Washington. The Cowboys, pre-season favorites to win the NFC Least, are the only NFL team without a cover. That’s a shocking stat.

The New England Patriots, for the first time in ages, are underdogs against the Buffalo Bills this week.

Here is the Football Five, a handful of ideas to carry forward into the wagering week.

1. NFL Week 8 + Eagles odds confusion

The Eagles continue to frustrate their backers. Philadelphia  left perhaps 10 points on the table while failing to cover -4.5 point spread against the New York Giants. Bettors who took the moneyline cashed in on the 22-21 victory. Overall, the Eagles are 2-4-1 against the spread and moneyline.

Here’s the laundry list of lost points against the G-Men:

  • An end-zone pick in the first quarter
  • Missed field goal before halftime
  • A bypassed  chip shot field goal early in the fourth quarter
  • A failed two-point conversion

The Eagles drove the length of the field late in the third quarter, trailing 14-10. On 4th and goal at the New York 3-yard line, they passed up the chip-shot field goal and failed to score.

So what happened, you ask?

The Giants started the fourth quarter with a drive of eight minutes and scored a touchdown to go up 21-10. The Eagles could not keep one of the league’s worst offenses pinned in near its own goal line.

The translation is the Eagles have an average offense and defense. They can’t afford to drive the length of the field and walk away without points.

And the Jalen Hurts experiment should be shelved when Philly gets in scoring position.  When the rookie entered against the Giants, defenders knew he would get the ball and stuffed him. If he can’t be respected as a decoy, he won’t be effective.

The Cowboys are bad, but can the Eagles leave points on the table and still cover?

The team is two  games under .500 and favored by more than a touchdown?

2. Pass the blood pressure pills

Several games on Sunday came down to the final play, which is more than any previous NFL week.

The Cincinnati Bengals, who host the Tennessee Titans this week, improved to a league-best 6-1 against the spread, although their bettors endured palpitations. The Bengals were +3.5 and seemingly victorious after pulling pulled ahead of the Cleveland Browns, 34-31, with 66 seconds remaining.

But Baker Mayfield led Cleveland back and with no timeouts, completed an improbable game-winning 24-yard touchdown with 11 seconds left.  What a dagger. Now the Browns went up by three, 37-34 and lined up to kick the covering extra point.

And then the real Hail Mary came in for Cincinnati bettors.

Cleveland’s Cody Parkey missed the conversion.

For Cincinnati bettors, it was a prayer answered. That never seems to come in on your behalf, but it did here.

For Cleveland bettors, it was a heist. Brown backers are ready to fill out a police report.

2 A) PointsBet Karma Kommittee Watch

So the good news is the PointsBet NJ Karma Kommittee was watching and ready to take action.

On Monday, the operator lifted up Cleveland bettors by posting this Tweet:

Bad karma became good karma.

The Browns host the Las Vegas Raiders in a very bettable game. And those who catch the -2.5 will be happy they got it for less than a field goal.

3. Fate giveth, fate taketh away

Here was a real roller-coaster ride for Atlanta Falcons bettors, as their team is 1-6 heading into Thursday’s NFL Week 8 game against Carolina.

Multiple NJ sportsbooks had the Falcons line at -2.5 as of late Wednesday morning.

The problem is Atlanta keeps getting close, but fails to close out games. They Trailed the Detroit Lions, 16-14, in the final stages of Sunday’s game as they drove toward a score.

Todd Gurley broke through for a first down and tried to go down at the 1-yard line.  This would’ve allowed the Falcons to  wind down the clock and kick the game-winning field goal as time expired. It would have been a half-point loss for Falcons bettors, but a badly-needed win for the team.

But Gurley accidentally scored, giving Atlanta a 22-16 lead with 1:04 remaining.  Falcon bettors had been given a gift, but it was snatched from them in gut-wrenching fashion.

Guess what happened next? Detroit got the ball,  and scored on the final play. Detroit prevailed, 23-22.

The Falcons could form their own division of any sportsbooks’ bad beat committee. Three epic fourth-quarter meltdowns have turned this team from a should-be 4-3 to 1-6.

4. Steelers play to the number

Entering NFL Week 8, oddsmakers are uncanny regarding the Steelers, whose games gravitate to the number like a magnet.

Many Pittsburgh contests against the spread are determined in the final seconds. Sunday, it was clinched on the final play. Pittsburgh, +1 at DraftKings and FanDuel sportsbooks, had a 27-7 third-quarter lead.

A breeze for once, right? Nope. Tennessee closed to 27-24 and gained position for a field goal to force overtime on the final play. Fortunately for Steelers bettors, it went wide.

And the Steelers remain the NFL’s only unbeaten team, and are  5-1 against the spread.

5. Think moneyline for NFL Week 8

These cardiac covers present an alternative to snakebit spread bettors: moneyline parlays.

This 4-team parlay paid better than 3-1 at DraftKings:

  • Chiefs –355 versus Broncos
  • Rams -250 verus  Bears
  • Chargers -370 versus Jaguars
  • Eagles -240 versus Giants

All bettors needed were straight-up winners.

Lumping prohibitive favorites on a moneyline ticket will usually put you in contention to cash.

What’s wrong with 3-1 odds?


The 19th NJ Sportsbook Is Here, But Can It Compete In A Crowded Market?

Tipico Sportsbook’s arrival to the NJ sports betting market means having 20 apps before 2020 ends is now a realistic possibility.

There is something slightly different regarding NJ sports betting.

For those who don’t notice it, the Garden State now has 19 apps as Tipico Sportsbook is in its soft launch period.

Do we hear 20 NJ sportsbook apps?

The scenario is certainly a realistic possibility for 2020.

Tipico, operating via a land-based partnership with Ocean Casino Resort, started its soft launch as mandated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) last week. The full launch is expected soon.

And  it seems Tipico  is excited about having skin in the game.

Tipico late arrival to NJ sports betting

Since launching in August 2018, the NJ mobile sports betting market has expanded at a rapid rate. A total of nine apps launched during those first five months. The options have more than doubled in size, with some rebranding along the way.

But 2020 as a whole, has been relatively quiet in terms of new apps. Wynn Sports is the only other newcomer following its early August launch.

Meanwhile, market leaders FanDuel Sportsbook  and DraftKings Sportsbook are in their third season of NFL betting. Looking at September NJ sports betting revenue, the two brands are clearly leading the pack.

Meadowlands Racetrack (FanDuel and PointsBet NJ)claimed a 63% market shareResorts Digital (DraftKings, Fox Bet, and Resorts) finished an extremely distant second with a 12% slice of the pie.

Ocean Casino, on the other hand, and its partner William Hill came in at tad below 6%.

So gaining traction this late in the game and eight weeks into the NFL season presents its share of challenges.

At the same time, launching in New Jersey makes perfect sense for any mobile operator looking to get a piece of US legal sports betting.

For one, it’s hard to ignore the $750 million in bets that NJ reported for September. This is the highest total ever reported by a US jurisdiction, Nevada included. And 90 percent of those wagers came via NJ sportsbook apps.

After receiving DGE approval last month, Adrian Vella, managing director, US business, commented on why New Jersey makes sense.

“At Tipico, we knew that New Jersey would be the perfect state for us to kick-start our business in the U.S. because of its sophisticated mobile sports betting audience and mature regulatory and licensing environment,” said Vella.

“With an incredible pool of local talent in the New York metro area, we’re thrilled to establish our headquarters in Hoboken and continue expanding our team. We’ve dedicated significant time and energy to build a long-term foundation for the U.S. market, and today marks an important milestone in that journey for Tipico.”

Who in the world is Tipico Sportsbook?

The key to the Tipico team is introducing its brand to New Jersey customers.

Bettors who are doing NFL odds shopping may not take Tipico into consideration being the unknown entity.

European-based Tipico, which was founded in 2004, is Germany’s leading sports betting provider. So it’s no surprise the operator is offering Bundesliga (the top German football league) odds.

Here is a list of the current American sports available via the app:

  • MLB
  • NFL 
  • NCAA Football 
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Judging by the Tipico Twitter feed, the operator is clearly tying to introduce itself to NFL bettors.

Closing in on 20 NJ sportsbook apps

Tipico is the newest app to the NJ market, but more are coming.

Each license holder can have up to three online skins. And in the case of Ocean, there is room for one more.

The there is Freehold Raceway, who launched its business  in September. There is no doubt mobile apps will be launching under its license in the very near future. This is the most likely path for Barstool Sportsbook’s NJ launch.

And once Twin River Worldwide Holdings completes the purchase of Bally’s AC, expect to see three more apps there.

So having 20 NJ sportsbook apps possibly by the end of 2020 is now considered to what bettors refer to as a “lock.”

So setting the  over/under line for NJ sportsbook apps at 25 suddenly looks like a realistic possibility for 2021.


NFL Week 8 Odds: Giants Big Underdog Versus Tom Brady

Tom Brady might be wearing a different uniform, but he is a face the NY Giants know well. NJ sportsbooks have set the NFL Week Eight odds at G-Men +10.

The NFL Week 8  odds are out, and the card includes Tom Brady versus the New York Giants.

From the nostalgia realm, Big Blue is one of few teams to have Brady’s number in big games, beating him in two Super Bowls and foiling the New England Patriots’ unbeaten season bid in 2007.

These days, Brady is one of the NFL’s hottest stories. He’s rejuvenated as the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and his new team will be at MetLife Stadium one week from tonight to face the G-Men. From a NJ sports betting perspective, this is one of the more lopsided contests on the NFL Week 8 card.

The 1-6 Giants opened at +10 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

The over-under is 47.5. Tampa Bay games hit the over the last two weeks while the under payed out on Giants games.

Let’s look at the key factors surrounding this matchup.

NFL Week Eight: Brady, Bucs, and Giants

Brady, who is 4-1 all-time against the Giants during the regular season, leads a team that has roared into prominence.

The Bucs have notched 83 points in their back-to-back wins over  two strong teams, the Green Bay Packers and Las Vegas Raiders.

The Giants are 1-6, but the line is important. They are 4-3 against the spread this season. Their last three games, all of which were against NFC East squads,  were decided by five total points. And if we make it the last four games, the point differential is  -13.

So New York is  playing  teams tough.

Gronk is looking like Gronk

Tight end Rob Gronkowski, cajoled out of retirement after Brady left New England, scored for the second straight week when the Bucs throttled Las Vegas, 45-20, on Sunday. The Gronk to score props are going to heat up.

Brady’s favorite target with the Pats was looking  rusty up until Week 6.  And it coincides with  Tampa Bay has covering  the spread emphatically.  The Bucs look poised to go on a tear.

At the same time, the Giants are going in the opposite direction. Marquee running back Saquon Barkley is out for the season with a torn ACL. Big Blue does have credible threats in wide receivers Darius Slayton and Golden Tate, but the lack of an explosive back has hurt them.

So who is their best runner now?

That would be quarterback Daniel Jones. He had an 80-yard run against the Philadelphia Eagles in Thursday night’s 22-21 loss, and a 49-yard scamper against Washington the previous week. The latter is New York’s only victory so far.

Brady + Bucs putting teams away

Brady is getting terrific protection.

The Packers and the Raiders rarely got near him, and  he was not sacked in either game.  Brady relaxed in the pocket as though he was in a rocking chair. Just look at his 2020 numbers so far.

If he gets that kind of time, the Giants are in trouble and bettors  taking the over (47) will salivate. Tampa Bay scored on six of its final possessions on Sunday, and showed the mark of a championship team by applying the dagger via three fourth-quarter touchdowns.

The Giants offense is a different story. Besides lacking weapons, Jones is not getting good protection. This scenario often leads him to commit a turnover. He had a second-quarter interception and a fourth-quarter fumble that sealed the Giants’ fate against Philadelphia.

Giants can’t close out games

Brady continues to go for the jugular.

Sunday’s game against the Raiders is the perfect example.

At the end of the first half with Tampa holding a 14-10 lead, Brady threw on 4th-and-3 and converted. Seconds later, he tossed a beautiful aerial into the corner of the end zone for a Bucs touchdown with 17 seconds remaining in the second quarter.

Then there are the Giants who cannot finish a game. Even in their lone victory, they could not hold a one-touchdown lead. The defense was burned on a late TD pass, but Washington coach Ron Rivera gambled on the two-point conversion and lost.

New York also had Philadelphia in a 21-10 fourth-quarter hole but a slew of defensive penalties changed the momentum. The Eagles scored two touchdowns in the final six minutes to win. However, the Giants preserved the cover at +4.5.

Could NFL Week 8 be a trap game?

The Bucs are on fire, but the game after this one is huge. They host the New Orleans Saints, who toppled them 34-23 in the season opener.

Both teams have two losses, but if New Orleans defeats Tampa Bay, the Saints will have a pivotal tiebreaker for playoff considerations. It’s also considered a statement game.

If the Bucs are going to change the Saints’ NFC South dominance, the game after this one is the tilt that matters. Tampa Bay must avoid looking past the Giants.

The Giants don’t have the luxury to call anything a trap game, but they have two important clashes with Washington (Nov. 8) and the Eagles (Nov. 15) after this game.

Given the strange nature of the division, they are 1.5 games off the lead, held by the Eagles at 2-4-1. One win in this division becomes instant relevance.

The Eagles are in first place now. Washington, 2-5, is in second.

New York Jets @ Kansas City Chiefs

Bettors don’t laugh about a team’s record, they play into it. New York Jets backers were in the minority Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, but were rewarded with the team’s first cover in an 18-10 home loss.

The Jets played with vitality and spark. Sam Darnold returned at quarterback and the Jets defense kept a potent Buffalo offense out of the end zone.

Fast-forward to Week 8, and the Jets are getting a whopping 20.5 points against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.  To rub salt in their 0-7 seasonal wound, the Jets will see their star 2019 free-agent acquisition, Le’Veon Bell, on the other side of the ball.

That’s some sad irony for the Jets.

Associated Press 

NFL Week 7 Odds Boosts: Chase Claypool Is On The Rise

No matter which team you are considering for NFL Week 7, there is likely an odds boost for you that will add extra sizzle to the NJ sports betting weeekend.

Odds boosts not only sizzle, they can turn into steak.

One of the most popular and expansive sectors of NFL  betting  goes beyond simply grabbing one’s attention.  Used wisely, odds boosts can make the difference between winning and losing on an NFL week.

Some boosts eliminate the disadvantage of the vig, others allow bettors to tease, or move the line, without paying. And while there can be special rules such as bet limits, odds boosts represent legitimate deals.

Here is a look at what NJ sportsboook apps are rolling out for  NFL Week 7.

Chase Claypool in play at Fox Bet

Fox Bet is putting star Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Chase Claypool in the spotlight.  The combination of a Claypool touchdown against the Tennessee Titans and a Steelers triumph is now  +400, up from +300.

This one is enticing because Claypool has emerged as a prime target for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Claypool can shake free deep, and is capable of scoring in close formations. This is when Pittsburgh loads a group of receivers to one side, tosses a quick pass to that side, and gets some good blocking for the receiver to notch a short-yardage score.

Tennessee games have become high-scoring affairs. Just last week against the Houston Texans, the two teams combined for 78 points in a game that went into overtime.  The Titans won the game, but they have shown that they can be beaten deep.

On the flip side, defensive coordinators can take anyone out of play by issuing double, even triple coverage. Big Ben likes to target Claypool deep at least a couple times per game.

Cowboys’ Zeke Elliott seeking  redemption

Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott uncharacteristically fumbled twice in Dallas’ 38-10 blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals Monday night.

Here’s the question: Will he redeem himself in Sunday’s NFC East game against the Washington Football Team?

Elliot scoring two or more touchdowns paired with a Dallas victory is now +300, up slightly from +240.

But can both happen?

Fair odds. If Dallas is going to cover its first game this season, it will lean heavily on Elliott to right the ship. He was held scoreless  last week.

Looking at Garoppolo + Brady

This week’s Monday night game pits Jimmy Garoppolo and his San Francisco 49ers against the New England Patriots. But will he hoist two or more touchdowns and help his team defeat the Pats?

It’s up to +350, a deservedly rich payout because Garoppolo is an unpredictable mixed bag on this run-first team. Two TDs usually isn’t  a lot to ask. However, the combo of two touchdowns and  a road win on Monday night is, which is why the bet pays so well.

Tom Brady is +300 to throw for at least 300 yards and his  Tampa Bay Bucs to defeat the Las Vegas Raiders. With this expected to be a high-scoring matchup,  Brady could easily rack up the yardage. Opposing teams are averaging close to 270 passing yards per game against the Silver and Black this season.

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DraftKings Sportsbook: Seven for Week 7

For NFL Week 7, DraftKings Sportsbook has seven profit boosts and seven parlay boosts.

The first step is to opt-in. From there, users will be issued seven 20% parlay boosts and seven 10% profit boosts.

And the parlay boosts can be applied to NFL parlays of two or more legs. Each leg requires the minimum odds of -200 or longer. However, the maximum bet is $25, with the  max payout at $250.

The profit boosts can be applied to NFL singles bets. In this case, $50 is the max bet, with the potential for  $250 in additional winnings.

Customers must select the boosts from the bet slip before placing wagers. This will apply the boosted price

This program allows you to select games.

More NFL Week 7 Odds Boosts

DraftKings also put up some individual wagers worthy  of consideration.

The New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Denver Broncos to all lose (yes, lose) has been boosted from -122 to +100 as a moneyline play. So, in a way, bettors are actually backing three of the big favorites on the board:

  • Buffalo Bills are a 10.5 favorite over the Jets
  • The Los Angeles Chargers are +7.5 over the Jags
  • Kansas City Chiefs, trending in the -9 range all week versus Denver

On the flip side, the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and Steelers all to win is now +485, up from +319. The Packers visit the Texans, Pittsburgh plays Tennessee in a battle of unbeaten teams, and New Orleans hosts the Carolina Panthers.

FanDuel Sportsbook + Line Adjustments

FanDuel Sportsbook has three significant boosts that impact value, all with $50 max  pay.

The NFL Week 7 menu is the Steelers +1.5 to cover versus the Titans. More importantly, Pittsburgh is boosted from -110, the normal spread vig, to +110. It’s as if you  are the sportsbook and they gave you the vig.

Then there is Extra Points for Extra Pay. Basically, three teams are essentially teased one point in the bettor’s favor. However,  instead of paying for the privilege, the bettor is boosted to +450 (from +390).

Here’s what it means:

  • The New Orleans Saints are now  giving  6.5 points to Carolina, rather than 7.5.
  • Chicago now receives 7.5 against the Los Angeles Rams, instead of  6.
  • Instead of laying 3.5 versus Houston, the Packers line Packers is down to 2.5.

Before the age of adjusted lines, moving the spread on these games was called “buying a hook.” Those bets took bettors off spread numbers like 3 and 7, which can result in “pushes,” or ties and put them in a favorable position to win if the games ended on those margins.

However, a player had to pay a premium for the new spread.

In this offer, you get the new line along with the better odds.

Then there is the  enticing big tease in which gamblers can move the line by roughly six points. Like the previous offer, three teams are in play:

  • Buffalo is down to -5.5, from 12 against the Jets
  • Pittsburgh’s line jumps to 7.5
  • Arizona  gets +9.5, up from +3.5.

That moves you from +156 to +200.

As with all parlays, one must have all legs hit or the wager will not payout.


Football Five: Will The Two-Point Conversion Impact NFL Week 7 Games?

Last week we saw two games in which the 2-point coversion impacted NJ sports betting payouts. Will NFL Week 7 be a different story?

The New York Giants were part of an NFL trend that may have reached an extreme Sunday. The Washington Football Team went for two point, and failed.

Had the play gone the other way, Big Blue may be sitting at 9-6 instead of 1-5.

Here’s something to ponder: Has the thinking on two-point conversions gone overboard?

Two coaches tried them in big situations Sunday and lost games.

Time to  examine the Football Five for NFL Week 7

1. Washington + the 2-point gamble

Riverboat Ron Rivera, the coach of the Washington Football Team, gambled on a two-point conversion rather than kick the extra point Sunday afternoon.  Washington scored a  touchdown against the Giants with 38 seconds left in the game.

When the conversion failed, New York had its first win of the season, 20-19.  This was a bizarre decision because the Giants did not have enough time left to score in regulation and Rivera could have taken his chances in overtime.

Who got burned, besides Washington?

Bettors of New York at -1.5 to -3 points and those who gambled on the game getting to overtime. Even the NJ sports betting customers who took the  over 43 total points might have obtained a push with an overtime field goal or a possible victory with an overtime TD.

Bettors have a difficult time with unconventional coaching.  And so do the franchises.

Rivera’s team would have looked a lot better at 2-4 than 1-5, especially with this week’s home game against the 2-4 Dallas Cowboys.

2. Bold + aggressive decision, part 2

Bold aggressive decisions, part 2 pertains to  the Houston Texans coughing up a game they seemingly had in their pockets against the Tennessee Titans.

Romeo Crennel of Houston made a puzzling decision. The Texans scored a late TD to go up 36-29, but he decided to go for two points and it failed.

Wondering what happened next?

The Titans rumbled down the field and scored with four seconds left. Then they kicked the extra point to force overtime. They won the coin toss, scored a TD on the ensuing drive and Houston lost not only the game but the cover of +3 at DraftKings  Sportsbook.

Crennel should have kicked the extra point, forcing Tennessee to get a touchdown AND a two-point conversion to forge a tie. That puts a lot of pressure on the offensive team.

Crennel said he sought the knockout punch in going for two points. Understandable.  But he put the pressure on his own team to make the two-point conversion. Better to force the opponent to make it.

When the two-point tactic failed, consequences were severe for the affected teams Sunday.  Riverboat Ron crapped out and Crennel lost in overtime.  This double dose of aggression may cause a reduction in outright boldness throughout the league.

More teams have become more aggressive,  but what happened Sunday could be a tipping point the other way.

3. NFL Week 7:  must-see, must bet

The dream matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans is on for Sunday. Both teams are 5-0 and displaying more sophistication each week. The game is highly bettable with the line appealing to gamblers on both sides.

Tennessee showed ingenuity in lining up Derrick Henry from the quarterback spot on the game-winning touchdown run against the Texans.

Pittsburgh shows the ability to pass the ball deep, flood several receivers to one side and use the continued rejuvenation of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben is having a remarkable year with11 touchdowns and only  one interception. Chase Claypool has emerged as a new deep threat to go with a talented receiving corp.

Ryan Tannehill is an underrated star for Tennessee at quarterback and Henry is the league’s best rusher, by far. Add a 94-yard scoring run against Houston on Sunday to that ledger.

4. Teams are down, but never out

Coming into Week 6, there had been a team each week that had been down at least 16 points and come back to win. That streak continued Sunday.

The Indianapolis Colts trailed the Cincinnati Bengals 21-0 in the second quarter. But they stormed all the way back to triumph, 31-27.

The Colts were likely +300 or better when they trailed 21-0. If you believed in them, that was a profitable leap of faith.

The loss will be disheartening for Cincinnati, but will probably build a level of resolve.  Bengals bettors weren’t sulking much. Cincinnati covered the +8 spread at DraftKings and FanDuel Sportsbook and became 5-1 against the spread this season, tops in the league.

Cincinnati hosts the Cleveland Browns in another Battle of Ohio. Indianapolis joins the Minnesota Vikings on the bye.

5. Can’t  “over” state the numbers

Through five weeks, the NFL sported its best offensive totals in history.

The league had scored 453 touchdowns. That’s more than 90 per week, up about 20 over most seasons.

Speedy receivers and the lack of double-team coordination with defensive safeties and corners contributes to the scoring spike, Bettors love it because it brings more props and score anytime wagers into play.

Extra Considerations for NFL Week 7

We’ve talked here about new coaches with the Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons the last two weeks. Each provided a win and a cover in the first game.  The Falcons became one of the last teams to win their first game this season, securing a 40-23 stomping of the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday.

There is no longer an undefeated team against the spread, as the Green Bay Packers were crushed by the Tampa Bay Bucs 38-10. The Pack visits the Texans this week.

The 1-4 Los Angeles Chargers are much better than their record. Heartbreaking losses to the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints are on their ledger. They are due to win.

The line does you no favors this week as the Chargers host Jacksonville, but they can be used in some other moneyline parlays

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